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illuminated window displays make a great displays for your advertisemnt

Yakri crafts,as an specialist supplier of illuminated poster displays,after many years’ effort, has become well known in the range of LED light pockets .

Unitl now ,we can supply all kinds of led light boxes for many customer from different areas in the world ,including normal wire hanging system, wall mounted led light pocket,counter or table top led light panel,magnetic front panel light boxes,aluminium clip led light boxes etc.

 It is business times ,it is also a advertisement times,people are trying looking for the best advertising solution for their services or products.

Luckily ,LED bright much chance and hope for us. It is eye-catching and nice ,colofullly .

When it is installed in some products ,they would be illuminated by these magic led stripes ,and thus becoming very beautiful and eye-catching .

 Illuminated LED Window Display panel

So now led light boxes are becoming more and more popular in many place. In real estate agencies ,people use these modern led light boxes to display their newly business infomation ; In the movie theater,people use these led light pockets to publish their latest movies ,which would make passer-by to notice the information: In the shopping center, people use these eye-catching led light pockets to advertise their newly item or speical discount etc

Except these business field ,these led light pockets are widely used in retail shops,airport ,metro, travel agents,company offices ,bars ,restaurants and hair salons and even museum etc.

 There are many led display suppliers ,but when you select the led light pockets ,you should be very careful ,as according to the different material ,technique and led style ,the display effect of these led light pocket would be grealy different .

 For example ,for the basic acrylic panel ,some company may use squeeze panel ,which would look a little yellow and not so transparent as high quality cast acrylic panel,so when the light are given out from these led strips ,then the light would be not so bright .

In addtion,the edge of the acrylic panel should be high polished ,so that the panel don’t hurt you ,also look not so ugly . You can image ,the acrylic panel with high polished edge surely look much more nice on the appearance .

 Secondly ,the LGP would present different illuminating effect due to its different techqnique . Bascially ,there are two technique ways for the LGP . Once is silk screen dot on the panel . and the other one is laser engrave on the panel . You can image ,the silk screen is just printed by oil powder ,which is used to reflect the light given from the led stripes . As time goes ,the brightness of light would become darker and darker, so that is why some people why the led light boxes are not so bright as what they look when they buy the led light pockets.

But if the LGP are finished by laser engrave ,the line or dot on the panel are carved into the panel ,so basically ,the light would be much stable and bright ,also not so easy to get dark as they use.

So when you select a led illuminated poster frame system ,you should be careful to select a reliable supplier and ask what is the brightness degree of the led light boxes ? What is the thicknes of LGP and how many LGP do they use.?

The important thing is how long can they guarantee you for the led light pocket?

Usuallly ,for our led light pockets . If A4 double sided ,our brightness is 3000 lux ,and A3 is 2500 lux. For double sided led light pocket ,we use 2 pieces of LGP,but the majority of manufacturer just use 1 piece of LGP.

And last ,for these led light boxes,we usually provide you 2 year of guarantee for the quality .

Only if any question or problem on our products ,we would help you to maintain the items free of charge..

If any one have inerest or question for our products ,welcoem you to ask us by mail at ,we would reply to you in 24 hours .