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Waterproof & lockable led light box is great for your outter signage displays

Led Light boxes are the most cost efficient marketing and advertising tool a business ,which want to promote their products effectively .

With your posters ,graphics in these stunning led light pockets which would light up your posters as brightly as possible with infinitely even light distribution and thus attract passer-by and customer’s eyes at first glance.

Usually ,what we see are mainly crystal light box ,cable hanging system ,or come of them are aluminium clip light pockets., these ordinary led light boxes are mainly used indoor . But when you want to display your poster outdoor or public locations ,you need to consider the weather and environment. You should assure these led light box can be waterproof or weatherproof ,not so easy to be damaged by sunlight in long time. And also since these led light box are used outdoor ,you also need to consider the safety ,as there maybe some theft or tiresome people would damage your graphics on the purpose..

That is why waterproof & lockable led light pockets come .to use .

lockable light boxes

Just image the name from this light box ,it feature lockable with keys and it is also weatherproof against rain and direct weather. These duable lockable led light pockets ,also called as poster signs and lockable snap frames,they  can be used as locking poster frames. The lockable light boxes come with a key, which would ensures that poster is not accessed by some o unrelated people. These waterproof & lockable light pocket are great for public areas ,because they feature weather proof and provide security. The lockable light boxes come with fixings ,your posters are protected by a sheet of anti-glare PVC . They feature a unique foam waterproof seal, and are available made to order in different coloured finishes. With the right key, you can open it easily and change the artwork or poster in minuter.
These aluminium lockable sign displays are very few secure poster holders on the market specifically for large format advertising,they allow you to advertise your products and services anywhere, in any weather environment. They are great to display your signage and ads outdoors ,they are ideal for hotel ,restaurants, schools, exhibition, theatres,,trave agency ,retail store and supermarket etc.

These very practical lockable & weather proof light box are available in single side and double sided.
We can offer supply many kinds of led light box ,except this waterproof led light pockets, we also have crystal led light box,cable hanging system ,wall mounted led light pockets and other aluminium clip light boxes.
All of these led light boxes can be custom made in any size ,our standard size A4,A3,A2,A1 and A0 are for your choice.

Rotating brochure holder mak a attractive way for brochure and leaflets

Maybe you see many rotating sign holder over here and there ,but have you seen revolving brochure literature holders or do you see rotating brochure rack very easily ?

Most of time ,the brochure holder that we see is counter or table top brochure displays, floor standing literature displays , or wall mounted brochure holders ,they may have single pockets or multi pockets displays ,but rotating brochure stands are very few.

rotating acrylic brochure holders

Compared to ordinary counter brochure stand and wall mounted literature stand ,rotating sign holder have the following advantage:
Firstly : Since the base is revolving style ,the rotating brochure holder usually have multi pockets ,maybe 3 sided ,4 sided and 6 sided ,so it can display more literature,catalogue ,leaflet in 360 degree ,which allow customer to rotate the brochure stands and select the most suitable content that they need.
Secondly : The rotating brochure holder can save much space .for your limited space, but increase exposure for your displayed brochure and leaflet. For your small retail store or shop, you have many advertising paper or catalogue to be showcased ,you can consider this revolving brochure display.
Thirdly: Since the rotating brochure holders are multi pockets usually , so your different kinds of catalogue can be separated in different pockets, which is great to organize your documents and also convenient for customer to find the content that they need most.
Currently ,we have several size for this rotating brochure holder ,like DHL,A6,A5 and A4 size, they are respectively used to display your different sized paper and catalogue
With these rotating brochure display stand to be placed on your counter and table ,they would be a great way to distribute your ads information ,especially when there are several brochure and catalogue need to be display together ,then this rotating brochure holders would make an excellent display for your products

 Our desktop rotating brochure holder provides an ideal solution for your marketing project .they are great for retail stores, trade show .exhibition ,travel agency ,office etc.

Heavy-duty floor stanidng sign holder are great to advertis your ads and signs

Are you looking for a display stand to get your advertisement or sign noticed easily?

There are so many POP display stands for your retail store ,like wall mounted sign displays ,counter sign holders and hanging lighting displays system ,but floor standing metal ign holder would be the best choice ,they are one of the most effective tools to marketing your merchandise and inviting customers into your store,and provide an excellent way to advertise and promote throughout commercial environments

 The floor standing sign holder ,also called as Floor poster stands,,they are usually is made of metal material ,like aluminium ,stainless stell ,iron.

Actually ,as these durable poster displays stands feature a “quick-load”, so you can change messages or ads easily.

With these heavy-duty floor standing sign holder display your ads or signs they These attractive floor stands poster displays offer a protective fixture to showcase your signs and posters and keep your message upright and visible, even in a crowd.

floor post er holder

These portable floor stand metal sign holder can be placed on any place, they don’t take too much space or room, they are perfect for any retail store , shopping malls, showrooms, trade shows,lobbies, exhibition ,restaurants, hotels, banks, hospital lobbies etc.

You don’t need you to prepare a counter space to display your ads. You also don’t need to look for wall space for your graphics ,pictures and poster to be displayed. Just anywhere ,these floor standing sign display stand would satisfy your needs and keep your signage visible easily . Your customers or passerby would be attracted onto these eye-catch sign displays system.

Due to the metal feature, so these modern floor standing sign display are not just used indoor ,but also they are widely used outdoors .

We are a comprehensive supplier of floor standing signs.

