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Wall Acrylic Float Frames are great way to stand out your poster,picture

Are you looking for economical picture or photo frames to display your picture, menu, or signage?
Our acrylic wall poster frames offer the most cost effective and high function display solution for your advertisement needs.

The acylic wall flotaing frames ,are also known as wall mounted acrylic poster frames, it is made of highly polised acrylic panel,held together by 4 or 6 units of chrome standoff,which gives a look of elegance to signage in any location.

These acrylic poster frames are usually ideal to showcase pictures. poster, signage ,advertisement,document,diplomas etc,they are widely used in cooperation ,retail store,department store ,galleries, art shows,lobbies.

Here is our newly style wall acrylic floating frame ,it come with a black border.
This acrylic wall frame actually consist of a 3mm clear front acrylic panel and a 5mm black acrylic back panel,which give an upscale look to even the simplest acrylic foldover or sandwich mount.

acrylic wall poster frames

The personalized wall mounted acrylic picture frames are ideal for keeping customers and visitors informed without detracting from the frame while protecting valuable signage from damage or tampering in public environments.

These acrylic wall frames are custom made and ready for shippment,they feature pre-drilled mounting holes that require only a simple screw or nail for installation.

Our modern wall mounted acrylic poster frames create a 3-dimensional effect ,and perfect for displaying signage, advertising, promotional or sales materials, and menus as well as photographs, artwork, or messaging.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator of manufacturer and suppliers,we cusotm and offer a variety of acrylic picture & photo frame, from standing acrylic magnetic photo block frame to wall mounted acrylic frame, they are available in a variety of size ,ranging from 4″,6″ ,7″ ,8″,A4 to A0 ,and other custom any size.

Wall acrylic floating frames are a effective tool to display your signage or graphics

You may like to take photos or picture, you may be a photographer and have many paiting or drawing.  For these beautifuly photos of scenery or your loved people ,or your favourite paiting, you can share them online with your friends or families,but when computers are turned off ,then these would not be visiable . So you may want to hang these favourite images or gallery at home or in your office, the acrylic poster floating frame would be the best solution to show off your pictures.

acrylic floating poster frames

These non-illuminated acrylic floating frames, are also known as wall mounted acrylic poster holder, or acrylic floating gallery frames and acrylic face mounting,they are made of high grade acrylic panel,which is usually highly polished edge and feature beveled edge.

These acrylic floating frames add sharpness and colour saturation to your art,prints and photographic for a gloss look .
The acrylic wall display frames are mounted away from the wall about 25mm,it create
a stunning borderless effect that really lifts your photography from the wall.

Your poster or signage are  fasten by 4 satin silver finish wall mounts ,which
can be easily unscrew when you want to replace or update the poster ,that allow you to change the poster in seconds without the need for tools.

The acrylic wall floating frames are a truly stunning, unique display frames ,they give your wall a modern touch with our fashion and moden feeling. and will be the focal point for any room or establishment.

With these attractive acrylic floating poster frames in your stores or public areas ,they would be ideal to display your special offer,signage ,promotion etc.
so this modern acrylic photo frame display your photos in a eye-catch way, and create a unique ‘floating’ concept ,which make your acrylic frame float like your photos are hung on the wall ,your  eyes would  be drawn on to the picture or graphics ,but not on the frames itself.

Due to this feature ,these acrylic poster floating frames are suitable for contemporary homes, office spaces, lobbies,exhibition hall, hotel, restaurants and real estate agencies etc

Our plexiglass floating frames are supplied ready to hang,they are available in a range of popular sizes, however,if you have onw design or custom size, just give us a call and we give you a price.

Are you looking for see-through poster frames to display your poster or graphics?

Are you looking for see-through poster frames to display your poster or graphics?
Do you need some modern displays to standout your poster or advertisement in a very attractive way? Here is the right answer for your question! That is our modern acrylic poster frames ,also called acrylic sign frames.

Usually these acrylic poster frame or picture prints are made of 2 sheets of clear acrylic panel, which is held together by four satin aluminium wall mounts , While your poster or graphic is placed between these two pieces of acrylic panel ,which allow you a rapid poster change.

As the style ,the poster frames usually include wall acrylic frames, counter poster stand and ceiling-hung poster prints. Just like its name ,they can be wall mounted or hang from the ceiling, and also can be directly placed on counter top.

Stunning visual presentation, very modern and professional looking make these attractive acrylic wall frames provides a special impression that you fell images are floating on the wall.  

These see-through acrylic photo frames feature high transparency and not glaring,it offer an effective solution for posting advertisements in a stylish way ,so they are ideal to display movie posters ,art, photo, signage ,landscape, company logo’s, corporate certificate ,company notices etc. They are widely used in the home, school, banks, retails displays , public buildings etc, particulary stunning on stair walls – a line of acrylic photo frames running parallel to the stair strings.

We manufacture and supply many different style of acrylic poster frames or sign frame, they came in nearly all A size(like A0,A1,A2,A3 and A4) and other popular size. Besides these clear acrylic poster frames ,as per your special needs, we also offer colored acrylic panel and frosted acrylic panel

Come here for our high quality products ,our professional team are sure to satisfy your special needs.