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What do luxury hanger means for your decent suits and clothes?

Every men or most of women may have one or more suits , A decent suit of clothes can greatly increase a man’s situation , in many occasion. So usually ,when you don’t wear these suit or clothes,you should take them well,so that your clothes look always good and new.

So how to maintain the the quality of an expensive suit in your closet?

A good hanger would be great to preserve your expensive coat or suit.

There are many kinds of hangers in different material ,but acrylic hangers ,also called plexiglass hangers should be the best choices for your expensive and decent clothes and garments.

For other normal hangers ,like wire hangers ,wood hangers and plastic hangers, as they are very thin, or maybe easy to get woms,or very easy to be breakable ,so they are usually very cheap ,but not durable and supportive at all .Moreover ,they don’t match your expensive coat or suit well and may easy make your suit get crease . These cheap wire hangers probably stretch your coat and garments if left hanging for too long.

And for our these luxurious acrylic hangers ,they are made of very thick and durable acrylic blocks ,which is 35mm thick.

plexiglass hanger

The heavy-duty acrylic hangers are very wide (usually it is 17.5”), so they are enough to prevent creases in the shoulders and arms without being so thick they overtake your closet. For special design, we special make these hangers well ,so that they match your garment well. For example ,if the acrylic hangers are too wide, your sleeves will have trouble falling naturally;. If too skinny, and you’ll have unnatural creases before the shoulder. So good quality acrylic hangers would be great to keep unsightly creases from developing in the shoulders.

On the other hand ,since these luxurious hangers are made of plexiglass ,which is one kinds of eco-friendly plastic material ,but feature crystal’s high transparency,,they are very easy to keep clean ,just with a soft cloths ,then they would look the same polished and nice as new one . So these hangers are widely used in classy shopping centers or branded clothes store,. also these luxury acrylic hangers are definitely a personalized business gifts for your valued customers, friends or even for your husband or wife.

 Since 2011 ,we continue develop and design newly acrylic hangers, ,currently ,we offers many kinds of hangers ,including pant hangers, bottom hangers ,dress hanger, bottom hangers ,skirt hanger etc, they are available in several profiles and different size ,both for women’s and men’s clothing.


For your special needs ,we also can engrave laser your logo or image on the elegant acrylic hangers..And customer design would be welcome .

Why do you need clothese hangers?

Clothes hangers, also called garment hangers, just think its usage from its name ,it is used to hang your clothes in wardrobes or closet.

When we talk about hangers ,it can date back to the 19th century ,when hangers are designed as the shape of “shoulders”, mainly used to hang coat, suit, jacket and dress,to avoid to crease them and thus prolong the life of clothes. Due to this reason ,hangers should be d They should be simple, sturdy, and durable.

These hangers are used to hang suit ,skirt ,trouser ,sweater, ideal for men, women ,children

As the material ,there are mainly wooden hangers ,plastic hangers ,padded hangers ,metal hangers and acrylic or plexiglass hangers etc.

Just from the appearance,there are three kinds of hangers:

The first one is very simple ,it is just one metal wire, which can be steel ,iron ,aluminium etc ,to shaped as a simple triangle and then ends up into a hook on the top. This hanger is simple and pratical,also very cheap .Before this kinds of hanger are widely used in families, mainly used to hang clothes for dry.

The second hanger is wood hanger or bamboo hangers, which is made of wood or bamboo material and cut into different shape .For these hangers ,we usually need to drill a hole and attach a metal hook ,so that it can hang .Usually these functional and stylish hangers can hold clothes gently ,better to prevent them from falling for slide off and gathering any creases.

But as it is wood material ,it is easy to get worth and not so durable.

And the thirdly hangers is plastic hangers .These kinds of hangers are widely used retail shop and shopping center .It is because these hangers are not very cheap ,but also perfect to keep your clothes from creases. Moreover ,these hangers can be laser engraved or silkprinted company logos.

Personzlied acrylic paperweight plaque make a great gifts

When it come to paperweight ,some person may don’t know what it is or just guess it from the word name . Actually paperweight is one whole blocks, also a kind of award plaque ,it is usually finished by injection mould. There are acrylic paperweight and crystal paperweight.

 For acrylic paperweight ,usually we can put coin, paper, collectibles ,toys or company product model in the acrylic blocks.

