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We manufactuer all kinds of acrylic displays ,including acrylic sign display,acrylic jewelry display ,acrylic cosmetic organizer,acrylic sunglass display,acrylic shoe rack etc

Desktop calendar holder are perfect to organize deaily calendar

As on new Christmas are coming soon ,you may consider what ideal gifts for your friends or family member.

There’s no better way to keep track of your schedule than with a personalized calendar. Fashionable desk calendars are practical, professional, and an essential part of your workday.

Keeping a desk Calendar display stands in your office or household is part of the corporate culture.

By adding personal or business photos to your calendars to create a special touch,they would make a perfect gifts for the receiver.

There are many kinds of calendar holder for selection ,like desk calendar rack, wall calendar,hanging calendar holders in a variety of material ,like acrylic ,plastic ,wood ,paper or cardboard ,iron etc ,but the most popular calendar rack are the desk calendar holder in A shape.


This desk calendar holder is also known as desktop calendar frames ,it is crafted by high quality acrylic panel,come with 2 chromed wire clips which you can easily slide the refill onto.

Such desk calendar holder has 7 pieces of PVC pockets ,which can allow you to upload your photos ,menu,calendar pages. The 2 chromed ring clips are easy to use, simply slide the refill on and close them to keep the pages in place.


Personalize these eco-friendly desktop calendars with your favorite photos to create gifts for special person ,friends or giveaways for customers.

Personalized desk calendars are fun and functional – at home or in the office.They are great way to keep your daily calendar up-to-date and organized well,great to get an appreciated reminder that brightens their desks and you’ll stay top of mind.


Whether it’s for family, friends or a business partner, give them a calendar to remind them of you all year long. These personalized desktop acrylic calendars are the perfect gift to give at Christmas or at any time!

Angled sign holder allows for easy viewing of your advertisement or message

Slant back design acrylic sign holder, is also known as Angled sign display stands,it is designed for a comfortable visual angle for customers or passer-by to see your information or ads easily.

This angled acrylic sign holder feature clear acrylic front and back acrylic base ,they are sandwiched by magnetic bolt ,which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.
These 4 units magnets embedded on the 4 corners keep the clear acrylic front to tightly seal the back acrylic base together, which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.

In addtion ,by designing the angled sign frame,the coutner sign holder are a perfect way to create aa floating effect with your graphic that is visually appealing with a frameless look.

It is very easy and convenient to change your signage or menu, just  slide the panels apart from each other gently, put your graphics onto the base, then let the two side gently snap back together, your paper would be held by the front panel due to the magnetic force ,no need any tool within several seconds.

This counter angled acrylic sign holder are versatile,they  are great for signage ,graphics,menu,photos, ,bank information, and hotel reservation prices or hotel price or promotion information. So these counter sign holder displays can be used in many different environment, such as placed in restaurant,hotel,cafe,bar,banks,Real Estate Offices,trade shows.

These counter acrylic sign holders are great marketing tools for companies which want to promote new or special offer or promotion services or events,they are a great way to put your advertising signs around your business, which make
it is simple to place signs on counter top, walls, desk, table,so that greatly help to draw attention of passersby to your offers.

angled acrylic sign holder
We offer and stock a variety of menu holders  and point of sales sign displays,including rotating sign holder, angled acrylic sign stands,multi-face sign frames,top-loading sign display and botton loading sign holders ,they are available in DL,A6,A5,A4 and other custom size.
These acrylic sign holders and table tents are commonly used as table menu holders and countertop displays. All are many items in stock and ready to ship,you can buy them online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.


magnetic sign display stand

Floorstanding sign holder are great to display your advertising message

You are looking for effective and affordable sign & poster display to get more traffic into yout stores ?
The floor sign holder ,also knows as poster floor frames ,poster frames ,it is a sleek, completely portable vertical sign holder,it is designed with heavy duty extruded alloy, act as a very cost-effective and portable solution.

floor sign frames
The floorstanding sign holder is a perfect floor standing display ,it provide a perfect solution for your floor sign needs and thus are incredibly important to increase your business sales

This pedestal sign poster stand is constructed of lightweight durable aluminum alloy, come with a flat round base and contemporary sign frame,which allow fast change for graphics or poster in seconds.