There are many kinds of free standing sign holder, some are completely made of metal material ,some consist of metal and acrylic material . Some just have single pole ,and some have double pole; some are side loading style ,some are top loading style.

And some can be adjustable ,which make the display height can be adjusted in any position ,for better view.

Depend on your special needs ,we would custom made your personalized floor standing sign frames for you.

Desktop multi pocets business card holder are great market tool for your business

 Business card holder display is very popular in our daily work place ,ithelp to present and distribute your contact information to visitors and passerby ,great way to display your business contact infomation at conventions, waiting toom,,reception counter, trade show booths, point of purchase counters etc.

 Just image ,without a business card holder ,your business card are spread here and there ,or when you want to present your card to customer ,you would look for everywhere, so a suitable business card holder is a great helper to organize your cards neatly .

There are many card holder dispenser ,but usually the most we can see is acrylic business card holder. For acrylic business card holder ,there are wall mounting business card holder ,counter or desktop business card holder,they are also separated in single pockets and multi pockets business card holders.

While acrylic business card holders with multiple pockets may be some of the most common desk accessories These acrylic place card cases dispensers, are perfect for displaying small amounts of company information and organize your various sales representatives contact information or departments

multi pockets busienss card holders      multi pockets business card displays

And these multi Pocket Business card holders are usually available from 3 to 24 pockets in revolving, countertop and wall mounted styles, they are ideal to show case cards ,flyers ,catalogs, postcards etc and great to be placed

 With these inexpensive multi pockets acrylic placed on your desktop ,counter and reception counter ,they present your cards neatly and present them for customer to take it conveniently ,they are additional advertising for your business and the services that you provide. The multi pockets business card holders surely a great way to increase awareness about your business because their organizational ability ,which makes everything placed inside easy to see.

Except these business cards, the deluxe acrylic acrylic place card holders also great to display other kinds of cards, like credit card, store cards are also organized in these business card holder ,which is placed near the register or checkout stand to increase clientele and expand the customer base.

 We can offer a variety of business card holder ,including the multi pocket business card holder, single pockets business card displays ,wall mounted business card dispenser , These business card holder displays are ideal for retail store,office ,trave agents, real estate office, doctors’ waiting room etc. These deluxe business card holders are ideal for design and branding companies to present their fulfilled orders professionally. We can laser engraved or screen print your business logo with and adhesive imprint to promote your brand and encourage reorders.

Plastic POP clips provide a effective for your displays

Are you looking for an effective but very inexpensive display to advertise your ads and signs? Some people may think acrylic sign holder ,metal sign holder etc ,but these sign holder are still a little high for some business .

Then whether there is any other display sign are most cheap?

That is POP sign clip!

POP clip ,just image its usage as the name ,it is a kind of point of sale displays ,it is made of plastic material ,some is PS, some is PC, which thus make the material is a little cheap than acrylic material.

These affordable POP clip displays ,is also called supermarket pop clip ,as they are widely used in supermarket ,retail store ,shopping mall , grocery stores etc.
  pop clip pop sign clips

This simple but very pratical pop clip has one end with rack clip that will open to fit over flat or round material, and the other end has a spring card holder that will hold cards, between which is a universal knuckle joint that allows tilting and swiveling.

The POP clips are extremely versatile plastic clips, it is can adjust in 360 degree angle, it is simple to use and offer many different display options ,the pop displays showcase signs , other sign card offered and other promotion information quickly, it is great to display

 Important sales message, pricelist ,offer promotion ,they are perfect to catch the customers’ attraction ,and convey these important message to them.

 So place hese plastic pop clip are ideal on passageway, goods shelf,gridwall, clothing racks, or other store fixtures,they would be great to attract customers’ or passerby ‘ eyes.

Elegant acrylic shoe display provide a great Pop display for your shoe

Acrylic show displays ,provide a important Point of Sale Displays for show. You see them in many shoe store or shoe department of shopping mall or supermarket.

With these elegant acrylic shoe stand displaying your shoe in store ,your shoes are kept in placement and viewed in a full angle for customers ,that would greatly increase customers’ possibility of purchasing shoes.

There are many kinds of acrylic shoe stands, like Shoe display riser, slat wall shoe slants, acrylic slatwall shelves  , acrylic multi tiers stepped display, acrylic shoe display boxes, adjustable shoe stands and bridge style acrylic shoe holders etc.

These shoe display stand is usually made of clear acrylic material ,it is constructed into different shape and feature crystal clear ,with all edge polished very smooth, so your shoe would be presented in a very professional look.

 acrylic shoe displays     acrylic shoe holders

As this picture ,this simple but very pratical acrylic shoe displays ,it is made of 3mm clear acrylic panel ,it feature highly polished edge and elegant design . The shoe display stand showcase your single shoe with straps. From any angle ,this elegant acrylic shoe holder would display your shoe to customer a 3D presentation .

 Except the simple acrylic shoe stand ,we also offer deluxe acrylic shoe display case.

acrylic shoe display case

As this picture, this modern acrylic shoe case has a black base with gold risers, clear cover, and a mirrored back. This acrylic shoe display case feature UV protection ,it can block 90% UV ray light ,and great to protect your shoe from ultraviolet yellowing. This modern acrylic shoe display boxes can be customized, and customer desgign can be made in our factory.

 We can custom made a variety of acrylic shoe display and shoe risers and shoe ,all of these acrylic shoe display can be customized in any size and style as per your needs.