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Why aluminium acrylic cosmetic cases are so popular?

Every women have her own set of make-ups and cosmetic ,but not everyone have a fashionable cosmetic case or beauty boxes . There are many kinds of beauty boxes made of leather ,carton ,plastic boxes ,but it should be acrylic cosmetic case are the most popular ones that most of ladies like .

The cosmetic case keep your makeup , cosmetics and accessories in a neat way. Anytime ,you need to use these cosmetic ,you can find them easily . And some times ,you may go out for travelling or meet some important clients, then you may need to take this exquisite cosmetic case along yourself .

Since the acrylic is plexiglass ,it is actually one kind of plastic ,very lightweight and also durable, so these fashionable acrylic cosmetic case would be a great helper on your travel .

But sometimes ,the acrylic cosmetic case maybe easy to be scratch , nobbed ,or even collided ,if so the acrylic cosmetic case maybe damaged . So in order to protect the acrylic cosmetic case well ,we use aluminium sheet to wrapped the acrylic cosmetic case.

box105     box110

As you can aluminium & acrylic cosmetic cases ,the 6 faces of panel is made of 2mm or 3 mm durable acrylic material ,while the edge and corner are all protected by aluminium sheet well .

As we know ,aluminium is also very lightweight ,so when it is added onto the acrylic box ,there wouldn’t much change on the weight. And also aluminium is very durable,ideal to can stand the bumps and scrapes,and thus can be used for a long time ,no rusting. What’s more ,aluminium is an attractive metal, it can be polished to a great looking sheen..

So with the aluminium added onto the acrylic cosmetic case ,it not only protect the case well ,but also they add elegance and fashion on your cosmetic cases.

Why signage suspension system are so popular in business ?

The suspended signs displays, also known as hanging poster frames, it is the latest way to showcase your sign or poster in a illuminated way.

You can hang them from the ceiling or window ,set them on the door, or put them on the wall ,no matter in day time or night time ,these illuminated sign frames would light up your graphics in a attractive way ,and ideal to advertise for your business .

 The LED illuminated signs and signage suspension system usually include hanging wires rope or suspension cables, hook fittings, acrylic panels and other ceiling fittings. The wire rope hang your hanging light fixture floating in the air ,it can be adjusted in different height for better view. And the acrylic panels are usually precision laser cut for high quality . With the crystal clear feature ,once the graphics are illuminated by LED stripe ,the crystal light box would showcase your signage .in a stunning way. Advertising with these modern cable signage systems bring a sleek presentation for any business

As per the hanging style ,the cable displays system can be separated in wall mounted light pockets ,tabletop or counter free standing light boxes and ceiling hanging or window hanging cable displays.

When the led light boxes are wall mounted on the wall , These modern wall mounted light box displays are usually supplied with wall mounts. These mount hanging light boxes create stylish gallery presentations for poster and graphic, they are usually found in retail shops, trade shows, lobbies etc ,they save much floor space .

And when these light display systems are hanging from ceiling or windows, they hold your graphics and signage in the air ,look like floating ,very easily to be viewed by passerby. These ceiling hanging systems are usually used in real estate agent ,travel agency ,commercial ,shopping mall, offices ,airport and metro etc. By this hanging system ,these wire displays not only illuminate your promotion information in a stunning way ,but also they are very nice decorative . So ,basically these cable hanging systems are the most popular hanging style ,many companies and commercial business like this fixture hanging systems.

Also we can see counter top or tabletop crystal light box . But usually these placement style light box are found in cafe, bar ,tea store and other small retail shop prefer these free standing light boxes ,they are usually used to display A5 or A4 size graphics ,pricelist and special offers or discount, so that attract customers’ eyes.

No matter which style light boxes you need ,including the standard size ,like A5,A4,A3,A2 and A1 or other size ,we can customized any size light pockets as per your needs .

