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Newly design Acrylic Donation Collection Boxes

A donation box is a effective way of raising funds or coin for non-profitable organization or charity groups.For a charity groups,the donation box that designed must be eye-catching to attract contributions.
There are a variety of donation boxes in the market in different material ,like metal,cardboard ,plastic and acrylic donation boxes.
It is the fact that metal donation container is strong ,not so easy to be damaged ,but as metal is not see-through,so when people want to donation ,they may be curious about the fund that they donate. Thus a see-through donation box in clear acrylic would inspire people to make donations ,as they can see there are funds or coin in the donation collection box. Some other did that ,so it should be ok that they also do that.
Today ,we would like to recommend our newly design donation box ,which developed from our old style acrylic donation box item No .YGB-004.

As you can see ,this donation box don’t have sign holder,but it has a slot ,which can be insert hard paper or graphics.So it function the same as old donation box,but decrease more space ,and also as you can see ,it look much beautiful.
The counter donation collection box is currently our best seller ,it is made of sturdy and clear acrylic material,it feature a slot for lock to keep your donations safe. Since this donation collection box has a fundraising display,which you can put your company logo ,information and graphics in it ,so it work also great as raffle box,ticket box ,ballot box ,suggestion and comment boxes.
These durable acrylic donation boxes are  ideal to place near cash registers or on desks,they are great to bring in more donations for your group,When placing these plastic fundraising boxes in high traffic areas ,they will quickly increase the offerings given to your cause.

We have been designing and supplying Donation Boxes to charities,non-profitable and red cross groups, Museums and other organizations for nearly 10 years. We use local products in our manufacturing wherever possible. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs.You can easily choose the donation box that best fits your taste and your nonprofit organization’s fundraising needs.

LED Illuminated Standoff are perfect to standout your signage

LED StandOffs ,also called as LED Sign Standoff Hardware and backlit signage fixture,it is made of silver satin aluminum finish to illuminated and shine through your transparent panel,like PVC,acrylic panel,glass etc.

The led standoff mounts hold your signage or graphics away from the wall and present you a 3-dimensional look,they provide an effective way for displaying signs.
By illuminating your signage in these eye-catching leds light ,your signage will capture the attention of customers and increase a brand image easily,so the illuminated led standoff bring new opportunities to the signage industry,these led illuminated standoff kit would create amazing illuminated signage and displays.

Each LED sign standoff have a diameter of 80mm and height of 1-inch,it is used to hold 3/16″ to 3/8″ thick panel. Your signage would need to have holes drilled out 9/16″, and the maximum thickness these standoffs can accommodate is 3/8″ (for best results).

The LED sign standoff is lighted by LEDS,which adopt the latest LED technology and consume low cost but very energy efficient (just consume merely 4 watts per unit but produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life.)and thus offer a professional and appealing look to attract passer-by. The color temperature is cool white (6000k-6500k) with a beam pattern of 120degrees

The lights of these standoffs are super bright,it is great to illuminate a plexi-glass etching and they make it as if i have a regular light on in a room
This led standoff kit includes 2 LED standoff mounts and necessary hardware,they are available in different color ,including white, Blue, Red, and Green light ,they are great to mount a display in hotels,office, restaurants,hotel, retail stores and many more locations,they provide a unique and modern way to support illuminated acrylic panel for a business.

How Dragon Boat Festival come?

Duanwu Festival  ,is also known as Dragon Boat Festival .it is a traditional and statutory holiday associated with Chinese and other East Asian and Southeast Asian societies as well.
Dragon Boat Festival is also a public holiday in Taiwan, where it is known by the Mandarin name Duānwǔ Jié, as well as in Hong Kong and Macau, where it is known by the Cantonese name Tuen Ng Jit. In 2008, the festival was restored in China as an official national holiday. The festival is also celebrated in other Asian countries where have large chinese populartion, such as in Singapore and Malaysia. Equivalent and related festivals outside Chinese-speaking societies include the Kodomo no hi in Japan, Dano in Korea and some areas in Vietnam.

