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A custom acrylic fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.

Acrylic aquariums are also called as acrylc fish tank,it is becoming more and more popular as decors for home & office.

Unlike fragile glass aquariums, acrylic fish tanks are more strong and resistant to leakage and breakage.
Due to the flexible feature of acrylic, the aquarium made of acrylic (plexiglass ,perspex) are more diverse selection of shapes,it is ideal for any kinds of shaped tank,like rectangle,round,square,hexagon etc.

Most of acrylic aquariums may be counter or desktop, here we would like to recomend you a newly design acrylic fish tak,which is wall mounted .
As you can see ,this acrylic aquariums are composed by two parts ,one is the ball-shaped  and the other is the base ,they are bonded together by acrylic solvent,which form a perfect leak-proof seat
But as the acrylic solvent are one kind of chemical material,so when you receive this

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acrylic aquarium ,it would give out a very acrid air .So you need to add some water in this fish tank and leave in air for several hours.

As the acrylic is transparent, it is easy to transmiss light ,it allows 22% more light transmission than glass. This makes your fish look sharper and brighter in an acrylic aquarium, that is why so many fish keeps like to buy acrylic fish tank .

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.
With these live creature in your life or working space,they would increase a living environment for your life. For business ,they say fish means good fortunate,that may be the reason why so many hotel,restaurant like to use these fish tank or aquarium in their store.
Or course ,in order to make your fish animate and lively,you should change the water frequently .To provide a stable and stress-free environment for your fish,you may use a power failure, your acrylic aquarium takes much longer to cool down than a glass aquarium.

We can design and custom made all kinds of acrylic aquarium of fish tank,Any shape you can draw, we can build. Whether you provide us with a sketch on a scrap piece of paper, a 3 dimensional CAD drawing or an architects impression.

Durable and shockproof acrylic serving trays

Trays ,also known as serving trays ,are very common in our daily life, they are widely used for serving fruit,food,beverage,beer,cake,breakfast,coffee or tea ,transport bowl,dish

Acrylic serving trays

Some people also use trays to collect towel,shampoo  in bathroom etc. There are many kinds of trays,wood trays ,pottery trays ,metal trays,plastic serving trays .

But when it come to the durability ,functionality and affordability,and elegance,acrylic serving trays should be the best trays that we have . This acrylic serving tray, also called a plastic platter, it is one recycle plastic ,easy to crafted into any shape, what is more ,it is actually waterproof and food safe , these acrylic serving trays are great for serving food,beverage etc

These durable acrylic serving trays, are an ideal combination of convenience and modern style,they are easily hand washed with warm cloth and would still look very new after usage of many years. But Do not submerge your tray in water for a long time, and do not place hot foods directly on it ,in case any chemical change,which would do damage to people.

These durable acrylic trays are multi-purpose,they can be used in home,kitch,hotel,restaurant,cake stores,bakeries, cafes and delis. They are ideal for  your favorite snacks to the couch, or entertaining friends and family.


These elegant acrylic serving trays are perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys a little sparkle These reusable acrylic food trays are definitely perfect for restaurants, hotel, We can custom and offer a variety of serving trays, including serving trays with handle or simple rectangle acrylic trays,they are available in different size in clean and black color.

Acrylic serving tray make a great display contaier for your home& office

Tray is also called platter or plate ,it is very common in our daily life . They are many kinds of tray in different material ,like plastic ,wood ,metal tray etc.
In all of these trays ,acrylic tray should be the most common and ideal one in our household container .

Acrylic tray is made of acrylic material ,which is eco-friendly and easy to be crafted ,what is more it is crystal-clear ,very look like glass ,but much more durable and stronger than glass ,it is not so fragile as glass ,when glass tray fall down or damaged ,
it would damaged into piece ,its sharp piece is very easy to hurt person ,especially when you have child in home ,it would become a very dangerous tool for your children.

These durable acrylic tray is sturdy ,shatterproof ,resilient and water-proof ,they are great for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

When used in outdoor,they are transport plates, serving bowls, and cups from kitchen to outdoors, and can be used in patio, poolside,,ideal to serve  appetizers and beverages.