You can buy the whole set of light box ,also we can supplier these hanging fittings or bracelet hardware . And if you need lighting printing film ,we also can custom print them for you ,but you need to provide us large size or CDR format file for good quality presentation of pictures.

Why these see-through acrylic brochure holders are so popular ?

Acrylic brochure holder stands are very popular in many business . For example ,

In travel agency, they use these brochure holder to showcase the latest pricelist or travel destinations. In banks or law office ,these brochure holder stand proudly present financing and accounting information for customers;;In hotel ,these brochure stand display the local tourist attraction and hotel offers etc.

 MH-BH002 plastic brochure holder

Nearly every industry ,we can see brochure holder stand hear and there .

So what makes acrylic brochure holders worthwhile purchases for business?

As we can see ,these acrylic brochure holders are crafted by clear acrylic material ,which is one kind of plexiglass ,also a kind of plastic .

 These acrylic brochure holders, also called as leaflet displays or literature stands,they help businesses organize brochure ,leaflet and flyers in a tidy ,which professionally showcase the printed material .

 Due to its transparency feature ,when these acrylic brochure holder are showcasing the leaflet ,brochure and flyer ,people can easily see the displayed content and material ,which greatly draw customers and passer-by’ attention.

 These acrylic brochure holder display are available in counter top style ,floor standing and wall mounted style . They also come with single pockets and multi pockets . Depends on your needs ,these brochure holder display can be either used indoor or outer door.


Compared with other material brochure holder ,these acrylic brochure holder are more durable ,inexpensive ,but effective ,they are lightweight ,easy to carry and transported.

So tradeshow,retai shop ,supermarket ,financing bank ,travel agency ,real estate ,hotel ,restaurant etc ,these brochure holder displays are widely used .

 We are acrylic & plastic suppliers specializing in acrylic fabrication ,we offer a variety of POP displays ,like these brochure holder displays ,sign holder ,business card holder etc.

All of these POP display products are directly manufactured by our factory.

We offer ODM ,so if you have own design ,our design and product team would be very happy to assist your any project well.

Are you looking for effect acrylic pos displays to showcase sunglass or eyeglass?


Are you looking for a effective way to showcase your sunglass or eyewear?

 Acrylic sunglass displays would be the best way to showcase your sunglass displays, they can display several pairs of sunglass in the same time.

Basically ,there are counter top sunglass displays ,floor standing sunglass displays,wall mounted eyeglass racks, rotating store fixtures and acrylic sunglass cases. These fashionable sunglass displays rack showcase your eyeglass in a eye-catching way ,they are very easy to catch customer’s attention.

 With mirrors featured on these stylish acrylic sugnlass displays it is more convenient and easy for customers to view themselves in the mirror and see how they look with your nice eyeglass ,they would greatly increase your sales amouts.

 The most of sunglass display that we used are counter top sunglass rack .


Like this picture ,this nosepiece sunglass display ,it has 3 tiers ,4 tiers ,5 tiers and 6 tiers , and can display 3,4,5 and 6 pairs of sunglass at the same time. Such elegant counter sunglass display make a quick POS displays for your eyeglass ,it allow customer have a quick option view for all of your displaying sunglasses.

 Streamline in design and with a elegant appearance ,this nosepiece sunglass display are ideal to be positioned on counter top or table top ,which would save much display space ,but greatly showcase your sunglass in the best way.

 The elegant design nosepiece counter sunglass displays are crafted by high quality clear acrylic material (actually we also offer other color acrylic ,like silver ,black ,red, blue etc ),they make a very effective POS displays for your sunglass ,and also efficient for limit display space. So these novel counter top acrylic sunglass displays are widely used in any retail stores, department stores, optometrist’s office eyewear merchandisers ,boutiques or gift shops

We are a direct acrylic fabrication and offer a wide range of acrylic eyeglass or sunglass displays, which are perfect for spectacles and sunglasses.