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth month every year, it was set to memorialize our gretest politician,poet,patriot QuYuan who killed himself by throwing himself int to the river 2300 year ago.
As QuYuan was a very famous patriot ,in his life ,he always works for people and strive for the benifit of poor peasant .His death was a heavy strike to people.
When people know that he killed himself ,people felt extremely sad and broken-hearted,they jumped into the river to save and look for the body of QuYuan.

In case the body of QuYuan eat by fish shrimps and crabs,they throw rice dumpling,eggs,wine and other foot into the river.
Although after thousands of years,people still remember him and set May 5th as Duanwu Festival .as people would hold dragon race,so this day is also called as Draonas boat Festival


Why do you need to invest menu light board for your restaurant or hotel?

Restaurant menu display lightbox systems are also known as neon illuminated menu boards, it is one kind of illuminated poster frame,backlight iluminated your menu,graphics and advertisement.


These menu light box system present upscale image for the business,it increase the visibility for posters and menu,such menu display light box provide restaurants ,hotel with a highly visible way to exhibit menus,,and thus greatly capture potential customers’ attention to your dish and services.

The led light box feature slim design,its front panel are sandwich by magnetic,which allow you to change the poster frequently. By this special design ,these light menu board makes it quick and easy for restaurants and retailers to create new advertisements or menus

These restaurant menu light box have different section for selection as per your needs,from 1 section to 6 section ,you can put 1 ,2,3 …6 graphics on the light box system.

As the restaurant menu light box are constructed by aluminum bar ,LGP(light guide panel),front panel(PVC material),if packed together ,its volume would be large ,which would caused very high freight cost,so we usually pack these menu light box by knock-down way ,they are very easy to be assemable.

Some friends may find the front panel is a little duty or even ugly as the picture show

But please note ,the front panel have 2 piece of protective film on both side ,one piece is used to protect the silked border to be duty or damaged ,and the other is used to protect your film not be scratch,so that your graphics would look nice.

Our modern restaurant Led menu board are so eye-catching ,they can be wall mounted and also can be place on your counter or floor standing by screw ,and also can be hung from the ceiling ,they will help provide the unique décor necessary to attract customers to a restaurant or fast food institution. These menu light display system are ideal for restaurnat ,hotel,fast-food,takeaway,coffee or milk store and beverage shop etc.

Weatherproof ourdoor light boxes make a great tool for your outdoors ads

When it come to waterproof outdoor led lightboxes ,you may think it can be waterproof or weather proof ,that is the reason such name come from.

The outdoor waterproof LED Light Box is comprised of a weather-resistant aluminum frame and waterproof light panel,,it is equipped with silicone seal to prevent water and moisture from entering the light box . When you use such weatherproof light pockets outdoors ,you don’t worries ,it would be damaged or effect by water or rain ,

by being designed such special feature ,these weatherproof led light pockets can greatly ensure that your ads can last for many years.


Compared to other ordinary tube or lamp light boxes ,these specialized weatherproof outdoor light box feather lower power consumption,it consume very little energy ,but super bright and also have very low maintenance requirements.


Designed as a weatherproof led display, these illuminated poster frames can be wall mounted both for interior and exterior use. No matter your graphics are landscape or portrait orientation, such waterproof led light pockets can be placed either vertical or horizontal presentation.


When used outdoors ,these aluminum led light pockets waterproof offer a effective tool to grab the attention of passer-by or customers very easily ,your poster are illuminated by Leds with very bright light,so the water-poof outdoors led light pockets create a very eye-catch presentation for your marketing ,they are a great way to advertise your business brand and sales.


Due to the reason that such water-proof led light pockets are commonly used outdoors,so in order to protect your ads kept well, this modern outdoor light boxes have keylock to secure your ads well. When you want to replace the poster ,you can unlock the door,very safe and convenient .Single or dual lock design make it is possible for such stylish led light pockets widely used in remote and high traffic areas to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism.



The lock can be design on the right,left,top or bottom of the aluminum frame ,depends on your specific needs ,we can customs made different type weatherproof light boxes for you.