The following are the acrylic paperweight that we customize:

 car paperweights IMG_9722paper

 For the acrylic car paperweight ,the car is actually a real toy car ,it is injection mould into the acrylic block. On this personalized paperweight ,we can drill pen hole ,which can hold pen ,so this fashionable acrylic paperweight is very perfect for office deco ,they are ideal to be positioned on counter top or tabletop.


And the second one is acrylic cylinder paperweight ,which is customized for a cylinder company . These personalized acrylic paperweight is very great to promote company products ,and also a perfect promotion gifts for customers as a memorial.

 And the third one is acrylic coin paperweight ,this one is common . This paperweight actually consist of two piece of acrylic block ,we place one piece of coin or paperweight between these two piece of block ,and then press them together in high temperature and high pressure..

Besides these nice paperweight ,we also can place bottle ,global ball ,flower,specimen and other items into the acrylic block. If you have interest ,you are welcome contact us at

For all of these acrylic paperweight ,we can laser engrave or screen print your business logo or text on the surface . So these personalized acrylic paperweight would make a great gifts ,widely used in promotion activity, cerebration events ,parties etc.

What is the difference between acrylic awards and crystal trophies?

 Awards & trophies are very popular in our daily life.

In sports ,the organizer would present the awards or trophies to the winners .

In company or school competition ,the champion would receive the gold awards and to express our appreciation ,we may present the awards with our regards or words on the plaque to the receiver as special gifts .

And in many other occasion ,awards and trophies are very common gifts or recognition .

 As to the material ,there are acrylic trophies ,crystal awards ,wood plaque ,metal plaque ,glass awards etc .

Basically, crystal awards trophies are the most common awards that we can see in many occasion due to its special features .

Such as ,it feature high transparency ,that stands of pure ,upscale awards for the competitor.

Also crystal awards are heavy on the weight ,so when you take it ,you can feel its value..

And also ,for special purpose ,some one need to laser engrave figure ,text or flower into the crystal awards ,which would present a 3D sense ,very nice.

Of course ,we also can engrave logo or business regard on the surface of these crystal awards .


Compared to crystal awards ,acrylic awards plaque are not so popular ,but as its unique feature ,the acrylic award plaque are also becoming more and more popular ,it can be combined with other material ,such as wood ,metal ,marble,pottery etc By combining with these material ,plus exquisite craftwork ,the newly design acrylic trophies would look much more elegant and nice .

Seeing from the appearance acrylic awards look very similar to crystal awards, both of them are transparent , sometimes the acrylic awards may look like crystal awards ,if you don’t hold It on hands ,you may take acrylic awards as crystal awards ,but obviously ,acrylic awards are much lighter than crystal awards .That is why crystal awards are more popular than acrylic awards .

Of course ,real K 9 crystal awards are expensive than acrylic awards on the material and production.

Modern acrylic furniture are great to upgrade your home& office

When we talk furniture ,there are many kinds of material furniture ,like wood ,glass ,bamboo, metal ,iron ,leather, cloth furniture etc ,most of these are very common ,especially wood furniture should be the most common that we can see .But when it come to acrylic furniture ,how many do you see ? They are not so common as other common material furniture.

Usually these acrylic furniture are crafted by premium acrylic blocks ,highly polished edge, usually the thickness can be 10mm,15,25,40,50mm,70 or even 100mm ,very thick .

The acrylic block feature the same high transparency as glass and crystal material

But compared to hot-bent glass furniture ,these durable acrylic furniture are more lightweight and durable for the same thick material.

Basically ,glass furniture are easy to be damaged or fragile ,both on transportation and usage. And once the glass furniture are damaged ,the damaged part would be very dangerous ,easy to get hurt ,especially for children. But acrylic or plexiglass furniture ,as the material is a kind of plastic ,it is durable and unbreakable,so basically ,they are used more safely.

On the other hand ,from the appearance ,the acrylic furniture are much more exquisite and luxurious glass furniture .


Just think, with these unique and awesome acrylic furniture placed on your home ,office or event occasion and any other professional or official places, these elegant acrylic furniture finished by fanatic design and craftwork are surely highlight the places or occasion.


In addition ,when glass furniture are scratch ,the mark would be very obvious,which may greatly effect the beauty on appearance . While for acrylic furniture ,we just use a soft gauze to polish it ,it would look exactually nice as new one.

Although acrylic or lucite furniture are so luxurious and durable ,they are not common in our daily life.