When used in indoors ,these versatile and crystal-clear acrylic serving tray  can be used in many functions.

For home & office ,this clear and versatile acrylic serving tray brings a stylish, modern touch to any space ,it is great tool to serve drinks & snacks or to organize your desk or coffee table.

When it is integrated with handles on two sided,it would maximize storage spaces, these serving tray can be used in restaurants, hotels, bar ,coffee shop or even other decent occasions,
like wedding ,part ,celebration etc.

Just take hold of the handles,you can  carry this serving tray and your favorite foods ,drinks or beverage wherever they need to go.
They would enhance your food presentation and makes serving desserts,  and beverages both easy and stylish.

As these serving tray is made of acrylic ,it is actually kind of plastic ,so these acrylic tray is very easy to be clean when it is dirty , just with a soft cloth and soap in the water ,then it would look like new tray again.

We can custom made all kinds of acrylic tray ,they can be available in different size and color .

Counter roller acrylic napkin holders

Facial tissue holders ,also called as napkin dispenser, it is widely used in office&home ,hotel ,restaruant and bar etc.

According to the material ,there are wooden tissue holder ,stainless steel napkin ring,cardbaord tissue boxes ,leather napkin holders and acrylic tissue boxes etc.

As its feather ,you can chose the most suitable napkin holders as per your needs . Basically ,wooden napkin holder can add a natural felling to your desktop settings,so they uare ususally used mostly at home for household ,to decorate other wooden furniture . Stainless steel napkin ring or other metal napkin ring are usually wall mounted ,it is used at toliet for roll paper.. And leather wooden tissue boxes are usually used in restaurant,public area.

And acrylic tissue holders ,due to its special feature ,they are used most ,no matter at home ,office ,hotel ,public area ,watiting room etc ,we can see acrylic napkin holder. It feature crystal-clear transparency ,easy to clearn and what is more ,it is durable and eco-friendly,that is why acrylic tissue holders are so popular in our dairly life.

As per the design ,there are roller acrylic napkin rings ,rectangle acrylic tissue holders ,round acrylic napkin dispenser etc.

facial tissue holders

As below ,this counter roller napkin ring is actually heavy duty high quality acrylic material ,it is finished by injection mold ,highly polished and feature elegant design.

The novely roller acrylic napkin holder come with a clamp ,which press the tissue or paper and show off it neatly ,so that guest can clap the paper at their convenienct . With the help of clamp ,the napkin are not out of the case ,each time ,just one piece of paper are taken away .

As the acrylic tissue holder is crystal-clear ,so it is see-through, and when the napkin is running up,you can see it easily and replace new paper..

By this way, this elegant acrylic napkin rings provide a fun way to dress up any table setting or to add some of the guest of honor’s personality to every table. They are great for your kitchen, dining room, or for restaurants.

This rooler tissue holder have 3 size ,they are 17.7*19.4*6.4cm,17*15.7*6.4cm and 15*13.7*6.4cm,respectively hold 16x16cm ,14x14cm and 12x12cm sheep paper. As per customers’ needs ,we can laser engrave or silk screen your business logo or other text on these facial napkin holders.

Modern acrylic tray make a personlized gifts

Lucite serving is very popular now ,in home ,office ,restaurant ,hotel etc ,these cute shallow container are great helper in our daily life.
Usually ,these Lucite or acrylic tray come with different shape ,like round ,rectangle ,square ,oval and even other irregular shape .And also there are tray with handle and without handle on the sides.

This acrylic tray is made of 5mm clear acrylic panel ,it is just one piece of acrylic panel ,hot-bent to feature elegance and fashion,it is high transparent,no scratch ,no durty, it come with two handles for convenient carrying.These acrylic serving tray are so durable and strong,it can used for a long time,even if it drop down ,it would be not like other glass tray ,not so easy to damage.