Our outdoors weather lightboxes can be custom made in a variety of size, the aluminum color can be available in silver or black ,these led light pockets with weatherproof are great for retail stores, shopping mall, museum ,theater,super market,chain store or retail stores.

Ultra slim magnetic led light box are perfect to advertise your business

Magnetic frame LED light boxes are a pre-assembled display light box ,it consist of  anodized aluminium frame ,acrylic light guide panel(LGP) ,powered by leds

The ultra slim magnetic light boxes feature round corner,ultra-thin profile。
They are energy saving but are super bright, easy to install and maintain.
Its LED are more durable than other light sources, which reduces maintenance costs.

This personalized magnetic front panel light boxes are great for menu displays or restaurant display,its front panel are attached with the aluminum frame.
When you change the menu or signage ,you need to take out the front together with the aluminum frame ,which the back panel are attached on the wall.

Our high quality magnetic font panel LED light panel are customizable in any size,its frame are avilable in silver,gold color. These high output, edge-lit LED light pockets are an ideal solution to illuminate POP displays, menu ,graphics, signage, or any advertising material .

These aluminum led light box with magnetic front panel can be placed next to each other, working as restaurant menu light box ,wall mounted or ceiling hang in one column of several units in your store They  are available in single or double side ,the size can be custom made from A4 to A1 or any other special custom size.

These modern magnetic front panel light boxes are great to create a perfect illuminate display solution for any busienss or establishment,they are ideal for hotel,restaurant,coffee houses,retail shops, shopping center,real estate agencies,chain stores, bars and night clubs, gallery ,subway etc

All  of our led light boxes are stock for ship ,they can be directly order online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.

Our new led light pockets feather both for landscape and portrait format

Cable Display hanging system is a popular window displays ,they provide a stylish way to advertise your business and gives you the opportunity to create with your imagination, impressive display and signage projects. These suspended cable displays are commonly used in all kinds of bars, retail, hospitality, office, receptions, showroom, exhibition and financial environments.

These cable window display hold your picture frame between the stainless steel rods ,which make your picture and signage float in the air,thus very great to draw the attention of customers or passerby.

Our cable suspended hanging systems are strong and fully adjustable, with components being supplied as standard in satin anodised aluminium.

The cable hanging systems can be usually wall hanging or ceiling hanging ,they are available either in portrait or landscape orientation .

Basically, these cable window displays are custom made either in landscape or portrait format ,once they are finished,your picture or signage can be place as this format ,can’t be change any more ,so that is the problem .
When you order landscape display pocket before ,and want to hang portrait displays ,you have to re-order ,which not only waste money ,but also waste a lot of money.

As most customers’ request ,we newly design  one kind of led light pocket,which can be hung in both vertical or horizontal format.

Here is picture:

Cable hanging systems           
As you can see ,we install 4 clip both on vertical and horizontal ,which allow you to hang these led display panel on any format as you like .The hanging cable grasp the acrylic pockets ,it is very easy to be put down and hang,you can just unscrew the clip ,and then it would be ok. By designing like this way,the same cable hanging system can place some landscape display pockets and also can hang portrait format led display pocket at one time ,very efficient and convenient for you to promote your speical offer or promotion .

Currently ,we can customs and offer single side display but also can provide double side led light pockets as per this design. Size can be customs made from A5 to A1 or any other custom size if your quantity are enough for 30 units.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication,Acrylic Displays,LED Light Boxes

Wire cable hanging systems are a very modern and eye-catching way to advertise your sales and hot products ,they create a floating appearance for customers.

These suspended cable systems are very effective marketing tool.they provide great way to promote to customers or passersby in an interesting fashion.

Many people like to use these cable hanging systems to showcase  custom graphics,artwork,real estate displays,directory boards,menu,dish, listings, suspended signs, and corporate signs,ongoing sales, and upcoming events etc,

So these Cable Display Kits or Wire Systems are perfect for retailers, restaurants, art galleries, and even for a home,they are widely used in many place ,like museum,hotel ,restaurant ,hotel,shopping mall.

