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Curved sign photo holder create a modern counter sign displays

Are you look a new style sign holder or photo frame to advise or showcase your new products or services?

Curved sign holder photo frames feature curved design ,which is made of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,sandwiched by magnetic bolt to hold your signage or paper in place.

This curved sign holder is free standing by its personalized curved design,the unique design magnetic photo holder, curved picture frame allows you place your photos or signage on either side, back to back for both sides to create a dual-sided stand!
With these modern curved acrylic sign holder placed on counter to desktop,your picture or signage are “floating” in these acrylic frames,it would greatly stand out your ads or graphics ,so that people or customers notice your offer easily.

Magnets embedded within each acrylic panel tightly secure each panels together and
hold ads or signage securely together  on display with a stylish look. To change your photos or menu is very easy,just switch out your photographics without any tool ,you can change the photos in seconds.

These premium curved sign holder are highly polished on the edge,they create a floating effect within the frameless display for a truly eye-catching stand,great for any business establishment,like office,hotel,restaurant ,real estate agents,exhibtion hall , trade shows and conventions.etc,they are ideal for desks, tables, and counters display.

We offer three size for such curved acrylic sign holder, include 4×6″,5×7″ and 8.5×11″ ,they are available in completely clear design or clear and black design.


Curved acrylic frames are great to showcase your photos in a fresh way

Curved acrylic certificate frames consist of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,which is hot-bent in high temperature and high pressure by mold. These 2 piece of acrylic panel are sandwiched by magnetic bolt on 4 corner ,which hold your picture or photos in place

Although this curved frame is just 8mm in total (each one piece of acrylic panel is just 4mm ),it can be free standing due to the curved design .
This magnetic curved acrylic frames feature elegant style and with highly polished edge ,it offer a fresh, stylish way to display your pictures,present the picture or certificate in a floating ways .
Thus these novel curved acrylic floating frame bring modern style to the home or any retail establishment, they are widely used in stores, lobbies, hotels, or in the home for pictures or documents.

curved acrylic floating frames

However ,the procedure of such curved acrylic frames is a little complicated and not every one know these is some disadvantage on the production ,as it has gap between two piece of acrylic panel .

So why it is happen?As you know ,when these 2 piece of acrylic panel are pressed in mold the acrylic panels are bent into curved shape in high temperature. There is n’t gap between these 2 piece of acrylic panel when they are in the Hot bending furnace ,but when it is taken out ,as the heat absorption for each piece of acrylic panel is not exactly the same ,
even if different part on the same acrylic panel is not the exact same ,so the gap occur when these two piece of acrylic panel are cool down .

Basically the gap between these two piece of acrylic panel can’t be eliminated completely ,the gap distance can be decreased a little depend on the technique ,so for the hand-made curved acrylic frame ,the gap is not inescapable ,unless they are made completely by mold.And when the curved acrylic piece are hot-bent ,we then should insert the magnetic bolt into the acrylic panel ,so that they would be sandwiched together .

On this procedure ,there would be much damage rate ,as the acrylic panel is so thin ,and the magnetic hole is also at the edge of acrylic corner,so it is very easy to crack when it is inserted into the magnetic bolt ,
that is why the production cost of such curved acrylic frames are a little high .

Currently ,for these curved acrylic frame, we can offer 4×6”,5×7” ,6×8”,8×10” ,8.5×11” and other custom size .So if you have any question ,welcome to contact us for the technique and design,we would be happy to assist you .

Hinged double acrylic photo frames is our newly acrylic photo frames, it consist of 2 units of single acrylic magnetic frame ,and hinged together.

Each of the single acrylic frames consist of a 3mm clear acrylic and a 5mm clear acrylic ,sandwiched by magnetic ,which allow you to change the photo or picture in seconds .

As you can see ,this double sided hinged frames look like a book . Wen it is opened ,your photos would revealed at any angle ,thus very easy to catch your friends’ attention on the photos .
And When they are not in use, or during your travel, simply close the hinge to keep picture prints protected ,they wouldnt take up little space.,very easy to be taken along.
hinged acrylic double frame

such book style acrylic frames are closed ,it would then become a single photo frame,and your photos would can be displayed on two sided ,back to back.

The two hinged connect these 2 acrylic magnetic frame, which holds 2 piece of 4×6” photos or picture ,just like two people look each other face to face ,
so these hinged double acrylic picture frames are ideal to show off your favorite photos ,loved people ,especially for wedding prints .
These personalized hinged double acrylic frames would draw much attention to the center of your favorite weeding photos ,
it would keep good memories in the double acrylic frame for a very long time ,and never fade .

double acrylic frame with hinged

This double hinged acrylic frames can be designed to house a plenty of memorabilia and are the ideal presentation solution for items which need to be viewed from both sides.
They are ideal to be placed on flat surface ,such ask desktop ,counter top or tabletop,they are great for office and home decor ,so such hinged double acrylic frames and increase much love and good memories for you .