These Lucite tray are so versatile and trendy ,they can be used to display some pretty bottle ,drinks dessert, fruit,coffee ,tea in home ,office,bar or cafe house. As they are so attractive ,you can use them in public event ,all kinds of parties, wedding occastion.
On the bottom of this stylish serving tray, it come with one piece of pattern ,which can be change and can DIV as per your needs . The paper is sandwiched onto the bottom by magnetic bolt, so your paper or graphic can be replace in seconds
With these  modern acrylic tray ,they would make a great personalized gifts for housewarming ,wedding gifts for your friends and guest.
Of course, if you just want this acrylic serving tray to display your logo or one kind of pattern ,we can silk screen your image or logo onto the bottom ,which would be protected by another very thing acrylic panel ,so that the image or text not so easy to damage.
All of our Lucite serving tray can be customized in any shape and size.
If you have own design ,we would be very pleased to hear you and make your dream into realistic

Why so many business are usingacrylic display case?

Display case boxes ,cabinet and display showcases are increasing popular in many business ,especially in some retail store and department ,acrylic display collection case are very common. That is why many merchandise and items need to be showcased to customers in a good position ,but not so easy to touch ,which may cause these merchandise are damaged or for these valued small items ,like jewelries ,watch ,bracelet etc ,are taken by theft.

Before people use glass display case to showcase these merchandise ,but as we know ,glass material is very heavy and also very breakable ,it is not so easy to lift it up ,it bring much trouble for both seller and customers ,so more and more people chose acrylic display case ,which feature high-transparency as glass ,but much light than glass in the weight .

These see-through acrylic display case proudly display your items in a good state .
Pm one hand ,it is great to showcase your items ,prevent theft . On the other hand ,it protect your item from UV light, inquisitive fingers ,dust, many other forms of wear and tear. That is why these modern display collection cases are so popular now.

In other area, these acrylic display case are also a great way to showcase your collectibles or favorite items ,like sport basket ball ,football toy model, antique ,towel, hat etc.

So these stunning and durable acrylic display case are widely used in museums, exhibition hall, watch store ,jewelries store ,corporate displays, and other retail shops or even household.

Here is a custom acrylic display case ,which is used to display hat.


acrylic display collection cases

As you can see ,it come with a clear acrylic cover ,which can be take out and the base is made of solid wood ,which feature smooth edge and nice painting .

We ,as a professional manufacturer of acrylic fabrication ,can custom made all kinds of acrylic display case & boxes ,acrylic cabinet ,there are available in different size and style.
You also are welcome to send us your own design and drawing, your any needs would be satisfied in our company.

Why do you need a acrylic tray?

Acrylic tray is a shallow storage found in homes, stores, and restaurants. These trays are crafted from a single-piece of acrylic panel , which allow users to enjoy a clear and see-through ,like glass tray, ,but actually much more durable and also lighter than glass tray. Due to this feature ,acrylic tray can be securely used in house ,which have some children ,not in the risk of hurt any child or be damaged by child when they place it.

 This sleek, crystal-clear acrylic tray can used in many places ,they can be used in home and restaurants as serving trays

At home, the acrylic tray may be used to hold fruit,candy,dim sum, jewelry, cosmetics, or other small items.

For example, when you have guests who visit your home ,place your nourishing fruit in the acrylic tray would be very generous and make your guest fell conformation . On the other hand, with these multi-functional acrylic tray to storage small items, like your children’ toy ,That make your small items can be organized well ,not letting them be placed here and there ,great make your job in the home much less and easier.

In restaurant ,cafe ,bar and tea house ,these fashionable and elegant acrylic serving tray can be used to hold drinks and cocktails, beer , beverage. coffee and tea etc, As these acrylic serving tray are not breakage, so you don’t worry guest would break it ,in case of embarrassment or unhappiness.

These trays often come in varying sizes that can be stacked inside of one another to create unique configurations. Larger units may be used to hold rolled-up hand .

And also ,in some other occasion ,like meeting, part ,wedding and celebration ,these modern acrylic serving tray would be a great helper ,with two handler ,they can serve fruit ,beers ,candy etc.

Our acrylic tray can be manufactured in many size and different design ,with or no handle, also custom logo or text can be printed or laser engraved on the acrylic tray., which would be not only a great way of promotion for companies or business ,also provide a personalized gifts for your friends ,guest ,and customers .