Basically,a complete cable display kits include top, bottom Fixings and Stainless Steel Wire Rope,acrylic pockets.clamp,which are attach to the cable and acrylic frames.This allows the acrylic pocket frames to be easily adjusted up and down the cable.


Floor to ceiling displays

Wall to wall cable displays

Wall to floor cable displays

Ceiling to Wall cable displays


These cable suspension system are designed for easy installation .First, you should install the screw on the acrylic pockets ,fix the clamp tighten it using the allen screw. Secondly,make sure the cable is steady and in the line with acrylic pockets, cut it to your length. Attach the brass end stop and screw the tension cap down. It will tighten the cable. Finally, you just have to fix the poster holder or the leaflet dispenser of your choice.


If you have any problem on the installation of these cable hanging systems ,you are welcome to contact us at any time or send mail to us at

Yakri crafts are a leading provider of a number of quality displays and hanging fittings,most of our cable display kits are in stock and ready to be shipped out same day when in stock and ordered. These hanging kits are available in a wide range of mounting combination ,include floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall. They are designed to accept horizontally and vertically supports from the “easy fit” cable display and wire hanging systems

Desktop calendar holder are perfect to organize deaily calendar

As on new Christmas are coming soon ,you may consider what ideal gifts for your friends or family member.

There’s no better way to keep track of your schedule than with a personalized calendar. Fashionable desk calendars are practical, professional, and an essential part of your workday.

Keeping a desk Calendar display stands in your office or household is part of the corporate culture.

By adding personal or business photos to your calendars to create a special touch,they would make a perfect gifts for the receiver.

There are many kinds of calendar holder for selection ,like desk calendar rack, wall calendar,hanging calendar holders in a variety of material ,like acrylic ,plastic ,wood ,paper or cardboard ,iron etc ,but the most popular calendar rack are the desk calendar holder in A shape.


This desk calendar holder is also known as desktop calendar frames ,it is crafted by high quality acrylic panel,come with 2 chromed wire clips which you can easily slide the refill onto.

Such desk calendar holder has 7 pieces of PVC pockets ,which can allow you to upload your photos ,menu,calendar pages. The 2 chromed ring clips are easy to use, simply slide the refill on and close them to keep the pages in place.


Personalize these eco-friendly desktop calendars with your favorite photos to create gifts for special person ,friends or giveaways for customers.

Personalized desk calendars are fun and functional – at home or in the office.They are great way to keep your daily calendar up-to-date and organized well,great to get an appreciated reminder that brightens their desks and you’ll stay top of mind.


Whether it’s for family, friends or a business partner, give them a calendar to remind them of you all year long. These personalized desktop acrylic calendars are the perfect gift to give at Christmas or at any time!

Curved sign photo holder create a modern counter sign displays

Are you look a new style sign holder or photo frame to advise or showcase your new products or services?

Curved sign holder photo frames feature curved design ,which is made of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,sandwiched by magnetic bolt to hold your signage or paper in place.

This curved sign holder is free standing by its personalized curved design,the unique design magnetic photo holder, curved picture frame allows you place your photos or signage on either side, back to back for both sides to create a dual-sided stand!
With these modern curved acrylic sign holder placed on counter to desktop,your picture or signage are “floating” in these acrylic frames,it would greatly stand out your ads or graphics ,so that people or customers notice your offer easily.

Magnets embedded within each acrylic panel tightly secure each panels together and
hold ads or signage securely together  on display with a stylish look. To change your photos or menu is very easy,just switch out your photographics without any tool ,you can change the photos in seconds.

These premium curved sign holder are highly polished on the edge,they create a floating effect within the frameless display for a truly eye-catching stand,great for any business establishment,like office,hotel,restaurant ,real estate agents,exhibtion hall , trade shows and conventions.etc,they are ideal for desks, tables, and counters display.

We offer three size for such curved acrylic sign holder, include 4×6″,5×7″ and 8.5×11″ ,they are available in completely clear design or clear and black design.