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What kinds of hangers do you need mostly?

They say one suit can refresh a man with its being clean and tidy. But how to keep your suit tidy and don’t crease in your closet? That’s hanger!

Hanger have many kinds of style, most of people may spend hundreds of dollar on one suit ,but may don’t spend more than USD20 for a hanger. So the majority of hangers including wood hangers ,plastic hangers and wire hangers are usually $1 or $2 dollar.

For most people, they may think it isn’t necessary to get specialty hangers for their coat or garments. But as we know an ill-suited hanger can cause creases, warping, and irreversible damage in delicate fabrics

These wire hangers and plastic hangers may be very cheap, but they may be not supportive your coat or suit for a long time ,your cost may slip off ,or as the wire hangers are so thin and it also easy to get rust ,so it may crease your suit very easily or get the rust onto your suit ,then it would greatly effect the good appearance of your suit.


Due to this reason ,we developed a very modern and exquisite a Lucite hangers ,which is made of 35mm thick acrylic block, highly polished edge.

   plexiglass hanger

 As you can see ,this durable and strong acrylic hanger is very versatile and feature a natural shoulders shape, so that support your suit and coat without any stretching ,tearing and creasing..

In case your suit may slip off from the hanger ,we add a metal clip onto the acrylic hanger,which would great grasp your suit in placement, no sharp edge or splinters.

Due to this wonderful feature ,these luxurious hangers are a critical clothing displays in your brand clothes stores or shopping mall,, they hold your costly clothes gently ,preventing them from gathering any crease and also proudly showcase your garment in front of your customer.

 Before this exquisite acrylic hangers are completely cut by manual, which thus is very high on labor production ,but now ,in order to satisfy the majority of people can use this hangers ,,we recently import several advance machinery ,which not only assure the quality of hangers, but greatly increase the production output every day.

So now the cost of this hangers have been brought down much,.

This is the machinery that we just bought


IMG_20140806_141344   IMG_20140806_142150

And also ,for your promotion of brands ,we can laser engrave your logo on the lucite hangers ,or course your text or other image are also welcome.

What do luxury hanger means for your decent suits and clothes?

Every men or most of women may have one or more suits , A decent suit of clothes can greatly increase a man’s situation , in many occasion. So usually ,when you don’t wear these suit or clothes,you should take them well,so that your clothes look always good and new.

So how to maintain the the quality of an expensive suit in your closet?

A good hanger would be great to preserve your expensive coat or suit.

There are many kinds of hangers in different material ,but acrylic hangers ,also called plexiglass hangers should be the best choices for your expensive and decent clothes and garments.

For other normal hangers ,like wire hangers ,wood hangers and plastic hangers, as they are very thin, or maybe easy to get woms,or very easy to be breakable ,so they are usually very cheap ,but not durable and supportive at all .Moreover ,they don’t match your expensive coat or suit well and may easy make your suit get crease . These cheap wire hangers probably stretch your coat and garments if left hanging for too long.

And for our these luxurious acrylic hangers ,they are made of very thick and durable acrylic blocks ,which is 35mm thick.

plexiglass hanger

The heavy-duty acrylic hangers are very wide (usually it is 17.5”), so they are enough to prevent creases in the shoulders and arms without being so thick they overtake your closet. For special design, we special make these hangers well ,so that they match your garment well. For example ,if the acrylic hangers are too wide, your sleeves will have trouble falling naturally;. If too skinny, and you’ll have unnatural creases before the shoulder. So good quality acrylic hangers would be great to keep unsightly creases from developing in the shoulders.

On the other hand ,since these luxurious hangers are made of plexiglass ,which is one kinds of eco-friendly plastic material ,but feature crystal’s high transparency,,they are very easy to keep clean ,just with a soft cloths ,then they would look the same polished and nice as new one . So these hangers are widely used in classy shopping centers or branded clothes store,. also these luxury acrylic hangers are definitely a personalized business gifts for your valued customers, friends or even for your husband or wife.

 Since 2011 ,we continue develop and design newly acrylic hangers, ,currently ,we offers many kinds of hangers ,including pant hangers, bottom hangers ,dress hanger, bottom hangers ,skirt hanger etc, they are available in several profiles and different size ,both for women’s and men’s clothing.


For your special needs ,we also can engrave laser your logo or image on the elegant acrylic hangers..And customer design would be welcome .

Why do you need clothese hangers?

Clothes hangers, also called garment hangers, just think its usage from its name ,it is used to hang your clothes in wardrobes or closet.

When we talk about hangers ,it can date back to the 19th century ,when hangers are designed as the shape of “shoulders”, mainly used to hang coat, suit, jacket and dress,to avoid to crease them and thus prolong the life of clothes. Due to this reason ,hangers should be d They should be simple, sturdy, and durable.

These hangers are used to hang suit ,skirt ,trouser ,sweater, ideal for men, women ,children

As the material ,there are mainly wooden hangers ,plastic hangers ,padded hangers ,metal hangers and acrylic or plexiglass hangers etc.

Just from the appearance,there are three kinds of hangers:

The first one is very simple ,it is just one metal wire, which can be steel ,iron ,aluminium etc ,to shaped as a simple triangle and then ends up into a hook on the top. This hanger is simple and pratical,also very cheap .Before this kinds of hanger are widely used in families, mainly used to hang clothes for dry.

The second hanger is wood hanger or bamboo hangers, which is made of wood or bamboo material and cut into different shape .For these hangers ,we usually need to drill a hole and attach a metal hook ,so that it can hang .Usually these functional and stylish hangers can hold clothes gently ,better to prevent them from falling for slide off and gathering any creases.

But as it is wood material ,it is easy to get worth and not so durable.

And the thirdly hangers is plastic hangers .These kinds of hangers are widely used retail shop and shopping center .It is because these hangers are not very cheap ,but also perfect to keep your clothes from creases. Moreover ,these hangers can be laser engraved or silkprinted company logos.