Such pedestal metal stand  take up very little floor space, it can be adjusted to various heights and can reach up to 1290mm to meet your different needs. In addition, the acrylic sign frame are fasted by 4 standsoff ,which can be unscrew when you want to update the poster or signage, the sign sign frames can also be adjustable in 360 degree,it can be positioned in portrait and landscape positions to meet your different needs .

floor signage displays

The floor standing displays are very effective promotional, marketing, and advertising tools, they can be assemble and disassemble,which greatly make the floor sign holder easy to be transported and used in different areas.

These pedestal poster sign frame are great tool for anyone that needs to advertise, they are commonly used in trade shows,exhibition hall,waiting room,shopping mall, retail stores,hotel ,restaurant, bank,government departments ,Institutions and organizations etc.

We stock a large quantity floor sign holder ,poster frame in different size,they are
are always in-stock, ready to ship once you order.

Compact acrylic shoe holder highlight your shoe stores

Shoe display racks are also known as shoe holders ,they are usually helps keep both your shoes and your home tidy when used in household ,and also they would highlight your shoe in customer’s eyes when placed in retail or shopping stores .

There are many kinds of shoe displays ,like acrylic shoe stands, metal shoe holders, wood shoe stands ,cardboard shoe racks etc .
But when it come to the popularity and cost ,acrylic shoe holder racks should be the best solution ,they are widley used in shoe store,retail and shopping mall due to its lightweight,affordable cost, and eco-friendly.

With these compact shoe display racks placed in your stores ,you can place latest fashionable shoe on these elegant shoe holder .  These eye catching acrylic shoe holder would display fixtures for creating trendy and display your shoe in multi angles ,thus temper potential customers to buy them.

acrylic shoe holders shoe display racks
Like this acrylic shoe holder ,it is made of 2mm clear acrylic ,feature crystal-clear ,it is highly polished edge, feather elegant design and compact ,this acrylic shoe holder is used to insert the shoe ,which would keep your show more fashionable and styllish,so this acrylic shoe holder is also called as acrylic shoe insert,they would present a felling of foot worn in this smark shoe.

This acrylic shoe holder is simple ,but it is very pratical,they would be great display your latest fashions or showing off clearance items.
Besided this shoe display holder ,we also custom and offer T style shoe holder ,wall shoe rack,riser ,shoe boxes & cases, they can be customized as per your specific needs.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator ,and can custom a large range of footwear displays ,which are specifically designed for retail or shopping mall ,to ensure durability and ease of use,our shoe display racks will transform your footwear displays and will help you maximize visual impact.

Fashionable acrylic optical sunglass display are great to highlight your sunglass

Are you looking for fashionable optical sunglasses holders to highlight your eyeglass or sunglasses for your retail shore or house usage ?

acrylic sunglass display holders

Whether you would fell a little confused what kinds of sunglasses or eyeglasses display would be great to showcase your fashionable sunglasses.
There are many kinds of sunglasses displays for selection ,like metal sunglasses display, wooded sunglasses holders ,plastic sunglasses displays rack etc.
For these different material sunglasses displays, all of them have advantage and disadvantage, depend on your specific  needs, you would select the best solution to showcase your sunglasses .


Basically ,in boutique and retail store,we can see there are many kinds of acrylic optical display racks,which is great to decorate your store and highlight your fashionable sunglasses
or eyeglasses and very easy to draw customer attention to the center of sunglasses or eyeglasses at first glance .

As we know ,acrylic material is one kind of plexiglass ,it is look like glass ,transparent ,and easy to be crafted ,
Moreover ,it is affording and provide an efficient  way to showcase your sunglasses inventory without sacrificing flexibility and style.

curved acrylic optical displays

Generally , the sunglasses display include counter sunglasses stand, wall mounted eyeglass displays ,floor standing sunglasses holders ,slatwall eyewear displays.
all of these optical sunglasses display holder can be available in different style and custom design .
they can be ideal to showcase 1 pair ,2 pairs ,3 pairs ,4 pairs ,5 pairs and even more.

We are a acrylic manufacturer and can offer a wide range of sunglasses or eyeglasses displays stands, based on high quality ,novel style .

As the majority of our acrylic sunglasses displays are exported to all over the world ,so in order these sunglasses display can reach your hands ,
we usually pack them by ways of disassembly ,all of these accessories and standoff needed are packed together ,which is very easy to be assemble.


