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Acrylic tea bag boxes are great to organize your tea bag or coffee bag

Acrylic tea bag boxes also also known as tea storage box ,it is made of high quality acrylic material ,used to storage and organize your tea or coffee bag ,conveneint for you and your guest who want to drink tea .

acrylic tea bag boxes

Basically ,the acrylic tea bag box has several compartment,which is ideal to seperate different kinds of bag in dividers.
With your tea bag or coffee bag storaged in the durable and see-through acrylic teabag boxes,they would keep your everything neat and organized.
On the other hand ,the see-through feature make your tea bag visiable easily ,so you can see them on your nose and  find them quickly and save much time.

Actually ,these pratical acrylic tea bag boxes can also be used as a spice box or as a general food container.they are also great to stores and organizes your flavors organized. With these acrylic tea bag boxes on a countertop or table ,it would a cute way to display all of your tea,favo in front of guest ,so that they can pick up their favourite tea or flavors .these clear acrylic plastic tea bag box works with any kitchen décor,they would be perfect gift for your friends  or colleague..

these tea bag boxes are great containers for organizing your tea.
We are direct acrylic manufacturer and offer all kinds of tea bag boxes, including a growing industry of tea bag users both residentially and commercially from single-serve upright acrylic tea bag boxes to multi-serve tea bag presentation cases . we also custom made and supply both lidded, with or without handles as well as upright acrylic servers or in-drawer servers.
All of these teabag boxes or coffee bag boxes are crafted from high impact-resistant clear acrylic ,which are very durable and  eco-friendly.

No matter you need these tea bag box for personal or commercial usage, we would  try our best to satisfy your needs.  From our collection alone you can pick from single serve, 2 compartment serve, 4, 6, 9 or 12 compartment tea bag boxes and they all can be personalized custom made and finished.

Why aluminium acrylic cosmetic cases are so popular?

Every women have her own set of make-ups and cosmetic ,but not everyone have a fashionable cosmetic case or beauty boxes . There are many kinds of beauty boxes made of leather ,carton ,plastic boxes ,but it should be acrylic cosmetic case are the most popular ones that most of ladies like .

The cosmetic case keep your makeup , cosmetics and accessories in a neat way. Anytime ,you need to use these cosmetic ,you can find them easily . And some times ,you may go out for travelling or meet some important clients, then you may need to take this exquisite cosmetic case along yourself .

Since the acrylic is plexiglass ,it is actually one kind of plastic ,very lightweight and also durable, so these fashionable acrylic cosmetic case would be a great helper on your travel .

But sometimes ,the acrylic cosmetic case maybe easy to be scratch , nobbed ,or even collided ,if so the acrylic cosmetic case maybe damaged . So in order to protect the acrylic cosmetic case well ,we use aluminium sheet to wrapped the acrylic cosmetic case.

box105     box110

As you can aluminium & acrylic cosmetic cases ,the 6 faces of panel is made of 2mm or 3 mm durable acrylic material ,while the edge and corner are all protected by aluminium sheet well .

As we know ,aluminium is also very lightweight ,so when it is added onto the acrylic box ,there wouldn’t much change on the weight. And also aluminium is very durable,ideal to can stand the bumps and scrapes,and thus can be used for a long time ,no rusting. What’s more ,aluminium is an attractive metal, it can be polished to a great looking sheen..

So with the aluminium added onto the acrylic cosmetic case ,it not only protect the case well ,but also they add elegance and fashion on your cosmetic cases.

Deluxe acrylic basketball display case is great to showcase your sport collectablese

Are you looking for some displays to showcase and protect your sports collectables ?

Acrylic display cases would be the best way to showcase your basketball or football in a clean and safe way.

51ax5rqkL8L          acrylic display case for basketball
With your signed basketball of football in this deluxe acrylic display case, it would be great to protect your basketball memorabilia from over 90% UV light and also keep your favorite items from duty, inquisitive fingers and smudging.
This modern basketball display cases is crafted by 5mm durable acrylic panel ,with highly polished edge.
Such deluxe acrylic basketball display case features a black base with gold risers, clear cover, it come with a mirrored back ,which is perfect to show off your cherished basketball ,football and other collectibles.
The black acrylic base is slightly larger than the upper acrylic cover ,which make this display cover sits on top of it ,so that it would be more easy to lift off and access the display content in the display case.
And also the upper part of this base is  fixed by four gold riser or other metal supports ,it is slightly smaller than the clear acrylic cover, so when this clear acrylic cover sit on the base ,it wouldn’t mover around, and your basketball or football just sit on the hole which is used to hold your basketball .on the base.

With an extensive selection of protective display cases, your valued collectables would be protected well ,and can fully view in any angles.
These acrylic display cases for basketballs ,football and baseball come in a variety size, they proudly display important basketball memorabilia in a display case that protects

These deluxe acrylic basketball display case is the best value
priced choice for all your sports collectibles,they are not only widely used in all kinds of ball retail shop ,but also be liked by many person who like sports and have signed collectables by sports starts , so these modern acrylic display cases is also a great personalized gifts to your clients, friends .they are definitely durable and great construction for your valued collectables.
We can offer all kinds of acrylic display cases ,besides this acrylic basketball ball ,we also offer acrylic base boxes ,acrylic model case ,acrylic toy cases ,acrylic jewelry display case etc. All of these display collection box can be customized as per your needs.