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Custom acrylic paperweight plaque are perfect as personalized gifts


When it come to paper weights, there are acrylic paper weight and crystal paperweights.

Basically ,these crystal paperweight is made of one piece of crystal blocks ,it is processed into different shape and with text or image on the crystal blocks. While for acrylic paperweight, it usually have tow procedure ways.

Some acrylic paperweight is made of a whole acrylic blocks ,maybe finished by injection mold ,also maybe engraved cut.

And some acrylic paperweight may consist of two or multi pieces of acrylic blocks ,with your paper, photos among the acrylic blocks ,then hot-compressed in high temperature and high pressure ,it then would be formed into a whole acrylic block, finally the edge would be polished by handmade ,no gap and also no sharp edge ,so that the acrylic awards look nice.

Usually ,we can embed coin ,paper ,photo, picture ,graphics, signage and customers’ object ,even computer chip into the acrylic blocks, so for business companies ,they use these standing acrylic paperweight for logo displays. With the personalized paper weight on countertop ,they are great to attract passer-by .

And also ,if we embed start signature or gifts in the acrylic block ,these stylish acrylic paperweight is also idea as acrylic awards ,great to show your appreciation or recognition for employee or customers, or make a personalized gifts for your families ,friends ,students as special gifts

These elegant acrylic paperweight or lucite paper weights can be crafted into different size,shape and style.

With your logo or other information on these stylish acrylic paperweight, functional as they are ,these paperweights are great as,office or home decor promotion and Christmas gifts

 acrylic Standing Paperweights

We are professional acrylic manufacturer in acrylic paperweights, if you have design or thoughts, please just fell free to send us your drawing or call us at 86-75528192459, we would be careful to hear you and make your dream or thought into reality.

Laser engraving and Laser marking

Laser engraving is very common in commercial production . In many industries ,laser engraved are used for better view or ads effect, as processed by the laser ,your items would be provided one very nice and impressed gifts with custom message.
Some people like to take laser engraved as laser marking .Generally ,they are the same ,but there is a slight difference . Laser engraving is the surface of a material is taken away ,but for laser marking, it doesn’t have actual material interaction..
But no matter laser engraved or laser marking ,both of them is a non-contact process, they don’t need physically to touch the material,that means when the laser machinery are working ,the process is automated with no physical input from the engraver ,it doesn’t need person to stand nearby to watch it working . The laser is in an electrically interlocked cabinet which is very safe while processing . If the door of laser machinery is open ,it would not get fire and also don’t have pieces fly out. You can completely rest assured of it . Just in the beginning of process ,you input the program or file into the computer ,then it would work normally . So basically ,laser engrave is very easy to operate ,even you are a beginner ,you also can master it well.
There are many material that can be laser engraved ,such as wood ,MDF, acrylic ,crystal ,glass ,aluminium ,alloy ,stainless steel etc.
With your custom personalized text ,logo and even image ,they can be etched or laser on the surface of material ,which greatly provide  a very beautiful artwork for your person or customer .
which is very popular in acrylic industry. It is process of using a laser machinery to etch or mark the surface of a work piece. As per different needs ,text ,logo ,even image can be laser engraved on the surface of material .
Just because the laser engrave can be processed on so many different material ,laser engraved can be so popular and it also can be used for artistic work.
Usually ,it can accept Adobe Illustrator ( AI and EPS ) and Corel Draw ( CDR).
So if you want us to laser engrave your information on the products ,you need to provide us these two format.

Why acrylic awards &trophy are so popular now?

Are you looking for some awards to appreciate an employee excellent services or for some customers who provide so great support for your business?

Then our acrylic awards should be the great alternative recognition awards that you should consider.

Due to its versatility and resistance, acrylic awards can be customized into any shape in any size, which thus add a touch of variety to your special recognition program. So they say ,acrylic awards represent some of the most remarkable awards.

Also because, as there are many different colored acrylic material ,so acrylic awards can be formed into many kinds of design in different colors, which bring customer a colorful life and feeling.

These acrylic awards bring all kinds of style and they can be customized to any shape and size.

Due to its special feature ,these acrylic awards become the most popular awards ,it is look crystal ,elegant and affordable. Compared to crystal awards ,acrylic awards are more lightweight, are also much more easy to process, which make these stylish acrylic awards greatly impress people and recognize their achievements. So in many event ,these acrylic awards are used ,to replace these crystal awards .

Corporate Acrylic plaque

 Our acrylic awards & trophies are crafted by high quality extruded acrylic, they can be laser engraved or sand blasted custom logo ,teams, date and artwork.
In addition to these simple acrylic design ,these acrylic awards also can be combined with other material ,like metal ,wood ,crystal, which make these awards & trophies more rich and beautifully .

To satisfy customers’s requirement, we would pack these acrylic awards with luxury gift boxes ,which make these personalized awards great as for your any occasion or awards event and ceremony.

Stunning aluminum snap frames make a quick shut frames for your ads

When it comes to quick change poster or sign frames,many people would think aluminum clip snap frames,

The aluminum snap frames, as one special clip display frames,they are a very effective marketing tool for many business who has to exchange posters and signs frequently.

  clip fast shut poster frames

In many industries ,these aluminum snap frames are widely used , like as theater ,hospital ,retail store ,shopping mall ,metro ,bank, etc due to its convenience and durability and cost effectiveness .

The aluminum snap poster frames ,also called front-loading poster frames and clip shut poster frames, ideal for many industries, The clip snap frames is made of anodized aluminum ,it features wide border and have a polystyrene back panel and anti-reflective PVC front cover which thus make these durable snap frames weather-resistant, and light-weight, great to protect your graphics or signage from duty or rain.