If you have own design or thought ,just please fell free to contact us ,our design team would be happy to make your dream into reality.

Desk calendar refills are great to organize your daily business affairs

You have many affairs need to be done everyday ,but some times ,there may be something you ignore or forget in busy time, specially for some special important meetings or appointments ,
you need to schedule appointments and how much extra note-taking space you’ll need. Put your remark on the notebook ? Or write them on one piece of paper ?

You may have many way to deal with busy affairs ,but here we wold like to recommend  you a very simple and practical way, that is put your affairs on the daily calendar refill.

For example ,you can write the specific thing on Monday and then another thing to Tuesday ,and by this way ,your week or monthly thing would be scheduled on this daily calendar page,
you would fell ease ,not so worries or upset as before.

There are many daily calendar organizer ,like cardboard calendar holder ,leather calendar stands ,wall calendars displays and acrylic desk calendar holders .

Due to the characters of acrylic material ,it can be crafted into a variety of shape ,depends on your specific needs. Like A style calendar holder ,
T style calendar holder, desk calendar refills ,L style acrylic calendar stands etc.


These acrylic desk calendar holder keep your daily or month calendar page on the holder in a neat and organized way ,most of your important thing would be scheduled well through it .

Like this L style desk calendar holders ,it is made of high quality clear acrylic ,highly polished edge ,with its elegant design ,this desk calendar refill would help keep you on top of each day’s events and appointments.
As it usually have 7 pieces of PE pockets, which is not only ideal to organizer your daily calendar page ,but also a great way to showcase your favorite photos.
With this classical L style acrylic desk calendar holder placed on your desk ,just under your nose ,you would find it is really a useful solutions for you to quickly and accurately manage multiple appointments and projects each day.


Due to its durability and being eco-friendly ,such acrylic calendar holders stand are not only great for business usage ,but also widely used in household,they are no harmful to children and also ideal for home decors.

Contact us and order them ,you would find such daily desk calendar holder would be your great helper in your daily life.

Illuminated Phone holder with LED screen

It is LED advertisement world. There are many item which is installed LED would get outstanding.

Take phone display,the majority of phone holder that we see are normal acrylic phone display, you phone are placed on the acrylic holder. Maybe when some people are looking for the item that they like ,they would notice the phone or celphone displayed on the acrylic holder.

In order to get people notice and also showcase most of necessary information for this celllphone ,such as the price ,model No. size etc,we have design a newly led phone holder ,which come with a LED screen in the front and your phone are illuminated by LED stripes,which make your phone eye-catching and very easy to be noticed.

led phone display stands

On the LED screen ,it can display the content that you want to showcase ,your company name ,prices discount etc. With the content display on the screen ,moving from one side to the other side. Even in the crowd ,people would notice your decice at the first glace.

The content display on the LED screen can be input from your computer,which would be connect with this led phone holder by USB port,so the displayed content can be chaging frequently . What’s more ,the font style and font size can be changed in your computer system. By this way ,your LED displaywould ger more colorful.

To promote your business ,we also can laser engrave or silk screen your business logo on the base. So if you are one digital manufacturer or suppliers,this LED display stand would be a great way to present your customers ,wholesale or retailer. Not only as one personalzied gifts but also a very effeicient way to advertise your business .

Except the phone ,we also can use this LED holder to display other digital decive,like digital camara,MP3 or Mp4, earphone ,bluetooth device, speaker etc.