There are two main reason as follows:


One is the acrylic furniture are made of very thick cast acrylic block ,which feature high transparency ,so the material is a little costly .

The second reason is that ,these acrylic furniture require very high technique ,also it is nearly crafted by handmade ,manual polishing, which need much time and thus lead to high labor cost.

But once you have these very modern and fashionable acrylic furniture ,they surely upgrade your life and your rooms with its elegance and design.

We have been acrylic fabrication for many year and also custom design and made acrylic furniture for 3 years . Currently we have custom made acrylic dinning table ,acrylic coffee table ,acrylic end table, acrylic chair , acrylic pedestals etc. They are exported in Italy ,France, Danmark ,England ,USA and other places.

If you have own design or your thought ,pls fell free to contact us at or visit our site for more modern acrylic furniture.

Why so many business are using led light panel?

Led light box is not a real box which is lighted by led source ,it is actually one illuminated acrylic poster frame which is backlit by LED strips embedded into 1, 2 or 4 sides of the panel,.
As its development, these led light boxes are now widely taken as one of the most effective advertising tool. By using its eye-catching illumination and colorful light, the led light box are very perfect to catch customer’s eyes ,which are non-illuminated poster frame can do.

Light boxes illuminate your graphic image in a modern and attractive way and bring your graphics to life ,creating eye catching displays.

Usually ,there are three several kinds of led light boxes,like ultra slim crystal light box, magnetic absorb light box and aluminium clip light box. The crystal light box are just made of crystal clear acrylic panel,which are sandwiched by advertisement screw and the magnetic absorb led light box consist of acrylic panel and aluminium frame, which is used to protect the inner acrylic panel. And the acrylic face panel should be opened by sucker . While aluminium clip light box is mainly consist of aluminium clip frame ,which is opened from four sides. There are also some light boxes designed especially for outdoor purposes so they are more weather and water proof and usually have a lock on their front end to secure the images inside. One can see such light boxes easily in any retail shop or in a movie theatre.

These is one research for the light box ,it shows the illuminated light box are far more attractive than ordinary poster the advertisement of new products ,services.

LED Light boxes are widely used in many business industries, espercially in airports, train stations, nightclubs, hospital,cafes, bars, restaurants, and exhibitions hall etc ,in these areas,light box are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool.

We have been specializing in led light box for many years ,currently our led light box ,include ultra slim crystal led light box ,cable hanging system ,magnetic front led light pocket ,magnetic absorb lightbox with aluminium frames ,aluminium clip led light pockets etc ,All of these light boxes can be customized in any size ,also double sided or single sided are available .

Revolving sign holder are great to showcase your multi promotions?

Rotating sign holder as one special sign display stand, it is very popular multi faces displays.
This multi face sign display are usually sit on a turntable with ball bearings. Thus the rotating sign display can revolve in 360 degree ,and very convenient for customer to view the displayed content in any direction .

Your signs or menu are loaded from the top, and also very easy to change from the top in seconds.

In retail store , supermarket, restaurant,hotel, case ,bar, these multi-sided sign holder display your special offs, and provide a cost effective and practical way to showcase multiple promotions at the same, It is a great way to give customers information at a buffet..
Basically ,these rotating sign holder  can include two-sided ,three sided, four sided, six-side and even eight-side displays . As its name , these rotating countertop display can showcase 2,3,4,6 and 8 side sign or graphics at one time.

The open-top design sign holder enables you to change sign or menus in seconds.. Each revolving sign stand features a “Y” shape design offers a clear view of the signage from any direction. This acrylic counter sign is an effective means of promoting products or services within any retail store, restaurant or other public area.

We have been specializing in sign holder for many years, can offer many kinds of sign display ,including this rotating sign display, L style sign holder, T shape table tents . All of them can highlight your products or services greatly and easily make customers quickly aware of your current business services.

Why do you need a acrylic tray?

Acrylic tray is a shallow storage found in homes, stores, and restaurants. These trays are crafted from a single-piece of acrylic panel , which allow users to enjoy a clear and see-through ,like glass tray, ,but actually much more durable and also lighter than glass tray. Due to this feature ,acrylic tray can be securely used in house ,which have some children ,not in the risk of hurt any child or be damaged by child when they place it.

