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Modern acrylic furniture are great to upgrade your home& office

When we talk furniture ,there are many kinds of material furniture ,like wood ,glass ,bamboo, metal ,iron ,leather, cloth furniture etc ,most of these are very common ,especially wood furniture should be the most common that we can see .But when it come to acrylic furniture ,how many do you see ? They are not so common as other common material furniture.

Usually these acrylic furniture are crafted by premium acrylic blocks ,highly polished edge, usually the thickness can be 10mm,15,25,40,50mm,70 or even 100mm ,very thick .

The acrylic block feature the same high transparency as glass and crystal material

But compared to hot-bent glass furniture ,these durable acrylic furniture are more lightweight and durable for the same thick material.

Basically ,glass furniture are easy to be damaged or fragile ,both on transportation and usage. And once the glass furniture are damaged ,the damaged part would be very dangerous ,easy to get hurt ,especially for children. But acrylic or plexiglass furniture ,as the material is a kind of plastic ,it is durable and unbreakable,so basically ,they are used more safely.

On the other hand ,from the appearance ,the acrylic furniture are much more exquisite and luxurious glass furniture .


Just think, with these unique and awesome acrylic furniture placed on your home ,office or event occasion and any other professional or official places, these elegant acrylic furniture finished by fanatic design and craftwork are surely highlight the places or occasion.


In addition ,when glass furniture are scratch ,the mark would be very obvious,which may greatly effect the beauty on appearance . While for acrylic furniture ,we just use a soft gauze to polish it ,it would look exactually nice as new one.

Although acrylic or lucite furniture are so luxurious and durable ,they are not common in our daily life.

There are two main reason as follows:


One is the acrylic furniture are made of very thick cast acrylic block ,which feature high transparency ,so the material is a little costly .

The second reason is that ,these acrylic furniture require very high technique ,also it is nearly crafted by handmade ,manual polishing, which need much time and thus lead to high labor cost.

But once you have these very modern and fashionable acrylic furniture ,they surely upgrade your life and your rooms with its elegance and design.

We have been acrylic fabrication for many year and also custom design and made acrylic furniture for 3 years . Currently we have custom made acrylic dinning table ,acrylic coffee table ,acrylic end table, acrylic chair , acrylic pedestals etc. They are exported in Italy ,France, Danmark ,England ,USA and other places.

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