Stylish acrylic heart frames make a great personalized gifts

Each time ,when it approaching Christmas day and Valentine’s Day,many people are search photo & picture frames for promotion gifts, Christmas gifts or personalized gifts for lovers, friends, guest etc.

Acrylic photo frames as one of these photo frames, which are very modern and affordable ,they are very popular as favourite photo block frames..

As the style ,there are a variety of acrylic frames ,such as, rectangle acrylic photo frames with magnetic , heart acrylic frame, apple shape acrylic frames ,screw photo frames with an easel backing, L style acrylic picture prints , A shape plexiglass photo framing etc.

Hear shape stands for LOVE So heart acrylic frames are great for Valentine’s Day .

With your personalized photo into the acrylic heart frame ,it not only convey your love felling to your lover ,but also it make a great memorial with your photos .


 heart perspex frames

As we can see this heart acrylic photo frames, it is feature heart shape and come with magnetic bolt to sandwich your photos between two piece of 15mm thick acrylic block. This personalized acrylic heart frames are perfect for displaying magnet pictures of your family and friends within your home.

With your favourite photos in the center of this heart acrylic frames , With these stylish acrylic heart frames on your counter,desktop ,book shelf ,fridge, your guest and friends’ attention would be drawn to the center of frames ,but not the acrylic frame itself.

Since these heart acrylic sandwich frames come with magnetic ,so it allow you to change the photo in one second ,just slide the frames part ,and place your new photos into it. Your photos would be held together tightly in the modern acrylic frames.

Similar to this heart acrylic frames ,there is another apple shape acrylic frames ,which is engrave into apple shape . Apple is always standing for LOVE ,so it make the same effect as heart acrylic frames ,also very great for all kinds of special occasion ,in wedding ,parties and other annual events etc.

acrylic apple frames       apple acrylic frames

These two cute apple acrylic frames are also made of two piece of 15mm thick acrylic block . One is very like Jobs’ Apple phone ,it has a cut-off on one side ,and the other is a entire apple shape .Both apple acrylic frames hold your photos between two piece of acrylic panel ,stands for pure apple .

These two personalized acrylic photo frames are available in 3.5” ,4” and 5” . If you have own size ,we are happy to customize these personalized acrylic frames for you.

Modern led phone holder great to illuminate your phone

Your cellphone or mobile need to be showcase in a effective way ,so that attract more customers to buy the phone or other degital devices . So how to display your phones would be very important for your promotion sales.

These acrylic cell phone displays offer retailers a chance to showcase the newest iPhone,Sunsang and Android phones on countertops. Basically,there smark cellphone feature a open design with eay approach,so that customers are easy to access the sold phone,which undoubtedly incase the felling of touch ,and motivate customer to buy the phones.

For most of mobile phone displays,they not just display  mobile or cellphone ,but also are suitable Ipods, MP3 players, cameras and other small items.

Here we would like to recommend our newly design led phone holder ,which is great to highlight your phone and other device .

 acrylic phone display

As we can see this stylish led phone display stands ,it come with a apple shape display,which hold your all kinds of phone . As this novel led phone holder are installed with led stripes ,while the acrylic display panel is made of LGP ,so once the led phone standds are connected with powersupple ,your phone would be illuminated by led ,very nice and eye-cathching. While the base is acually a case ,which is installed PCB and the front panel has a screen ,which can display your promotion informaiton ,such as brands of phone ,price,item and your company name etc. Your custom information can be input from a USB inteface through computer. You can set the text content,display frequency etc.

 We are a direct acrylic fabrication ,all of our acrylic products are crafted by high quality acrylic panel ,with excellent craftwork ,your any design would be finished in our factory.

We can customized you many kinds of acrylic displays ,including acrylic phone display stand ,acrylic ipad display ,led display panel ,acrylic jewelry display etc.

If you have own design or thought ,pls just fell free to contact us at ,our experienced team would be very glad to assist your any projects.

How to double your business sales with a effective promotion gifts?