 These extruded aluminum snap frame has a clean, satin finish proving a contemporary and very modern look to your advertisement. The PVC front covers of the clip snap frames allow your advertisement to be seen without glare . and thus showcase your ads in a professional way.

The reason that this aluminum snap frames is called clip shut frames is because the aluminum frames has four sided which can be easily clip from four sided and users can change poster or graphics from any side quickly.

Basically, the aluminum clip poster frames include wall mounted snap frames, floor stands aluminum frames and desktop or counter top sign frames as per its usage. According to specific business needs ,these style snap frame would offer the best display solution for your business effect.

All of our quality aluminium snap sign frames come in a wide variety of options, which ensure these modern snap frames are ideal for any place ,no matter in door or outdoors ,these heavy duty and durable aluminum frames has a simple snap shut mechanism ,thus allow you to change posters over in seconds.

Wall mounted led light pockets are great to illuminate your poster and graphics

 Wall mounted LED light panels was originally developed from ordinary wall acrylic frames ,which provide an alternative sign display solution to the ‘snap frame’ panel. 

Like the wall acrylic poster frames ,these wall mounted led light pockets are also made from acrylic panel ,but the difference is it come with a single LGP(light guide panel),which is used to guide the light that is given out by LED stripes around the LGP.

And the other difference is that the led light pockets come with a 25mm black or silver border ,which is used to cover the LED strips in the LGP.

So When the wall mounted led light pocket is not illuminated ,by power supply ,it look very similar to ordinary wall acrylic poster frames .

The illuminated display systems are supplied with wall mounts which project 25mm away from wall. Once the lighting systems are connected with adapt, it would even and bright light ,which is great to illuminate your poster,signage in a modern way.,so there are many business companies like to display their ads ,graphics ,promotion message with these wall mounted led light boxes.

wall mounted led light pockets

This amazing led light pocket feature low voltage, extended bulb life, and Maintenance free ,which make such light display system are more and more welcome in many business field . Such as in real estate agencies, beauty salon,chain store ,shopping mall ,hotel ,restaurant ,cafe, bar etc ,these led light pockets provide a great way to illuminate your property displays, so that your business information and ads can be noticed easily.

We specialize in led lighting system, all of our led light pockets are made of high quality material ,and the led stripes have a very long life span(reach up to 70000 to 80,000 hours). When you buy these led light boxes from our company, you are guaranteed with 2 years ,any question or problem on technique ,we would be very happy to assist you and help you to maintain them.

Our led light box are available from A4 to A0 ,and if you have special size ,we also can help you to customize as per your needs .

LED light boxes make a effective marketing tool for your business

For more than 30 years, LED’s have been utilized in commercial applications. As the technology advanced each year, LED’s became bright enough to be considered and used for decorative lighting purposes. Now, they are not only popular for commercial 

 LED stripes were develop last century . Through nearly 30 years of development ,LED’S have been utilized in commercial application.

At the beginning ,as the immature technology in led light boxes ,it is very expensive and also it was not so stable, it is very easy to be damaged .

But something greatly change, the technology has advance and the material reduce much . The newest break throughs in LED technology bring great possibility of popularity of led light in daily life.

In business field, like in shopping mall ,retail shop, chain store ,beauty salon ,metro, airport ,exhibition hall etc ,we can see the LED light boxes ,which is illuminated by LED stripes.

 Designed to be attractive, efficient, and maintenance-free, these LED light box consumes less energy than traditional light panels,

With your graphics and signage in the illuminated system ,these led light boxes display your ads in a eye-catching way ,great to capture passer-by and customer’s attraction, they make a great market tool for your business.

According to your special needs ,these led light box can be wall mounted ,floating hanging in the wire ,or hang in the door or window indoor ,and some featured led light box would be used outer doors . No matter where these led light pockets are used, these backlit poster holders will get your signage noticed by people very easily.

 We have been led signage display for many years ,and currently have developed a wide range of stunning LED Light boxes ,led sign letters and illuminated graphic display, they are idea for retail, chain store ,events, corporate and commercial environments, airport and real estate agencies .

All of these led light boxes are available in single sided and double sided ,and the size can be custom to made as per your needs.

Compact X frame banner stand is great to showcase your banner and signage

Are you looking for an affordable and professional solution to display your business ads or signage?

Here ,you come the right place. Our X frame banner stands are the best marketing solution for you, it is great to increase passer and customers’ awareness for your products , services,It is not effective ,affordable ,but also durable .

 X Banner Stand x banner stands

X banner stand is also called as rollup retractable banner display ,and also known as spider stands, it is widely used in many POS displays due to its feature of being lightweight, easy to carry,easily set up, and store, these X banner display stand become a very effective display for your banner, sign,ads, they are ideal for retail shop ,supermarket ,bank , hotel ,exhibition, trade show etc.

The X Frame Banner stand is made of durable fiberglass and aluminum material, which make this x banner stand durable and lightweight. Usually ,this X banner stand come with a travel bag ,which make the x banner stand easy to carry for your exhibition ,lobby and show etc.

These X banner stand has an adjusting design ,which allow you can display different range of signage and graphics. It features three legs and a backing, which allows for the banner to be attached at all four corners, and also allow you set up the display very easily in minute, just push the button to unlock the legs and pull them into a desired position .Since the graphics and signage can be changed very quickly without any tool, so you can replace your ads frequently as your needs .

 Compared to other POP display ,the X frame stand is the most affordable display equipment ,it is lightweight and eco-friendly . it can be used indoors and outer doors ,so in any place ,you can use our x banner stand .

 The tripod base aluminum and fiberglass structure rods arms makes the x display stand lightweight and durable, it is easy to carry, assemble, and tear down.

You can buy the X banner stand from us ,but if you have graphics and need us to print them together with the x banner stand ,we also can add a custom vinyl graphics as per your needs.