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Custom acrylic paperweight plaque are perfect as personalized gifts


When it come to paper weights, there are acrylic paper weight and crystal paperweights.

Basically ,these crystal paperweight is made of one piece of crystal blocks ,it is processed into different shape and with text or image on the crystal blocks. While for acrylic paperweight, it usually have tow procedure ways.

Some acrylic paperweight is made of a whole acrylic blocks ,maybe finished by injection mold ,also maybe engraved cut.

And some acrylic paperweight may consist of two or multi pieces of acrylic blocks ,with your paper, photos among the acrylic blocks ,then hot-compressed in high temperature and high pressure ,it then would be formed into a whole acrylic block, finally the edge would be polished by handmade ,no gap and also no sharp edge ,so that the acrylic awards look nice.

Usually ,we can embed coin ,paper ,photo, picture ,graphics, signage and customers’ object ,even computer chip into the acrylic blocks, so for business companies ,they use these standing acrylic paperweight for logo displays. With the personalized paper weight on countertop ,they are great to attract passer-by .

And also ,if we embed start signature or gifts in the acrylic block ,these stylish acrylic paperweight is also idea as acrylic awards ,great to show your appreciation or recognition for employee or customers, or make a personalized gifts for your families ,friends ,students as special gifts

These elegant acrylic paperweight or lucite paper weights can be crafted into different size,shape and style.

With your logo or other information on these stylish acrylic paperweight, functional as they are ,these paperweights are great as,office or home decor promotion and Christmas gifts

 acrylic Standing Paperweights

We are professional acrylic manufacturer in acrylic paperweights, if you have design or thoughts, please just fell free to send us your drawing or call us at 86-75528192459, we would be careful to hear you and make your dream or thought into reality.

Why acrylic awards &trophy are so popular now?

Are you looking for some awards to appreciate an employee excellent services or for some customers who provide so great support for your business?

Then our acrylic awards should be the great alternative recognition awards that you should consider.

Due to its versatility and resistance, acrylic awards can be customized into any shape in any size, which thus add a touch of variety to your special recognition program. So they say ,acrylic awards represent some of the most remarkable awards.

Also because, as there are many different colored acrylic material ,so acrylic awards can be formed into many kinds of design in different colors, which bring customer a colorful life and feeling.

These acrylic awards bring all kinds of style and they can be customized to any shape and size.

Due to its special feature ,these acrylic awards become the most popular awards ,it is look crystal ,elegant and affordable. Compared to crystal awards ,acrylic awards are more lightweight, are also much more easy to process, which make these stylish acrylic awards greatly impress people and recognize their achievements. So in many event ,these acrylic awards are used ,to replace these crystal awards .

Corporate Acrylic plaque

 Our acrylic awards & trophies are crafted by high quality extruded acrylic, they can be laser engraved or sand blasted custom logo ,teams, date and artwork.
In addition to these simple acrylic design ,these acrylic awards also can be combined with other material ,like metal ,wood ,crystal, which make these awards & trophies more rich and beautifully .

To satisfy customers’s requirement, we would pack these acrylic awards with luxury gift boxes ,which make these personalized awards great as for your any occasion or awards event and ceremony.

Personzlied acrylic paperweight plaque make a great gifts

When it come to paperweight ,some person may don’t know what it is or just guess it from the word name . Actually paperweight is one whole blocks, also a kind of award plaque ,it is usually finished by injection mould. There are acrylic paperweight and crystal paperweight.

 For acrylic paperweight ,usually we can put coin, paper, collectibles ,toys or company product model in the acrylic blocks.

The following are the acrylic paperweight that we customize:

 car paperweights IMG_9722paper

 For the acrylic car paperweight ,the car is actually a real toy car ,it is injection mould into the acrylic block. On this personalized paperweight ,we can drill pen hole ,which can hold pen ,so this fashionable acrylic paperweight is very perfect for office deco ,they are ideal to be positioned on counter top or tabletop.


And the second one is acrylic cylinder paperweight ,which is customized for a cylinder company . These personalized acrylic paperweight is very great to promote company products ,and also a perfect promotion gifts for customers as a memorial.

 And the third one is acrylic coin paperweight ,this one is common . This paperweight actually consist of two piece of acrylic block ,we place one piece of coin or paperweight between these two piece of block ,and then press them together in high temperature and high pressure..

Besides these nice paperweight ,we also can place bottle ,global ball ,flower,specimen and other items into the acrylic block. If you have interest ,you are welcome contact us at

For all of these acrylic paperweight ,we can laser engrave or screen print your business logo or text on the surface . So these personalized acrylic paperweight would make a great gifts ,widely used in promotion activity, cerebration events ,parties etc.