There are several moths away from Christmas ,but there are many companies are preparing for the Christmas gifts. There are many kinds of Christmas gifts for selection ,like acrylic  photo frames , keychain ,pen holder ,business card holder, desktop calendar holder ,crystal apple etc.

And here we would like to recommend a very fashionable led crystal keychain ,which is illuminated by led ,it is very nice and attractive.

Seeing from the picture ,as you know see ,this led crystal keychain consist of crystal block ,whose size is usually 30x25x15mm and metal keyrings and led panel ,battery.

Usually ,we can 3D laser engrave different text ,logo and figure into the crystal block ,which present a nice 3D three-dimension effect. And also we can sandwich text or figure on the surface of crystal block .

The light that give out by led would illuminate the text ,figure, which make this crystal led keychain very eye-catching and fashionable. Basically ,the color for these led light can be adjusted and also can be selected in green ,blue ,red, yellow ,the light can be changing continually. The shape of crystal are available in rectangle ,heart ,octagon etc

heart crystal keychain with led

Although these led crystal keychain are so modern and fashionable ,It is actually very affordable(just about USD1). Also these nice keychain are almost liked by its cost is very every walk of life ,like teacher, student,parents ,teenager ,lovers ,colleague ,clients etc.

Due to this special feature ,the personalized led crystal keychain are ideal for Christmas gifts ,wedding gifts ,birthday gifts ,Annual celebration gifts and also many company use these cute crystal keychain as company promotion gifts for customers .

Send us your own logo or design figure ,we would make your dream into reality and these personalized led crystal keychain would save a large amount of money for your promotion budge,but at the same time ,they surely increase your business sales as doubles!

Why wall acrylic poster frames are so populr in retail shop?

 Why do so many companies and business are using acrylic poster frames to showcase information, notice and signage?

That is because acrylic poster frames can make this job of displaying very easy ,it is easy to load new graphics ,signage ,and also very easy to replace the poster in seconds.

These modern wall mounted acrylic poster frames offer economical solution to displays your posters ,drawing s ,graphics ,artwork ,and your family photos ,they allow for frequent and fast changing .

 The wall acrylic poster frames are basically made of a 3mm clear acrylic panel in the front and then a 5mm back panel ,these two piece of acrylic panel are held together by for mounting hardware, which don’t need any tool to install on walls.

In order to make this wall mounted acrylic poster frames are used more convenient ,we also prepare the hanging hardware ,which not only make this poster frames wall mounted on the wall ,but also can be hanging on the wall ,door . And any time when you want to change the poster, just put down it.




For small size acrylic frames ,the acrylic poster frames are available for counter top ,which is placed either on vertically or horizontally .

All of our acrylic poster frames are made of high quality cast acrylic panel ,with high edge polished ,these modern acrylic poster frames are great to your promotion and family usage .

Except the clear frames ,we also can provide another design ,with clear acrylic frames in the front and the color panel ,like black or grey panel on the back. Also ,these acrylic frames can have a sleek black border to accent the displayed information.

These acrylic frames are suitable for use in restaurants, retail stores and even in the home, they are great for fast paced environments that constantly update promotional content

Modern acrylic business card holder great to dispenser your buisness cards

Business card holder is very popular in office ,counter and reception spaces. They properly dispenser your business cards to customers and passer-by, they not only organize your business cards in a neat way ,but also display and present your business card in a professionally.

With your business cards placed in these business card holder ,your potential customers can take your cards themselves when you are not there .

There are many kinds of business card holder . As material, there are acrylic business card holder ,metal business card holder ,leather business card holder and wood business card holder. In all of these business card holder, acrylic business card holder is the most popular card dispenser ,it feature crystal-clear, long-lasting and heavy-cast, offer a modern way to dispenser your cards.

Unlike metal business card holder acrylic business card holder is a kinds of plastic card displays ,it is durable and not easy to get dust ,also it is inexpensive and can be crafted as many different nice design .