For such hinged double acrylic picture frame, currently ,we can provide 4×6” ,5×7” and if you need any other size, we would be happy to custom the size as per your needs .

Acrylic photo boxes frames are great to showcase family photos

acrylic photo boxWhen it come to acrylic photo frames, we may think of acrylic magnetic frame,which is used to display single photo or pictures usually .So when we want to display family members’ photo in the same frame at the same time ,it is not available.

Due to this reason ,we design newly acrylic photo cubic bloc, which allow you to display several photos at the same time from multi face. This personalized acrylic photo cubic is also called as acrylic photo boxes.

Here is the acrylic photo cubic block ,which consist of acrylic wall and the crystal cubic .


The acrylic wall work as a container which surround the crystal block from 3 side. As we can see ,the acrylic panel and crystal block are both transparent and see-through ,so your photo or pictures can be placed between the acrylic wall and crystal cubic .
Thus such stylish acrylic picture boxes are available to showcase 3 photo or picture ,which is very perfect for family photos ,great to be placed on desk top both in office or house.

Similar to this acrylic picture boxes,we also can change the inner crystal block as acrylic block.

If so ,then the inner acrylic block can be completely placed in the acrylic case or boxes which leave one side for the access of acrylic cubic. In order to sandwich the photo or picture firmly ,not let it so easy to slide ,we would add magnetic bolt on the acrylic box and acrylic block.

Therefore, such acrylic picture boxes is ideal to display 5 pieces of photo or picture at same time,When you want to change the photos.

Of course ,except the 5-sided acrylic photo boxes, we also can do 6-sided acrylic picture boxes . But if so ,then the whole acrlic cubic should be contained by the outter acrylic case ,and your photos or pictures can’t be change ,as the outter acrylic case would be seal.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator in China , if you have nice design or drawig ,we would be very happy to custom made the items as per your needs .Or you can tell us your thoughts or needs ,we designer would help you to provide you the best solution to meet you to the best .

Stylish acrylic heart frames make a great personalized gifts

Each time ,when it approaching Christmas day and Valentine’s Day,many people are search photo & picture frames for promotion gifts, Christmas gifts or personalized gifts for lovers, friends, guest etc.

Acrylic photo frames as one of these photo frames, which are very modern and affordable ,they are very popular as favourite photo block frames..

As the style ,there are a variety of acrylic frames ,such as, rectangle acrylic photo frames with magnetic , heart acrylic frame, apple shape acrylic frames ,screw photo frames with an easel backing, L style acrylic picture prints , A shape plexiglass photo framing etc.

Hear shape stands for LOVE So heart acrylic frames are great for Valentine’s Day .

With your personalized photo into the acrylic heart frame ,it not only convey your love felling to your lover ,but also it make a great memorial with your photos .


 heart perspex frames

As we can see this heart acrylic photo frames, it is feature heart shape and come with magnetic bolt to sandwich your photos between two piece of 15mm thick acrylic block. This personalized acrylic heart frames are perfect for displaying magnet pictures of your family and friends within your home.

With your favourite photos in the center of this heart acrylic frames , With these stylish acrylic heart frames on your counter,desktop ,book shelf ,fridge, your guest and friends’ attention would be drawn to the center of frames ,but not the acrylic frame itself.

Since these heart acrylic sandwich frames come with magnetic ,so it allow you to change the photo in one second ,just slide the frames part ,and place your new photos into it. Your photos would be held together tightly in the modern acrylic frames.

Similar to this heart acrylic frames ,there is another apple shape acrylic frames ,which is engrave into apple shape . Apple is always standing for LOVE ,so it make the same effect as heart acrylic frames ,also very great for all kinds of special occasion ,in wedding ,parties and other annual events etc.

acrylic apple frames       apple acrylic frames

These two cute apple acrylic frames are also made of two piece of 15mm thick acrylic block . One is very like Jobs’ Apple phone ,it has a cut-off on one side ,and the other is a entire apple shape .Both apple acrylic frames hold your photos between two piece of acrylic panel ,stands for pure apple .

These two personalized acrylic photo frames are available in 3.5” ,4” and 5” . If you have own size ,we are happy to customize these personalized acrylic frames for you.

Why wall acrylic poster frames are so populr in retail shop?

 Why do so many companies and business are using acrylic poster frames to showcase information, notice and signage?

That is because acrylic poster frames can make this job of displaying very easy ,it is easy to load new graphics ,signage ,and also very easy to replace the poster in seconds.

These modern wall mounted acrylic poster frames offer economical solution to displays your posters ,drawing s ,graphics ,artwork ,and your family photos ,they allow for frequent and fast changing .

 The wall acrylic poster frames are basically made of a 3mm clear acrylic panel in the front and then a 5mm back panel ,these two piece of acrylic panel are held together by for mounting hardware, which don’t need any tool to install on walls.

