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LED Illuminated Standoff are perfect to standout your signage

LED StandOffs ,also called as LED Sign Standoff Hardware and backlit signage fixture,it is made of silver satin aluminum finish to illuminated and shine through your transparent panel,like PVC,acrylic panel,glass etc.

The led standoff mounts hold your signage or graphics away from the wall and present you a 3-dimensional look,they provide an effective way for displaying signs.
By illuminating your signage in these eye-catching leds light ,your signage will capture the attention of customers and increase a brand image easily,so the illuminated led standoff bring new opportunities to the signage industry,these led illuminated standoff kit would create amazing illuminated signage and displays.

Each LED sign standoff have a diameter of 80mm and height of 1-inch,it is used to hold 3/16″ to 3/8″ thick panel. Your signage would need to have holes drilled out 9/16″, and the maximum thickness these standoffs can accommodate is 3/8″ (for best results).

The LED sign standoff is lighted by LEDS,which adopt the latest LED technology and consume low cost but very energy efficient (just consume merely 4 watts per unit but produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life.)and thus offer a professional and appealing look to attract passer-by. The color temperature is cool white (6000k-6500k) with a beam pattern of 120degrees

The lights of these standoffs are super bright,it is great to illuminate a plexi-glass etching and they make it as if i have a regular light on in a room
This led standoff kit includes 2 LED standoff mounts and necessary hardware,they are available in different color ,including white, Blue, Red, and Green light ,they are great to mount a display in hotels,office, restaurants,hotel, retail stores and many more locations,they provide a unique and modern way to support illuminated acrylic panel for a business.

Custoo Wire cable fittings to create your perfect window displays

The wire cable fittings ,also called as suspension hanging hardware or accessories ,they are used for your wire cable displays ,or illuminated poster frames,which are very popular in real estate agents,shopping mall ,retail stores,airport,metro,hotel,restaurant ,lobbies, museum  or sometimes even in home usage.
These wire cable kits comprise by stainless steel ,bracelet,panel clamp. Trhought these accessories ,yoursign holder or poster frame are hung ,to showcase your ads or graphics . This float feeling display way are great to attract the attention of passer-by or customers ,as they are just on the eyes of people.

clamp for hanging display systems

The stainless cable ,some people also call as hanging rope ,have a come with clear nylon coating to protect the wire cable from is usually about 1-2mm and can cut to any size as per your needs (from 1m to 6m) ,just as per the quantity that you want to hang the led light panel on the wire cable display.
As the stainless steel cable can hang about 120kg ,so it is not advisiable to hang too heavy light panel ,or it would be very dangerous to hang these light panel overhead .

The wire cable kits are very easily to install ,you just insert the stainless steel wire rope through the top or bottom bracelet or clamp ,and then pull ,it would be very tigh.
When you want to change the wire cable ,then you should push round knob,then the wire cable would be loosen and very easy to pull it, no need any tool or strong strengh .
Since the staninless steel have  a transparent nylon costing ,which is dielectric. so you must cut one opening around the wire cable,so that the stainless steel can touch the led light panel,so that it can be conductive , or your wire cable displays can’t lit.
And sometimes ,you should shake it gently though you cut one opening on the coating after you install the suspended hanging displays,as maybe it doen’t conduct well.

We stock and supply a range of wire cable displays, hanging display kits and other mounts hardware or fittings(ranging from cable kits, clamps, poster pockets and leaflet dispensers ),they are available from  wall to wall, floor to ceiling and floor to wall .

All of these individual components  can be sold seperately or together with the wire cable hanging systems, so you can chose them as per your needs,so that build your own perfect window display.