And also acrylic business card holder is lighter than wood business card holder or bamboo business card holder. It also feature glass-like look ,which present a crystal impression in front of customer, thus proudly present your cards .

And compared with crystal business card holder or glass card dispenser ,acrylic place card holder is much more durable ,it is not easy to damage ,also easy to move around . You don’t worry child would be hut by these transparent acrylic card holders.
With highly polished edge ,these sleek acrylic business card holder offer you the same crystal appearance.

 Usually ,these counter top business card holder can hold about 50-70 units of cards

For multi packets of business card holder ,you can divide your business card in different usage in different pockets ,which organize your business card in a neat way ,great convenient for you to find the right one when you need them.

For larger acrylic business card holder ,they can also be used to showcase flyers, ads cards,leaflets or small special promotion.
By using these modern acrylic name card holders ,they are great to draw attention to special sales in store ,busy areas in a better approach in front of passer-by or customers, they are a perfect solution for self-promotions without any much difficult.
We can customize all kinds of acrylic business card holder ,including wall mounted business card holder ,counter name card holder ,they are available in single pockets ,multi pockets. busienss card holders, We can silk screen business logo or text on these sleek acrylic business cad holder .

Our modern acrylic business card holder are not only your best counter displays for business cards, flyer ,but also with your customized business logo or text on these business card holder ,they would make a great promotion gifts and personalized gifts for your friends.

The instruction of installation of cable hanging systems

Cable hanging systems should be the lightboxes that we use most. It is also called float art& galley hanging systems, great to showcase your latest information ,special promotions,it isa stylish way to advertise your business and make a perfect promotion tool.

So these wire cable hanging systems are widely used in estate agencies ,shopping mall ,travel agencies ,beauty salon ,hotel, restaurant and company offices etc.

Many people like these stunning and modern cable hanging system ,but there are some customer don’t know how to install these cable hanging system.

Here ,we simply tell you the instruction as follows:

Firstly. As each unit of light panel has one piece of yellow page ,which is mainly protect the light panel from scratching and finger or duty ,so you should tear off the yellow page.

insturctoin 001

Secondly: For each set of light box ,we have stainless steel hardware, which is used to grip the side of these frames tightly,so that the light panel wouldn’t drop off the cable line.Of course ,each set of light panel has 4 cut-off ,which need to be installed 4 units of hardware ., install these two wire cable onto the ceiling and leave them down

Secondly: There are 8units of small bolt for each set of light box.. You can firstly use the “L ”shape metal tool to screw these 4 bolts into the stainless steel hardware. The small bolts are not only used to fasten the hardware but also it place the role of conduction between the light panel and the cable hanging line.

Thirdly: after you install the light panel well ,then lift it up between these two cable hanging line , put the cable hanging line into the hardware ,then the cable hanging line would be grasped by the light panel, so now the light panel can float in the air ,but it is not safe and stable.

insturctoin 002

Fourthly: since the light panel is just grasp by the wire hanging in the air ,but it is not stable .,dangerous . So we would also screw another 4 unit of bolts into the hardware ,then lock the hardware and wire hanging tightly. After this ,the light box are hanging between the wire hanging stably . Then like this ,one by one.

Lastly: Connect the adapt . Usually ,each set of cable hanging system would have one unit of adapt. Turn on the light ,then the whole light panel would be illuminated .

If you want to change the graphics ,for normal cable hanging system ,it is standoff style ,so you need to put down each light panel and unscrew the bolt . It may be troublesome and time-consumption . And also we have magnetic panel style . You don’t need to put down the light panel. Since the front panel is sandwiched by magnetic bolt onto the LGP ,so you just slide out the front panel ,then replace the poster ,graphics ,it just take seconds ,very easily and convenient .

 Usually, the wire hanging line can stand up to 100kgs ,but in consideration of safety and stability ,it would be advisable for us to hang 3 units ,4 units for each column ,of course 5 units are ok, but it is too heavy ,the circuit is not stable.