In order to make this wall mounted acrylic poster frames are used more convenient ,we also prepare the hanging hardware ,which not only make this poster frames wall mounted on the wall ,but also can be hanging on the wall ,door . And any time when you want to change the poster, just put down it.




For small size acrylic frames ,the acrylic poster frames are available for counter top ,which is placed either on vertically or horizontally .

All of our acrylic poster frames are made of high quality cast acrylic panel ,with high edge polished ,these modern acrylic poster frames are great to your promotion and family usage .

Except the clear frames ,we also can provide another design ,with clear acrylic frames in the front and the color panel ,like black or grey panel on the back. Also ,these acrylic frames can have a sleek black border to accent the displayed information.

These acrylic frames are suitable for use in restaurants, retail stores and even in the home, they are great for fast paced environments that constantly update promotional content

How to highlight your sign and photos in a attractive way?

How to highlight your photos and how to standout your business logo in front of customers maybe a common question for many companies.

A stylish, contemporary personalised acrylic photo block frames, also called as acrylic brick, are the best solution to these problem.

A designed acrylic blocks frames,like a magnetic photo frames,it usually consist of two piece of acrylic panel,which may be held together by standoff or also can be sandwiched by large magnetic bolts. Highly polished edge and premium quality acrylic material ,make this modern acrylic block frames are extremely eye-catching .

Thick and heavy weight acrylic blocks are used to sandwich your photograph to achieve the desirable floating effect, they are great to showcase your loved photograph ,graphics or company business logo ,offer you a great looking stand with a unique look that will surely catch passerby or customer’s attention to the display contents and provide a long-lasting display for your photos or signs.


These stunning acrylic block frames are perfect for business promotion,company certificate,menu,bank deals and also they are great as photo frames ,as a special gifts for your friends, lovers.


Since these acrylic block frames are sandwiched by standoff ,which is easily unscrew out and or sandwiched by magnetic bolts, both of which make this frames are very easy to change the displayed content,you can replace your photos, signs or printing graphics easily. Just slide the two panels apart, replace the graphic in the middle, then hold it together ,then the work is over, just one minuter!


The acrylic block frames offer an extremely stylish way of showcasing your favorite photos or prints in your home, office, reception countertop ,lobby and any occasion.

Wherever they are placed ,these personalized acrylic frames blocks are designed to ensure the focus is on your photograph and not on a frame, they would make a great addition to your home, office, or business.

 Our acrylic photo block are crafted by finest quality and high transparent acrylic block, they are also perfect gifts for all occasions, such as on wedding, anniversary, birthday part etc ,they make a great personalized gifts.

 We have manufactured acrylic frames blocks for many years. To make these modern acrylic block frames look more nice, all of them are finished by high tech diamond polishing machinery, which can greatly assure the edge of blocks look very polished and smooth. As a professional acrylic fabrication ,our acrylic frame blocks are available in 4×6”,5×7”,8×10”,A4 and other size ,Your business logo or prints can be laser engraved or screen printed as per your special needs.

acrylic photo blocks frames

Why acrylic photo frames are so popular in your darily life?

Do you have many nice photos which keep your good memory?
Whether do you like to enjoy these wonderful memory gazing at you from your desktop or bedroom every day.?
Personalized acrylic photo blocks are great to keep these photos in a very eye-catching way.
As you can see these crystal clear free-standing acrylic photo blocks frames have a 3D modern look that reflects the image around the sides ,and they put the focus on a single photos for a clean ,floating presentation, which make these acrylic frames create create a high visual impact.
Due to this special feature, so there are many people select these acrylic photo frames as a specialized gift for their lovers, parents, teacher and friends in those festival or wedding or special occasion.

As these free standing acrylic photo frames can be stand either horizontally or vertically ,so usually ,these photo frames can be placed in the office, at home or end table etc. But wherever you place them on , With highly polished edges and a beautiful print with a finish that gives an almost 3D effect, so these versatile acrylic picture blocks would always look nice, and made a great decor for your life.
Compared with glass photo blocks ,the  acrylic photo block feature the same transparent and have a attractive glassy look ,but actually much more durable and unbreakable. On the other hand, glass photo frames are very easy to be damaged on the transportation.
Therefore, more and more people prefer acrylic photo frames to glass photos frames ,that’s way ,acrylic frames are becoming so popular nowadays.
So they say ,with personalized photo block frames placed on tabletop or your bedroom would reflect your happy days and bring the memorial moment into acrylic photo frames always.

We ,as a professional acrylic manufacturer ,have been specialized in acrylic frames for many years. Currently, we supplied wall mounted acrylic frames, magnetic photo frames, multi photo framing ,certificate holder frames and free-standing acrylic blocks. They come in a variety of size ,from 4” to 12” ,all of these  acrylic frames can be custom as per your needs.