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How to double your business sales with a effective promotion gifts?

There are several moths away from Christmas ,but there are many companies are preparing for the Christmas gifts. There are many kinds of Christmas gifts for selection ,like acrylic  photo frames , keychain ,pen holder ,business card holder, desktop calendar holder ,crystal apple etc.

And here we would like to recommend a very fashionable led crystal keychain ,which is illuminated by led ,it is very nice and attractive.

Seeing from the picture ,as you know see ,this led crystal keychain consist of crystal block ,whose size is usually 30x25x15mm and metal keyrings and led panel ,battery.

Usually ,we can 3D laser engrave different text ,logo and figure into the crystal block ,which present a nice 3D three-dimension effect. And also we can sandwich text or figure on the surface of crystal block .

The light that give out by led would illuminate the text ,figure, which make this crystal led keychain very eye-catching and fashionable. Basically ,the color for these led light can be adjusted and also can be selected in green ,blue ,red, yellow ,the light can be changing continually. The shape of crystal are available in rectangle ,heart ,octagon etc

heart crystal keychain with led

Although these led crystal keychain are so modern and fashionable ,It is actually very affordable(just about USD1). Also these nice keychain are almost liked by its cost is very every walk of life ,like teacher, student,parents ,teenager ,lovers ,colleague ,clients etc.

Due to this special feature ,the personalized led crystal keychain are ideal for Christmas gifts ,wedding gifts ,birthday gifts ,Annual celebration gifts and also many company use these cute crystal keychain as company promotion gifts for customers .

Send us your own logo or design figure ,we would make your dream into reality and these personalized led crystal keychain would save a large amount of money for your promotion budge,but at the same time ,they surely increase your business sales as doubles!