Laser engraving and Laser marking

Laser engraving is very common in commercial production . In many industries ,laser engraved are used for better view or ads effect, as processed by the laser ,your items would be provided one very nice and impressed gifts with custom message.
Some people like to take laser engraved as laser marking .Generally ,they are the same ,but there is a slight difference . Laser engraving is the surface of a material is taken away ,but for laser marking, it doesn’t have actual material interaction..
But no matter laser engraved or laser marking ,both of them is a non-contact process, they don’t need physically to touch the material,that means when the laser machinery are working ,the process is automated with no physical input from the engraver ,it doesn’t need person to stand nearby to watch it working . The laser is in an electrically interlocked cabinet which is very safe while processing . If the door of laser machinery is open ,it would not get fire and also don’t have pieces fly out. You can completely rest assured of it . Just in the beginning of process ,you input the program or file into the computer ,then it would work normally . So basically ,laser engrave is very easy to operate ,even you are a beginner ,you also can master it well.
There are many material that can be laser engraved ,such as wood ,MDF, acrylic ,crystal ,glass ,aluminium ,alloy ,stainless steel etc.
With your custom personalized text ,logo and even image ,they can be etched or laser on the surface of material ,which greatly provide  a very beautiful artwork for your person or customer .
which is very popular in acrylic industry. It is process of using a laser machinery to etch or mark the surface of a work piece. As per different needs ,text ,logo ,even image can be laser engraved on the surface of material .
Just because the laser engrave can be processed on so many different material ,laser engraved can be so popular and it also can be used for artistic work.
Usually ,it can accept Adobe Illustrator ( AI and EPS ) and Corel Draw ( CDR).
So if you want us to laser engrave your information on the products ,you need to provide us these two format.

Compact X frame banner stand is great to showcase your banner and signage

Are you looking for an affordable and professional solution to display your business ads or signage?

Here ,you come the right place. Our X frame banner stands are the best marketing solution for you, it is great to increase passer and customers’ awareness for your products , services,It is not effective ,affordable ,but also durable .

 X Banner Stand x banner stands

X banner stand is also called as rollup retractable banner display ,and also known as spider stands, it is widely used in many POS displays due to its feature of being lightweight, easy to carry,easily set up, and store, these X banner display stand become a very effective display for your banner, sign,ads, they are ideal for retail shop ,supermarket ,bank , hotel ,exhibition, trade show etc.

The X Frame Banner stand is made of durable fiberglass and aluminum material, which make this x banner stand durable and lightweight. Usually ,this X banner stand come with a travel bag ,which make the x banner stand easy to carry for your exhibition ,lobby and show etc.

These X banner stand has an adjusting design ,which allow you can display different range of signage and graphics. It features three legs and a backing, which allows for the banner to be attached at all four corners, and also allow you set up the display very easily in minute, just push the button to unlock the legs and pull them into a desired position .Since the graphics and signage can be changed very quickly without any tool, so you can replace your ads frequently as your needs .

 Compared to other POP display ,the X frame stand is the most affordable display equipment ,it is lightweight and eco-friendly . it can be used indoors and outer doors ,so in any place ,you can use our x banner stand .

 The tripod base aluminum and fiberglass structure rods arms makes the x display stand lightweight and durable, it is easy to carry, assemble, and tear down.

You can buy the X banner stand from us ,but if you have graphics and need us to print them together with the x banner stand ,we also can add a custom vinyl graphics as per your needs.

Rotating brochure holder mak a attractive way for brochure and leaflets

Maybe you see many rotating sign holder over here and there ,but have you seen revolving brochure literature holders or do you see rotating brochure rack very easily ?

Most of time ,the brochure holder that we see is counter or table top brochure displays, floor standing literature displays , or wall mounted brochure holders ,they may have single pockets or multi pockets displays ,but rotating brochure stands are very few.

rotating acrylic brochure holders

Compared to ordinary counter brochure stand and wall mounted literature stand ,rotating sign holder have the following advantage:
Firstly : Since the base is revolving style ,the rotating brochure holder usually have multi pockets ,maybe 3 sided ,4 sided and 6 sided ,so it can display more literature,catalogue ,leaflet in 360 degree ,which allow customer to rotate the brochure stands and select the most suitable content that they need.
Secondly : The rotating brochure holder can save much space .for your limited space, but increase exposure for your displayed brochure and leaflet. For your small retail store or shop, you have many advertising paper or catalogue to be showcased ,you can consider this revolving brochure display.
Thirdly: Since the rotating brochure holders are multi pockets usually , so your different kinds of catalogue can be separated in different pockets, which is great to organize your documents and also convenient for customer to find the content that they need most.
Currently ,we have several size for this rotating brochure holder ,like DHL,A6,A5 and A4 size, they are respectively used to display your different sized paper and catalogue
With these rotating brochure display stand to be placed on your counter and table ,they would be a great way to distribute your ads information ,especially when there are several brochure and catalogue need to be display together ,then this rotating brochure holders would make an excellent display for your products

 Our desktop rotating brochure holder provides an ideal solution for your marketing project .they are great for retail stores, trade show .exhibition ,travel agency ,office etc.