1111 shopping carnival

As we all known,internet change the world and electronic commerce is changing people’s consume habit. Shopping on line is now becoming more and more popular in our lives. It make so easy to buy many perfect goods from all of the world.Just by go on line,it can save much of our time and money to buy our favorite goods from a line.
Double 11th is also called as was China’s Singles’ Day, it was created by alibaba in 2009 on ,until now ,double 11th has become a special festival day. With With four characters of “1”, this date was named as Bachelor’s Day. But rather than just considering this double eleventh as a lonely Singles’ Day, it is better for most of china people to take it as a carnival for shopping! And now, this china single’s days was marked by e-commerce firms as China’s biggest online shopping days by way of all kinds of great promotion in the internet.
On this special November 11th,,seller would offer a very special discount or crazy promotions for some goods at a much lower price than usual cost, that greatly drive many people to shop goods on this day. For this biggest shopping day,China online shoppers are often “well prepared” before November 11, having grabbed coupon, red envelopes and added favorite products to shopping carts.
On this day,tens of thousands of people are flooding into internet for shopping ,which greatly burst half or even the whole year’s shopping needs ,so from this day ,many seller can easily achieve their annual revenue goal. And on this day,major logisticcompanies like ShunFeng,EMS,YuanTong,ShenTong,ZhongTong,YunDa would send thousands of staffes to meet the needs of peak online shopping periods .
On double 11th of 2015,only 12 minutes and 28 seconds after it started since midnight in 2015. Tmall received over 10 billion yuan sales

The total online retail transactions on Double 11 2015 in China reached 122.937 billion yuan (US$19.34 billion).  The total single day’s transaction value on Tmall on reached 91.217 billion yuan (US$14.34 billion), 74% of total; 68.67% came from mobile. On average, Alibaba processed 85,900 transactions per second

Stunning aluminum snap frames make a quick shut frames for your ads

When it comes to quick change poster or sign frames,many people would think aluminum clip snap frames,

The aluminum snap frames, as one special clip display frames,they are a very effective marketing tool for many business who has to exchange posters and signs frequently.

  clip fast shut poster frames

In many industries ,these aluminum snap frames are widely used , like as theater ,hospital ,retail store ,shopping mall ,metro ,bank, etc due to its convenience and durability and cost effectiveness .

The aluminum snap poster frames ,also called front-loading poster frames and clip shut poster frames, ideal for many industries, The clip snap frames is made of anodized aluminum ,it features wide border and have a polystyrene back panel and anti-reflective PVC front cover which thus make these durable snap frames weather-resistant, and light-weight, great to protect your graphics or signage from duty or rain.

 These extruded aluminum snap frame has a clean, satin finish proving a contemporary and very modern look to your advertisement. The PVC front covers of the clip snap frames allow your advertisement to be seen without glare . and thus showcase your ads in a professional way.

The reason that this aluminum snap frames is called clip shut frames is because the aluminum frames has four sided which can be easily clip from four sided and users can change poster or graphics from any side quickly.

Basically, the aluminum clip poster frames include wall mounted snap frames, floor stands aluminum frames and desktop or counter top sign frames as per its usage. According to specific business needs ,these style snap frame would offer the best display solution for your business effect.

All of our quality aluminium snap sign frames come in a wide variety of options, which ensure these modern snap frames are ideal for any place ,no matter in door or outdoors ,these heavy duty and durable aluminum frames has a simple snap shut mechanism ,thus allow you to change posters over in seconds.

Why do you need clothese hangers?

Clothes hangers, also called garment hangers, just think its usage from its name ,it is used to hang your clothes in wardrobes or closet.

When we talk about hangers ,it can date back to the 19th century ,when hangers are designed as the shape of “shoulders”, mainly used to hang coat, suit, jacket and dress,to avoid to crease them and thus prolong the life of clothes. Due to this reason ,hangers should be d They should be simple, sturdy, and durable.

These hangers are used to hang suit ,skirt ,trouser ,sweater, ideal for men, women ,children

As the material ,there are mainly wooden hangers ,plastic hangers ,padded hangers ,metal hangers and acrylic or plexiglass hangers etc.

Just from the appearance,there are three kinds of hangers:

The first one is very simple ,it is just one metal wire, which can be steel ,iron ,aluminium etc ,to shaped as a simple triangle and then ends up into a hook on the top. This hanger is simple and pratical,also very cheap .Before this kinds of hanger are widely used in families, mainly used to hang clothes for dry.

The second hanger is wood hanger or bamboo hangers, which is made of wood or bamboo material and cut into different shape .For these hangers ,we usually need to drill a hole and attach a metal hook ,so that it can hang .Usually these functional and stylish hangers can hold clothes gently ,better to prevent them from falling for slide off and gathering any creases.

But as it is wood material ,it is easy to get worth and not so durable.

And the thirdly hangers is plastic hangers .These kinds of hangers are widely used retail shop and shopping center .It is because these hangers are not very cheap ,but also perfect to keep your clothes from creases. Moreover ,these hangers can be laser engraved or silkprinted company logos.