 This sleek, crystal-clear acrylic tray can used in many places ,they can be used in home and restaurants as serving trays

At home, the acrylic tray may be used to hold fruit,candy,dim sum, jewelry, cosmetics, or other small items.

For example, when you have guests who visit your home ,place your nourishing fruit in the acrylic tray would be very generous and make your guest fell conformation . On the other hand, with these multi-functional acrylic tray to storage small items, like your children’ toy ,That make your small items can be organized well ,not letting them be placed here and there ,great make your job in the home much less and easier.

In restaurant ,cafe ,bar and tea house ,these fashionable and elegant acrylic serving tray can be used to hold drinks and cocktails, beer , beverage. coffee and tea etc, As these acrylic serving tray are not breakage, so you don’t worry guest would break it ,in case of embarrassment or unhappiness.

These trays often come in varying sizes that can be stacked inside of one another to create unique configurations. Larger units may be used to hold rolled-up hand .

And also ,in some other occasion ,like meeting, part ,wedding and celebration ,these modern acrylic serving tray would be a great helper ,with two handler ,they can serve fruit ,beers ,candy etc.

Our acrylic tray can be manufactured in many size and different design ,with or no handle, also custom logo or text can be printed or laser engraved on the acrylic tray., which would be not only a great way of promotion for companies or business ,also provide a personalized gifts for your friends ,guest ,and customers .

Why brochure holders displays are so important for your business?

Brochure display stands also called as literature holders, magazine rack ,they are used to display and organize catalogs, flyers and literatures in a professionally way

These acrylic brochure holder are made of durable and lightweight acrylic material ,which make the brochure pockets stand can be used for a long time ,but also easy to carry about to any location if needed.

Brochure holders are the cheapest and effective merchandising displays, they provide a easy access to marketing and promotional information for many business,

 According to different needs, we have different pockets for these durable acrylic brochure holders ,from single pockets to multi pockets, they are available in DL,A6,A5 and A4 or any other size ,we can custom made them for you.

 Usually ,the brochure holders display include floor standing stands ,counter top brochure stand and wall mounted brochure holders rack.

Basically ,floor standing brochure holders are perfect for placement in offices ,waiting room or trade shows, which would be convenient for customers take the magazine or newspaper when they are waiting .and know more about your companies.

And counter top brochure stands are placed on reception ,tabletop or countertop. They keep your papers organized nearly, and provide a neat and professional way to showcase your company’s catalog.

While wall mounted brochure stands ,as its name, they are attached on the wall ,which not only save space for your countertop, but also convenient for passerby to take the leaflet, brochure as their like, so these wall mounted brochure stands are sometimes used in public or busy areas ,which may be used to dispenser marketing materials

 These affordable brochure holder displays are great to showcase the magazine, literature, they distribute brochures, leaflet ,newspaper for customers professionally ,widely used in libraries, banks, exhibition hall ,tradeshows, conventions, offices, shopping mall ,retail shops and hotel etc

Why brochure holders are essential to you?

Then counter top brochure holder, also called as countertop magazine rack or literature displays, would be the best helper for you.

According to the material ,there are acrylic brochure stand ,wood brochure displays, metal brochure holders and cardboard brochure stand, but the most popular one should be acrylic brochure holder.

There are many reasons that make acrylic brochure holders so popular.

 Firstly: Acrylic brochure holder is made of durable and eco-friendly acrylic material ,which allow you to use them for many years, no dust ,no damaged by worms. It is also very easy to maintain ,you just clean it with soft cloths ,then it would look nearly the same as new products.

Secondly: The acrylic brochure holder is lightweight ,which allow it can be carried about you to any location. Unlike wood brochure holder or metal brochure holders ,so heavy and also cost very high transportation cost.

Thirdly: as you know ,the acrylic brochure stands is acrylic plexiglass ,which is very similar to glass ,but much more durable and stronger than glass , It is see-through and clear ,which can make the displayed contents very easily be passerby, and thus greatly convenient for people to take it as their likes.

The last reason should be a important one for many of companies ,which don’t have a large mount budge on the displays ,the acrylic brochure holder are very economical but very effective way to market your business and services .

These affordable acrylic brochure holder displays are the cheapest and easiest way to display your promotional literature ,they can be placed on counter top ,floor standing or wall mounted.

Depend on your specific needs ,there are also different pockets for these brochure holders ,from one pockets to multi pockets and ranging from DL to A4 size or any other size ,we can custom made for you.