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How to install wire window displays?

There are 4 small necessary accessories .


accessories for cable hanging systems       instruction

 the No.1 is metal connector ,which is placed in the led lightpanel ,so that the light pane can be conductive when the cable hanging systemare connect with electricity.


As we know,the light box actually consist of a front panel ,a back panel and LGP ,so theNo. 2 is standoff, which is used to hold the light panel together. And when youwant to change the poster or graphics ,you need to unscrew these 4 standoff on four corner.And the No. 3,which is usedto clasp the light panel onto the wire cable As to the No. 4 ,it is installedon the ceiling or wall ,so that the whole cable hanging system can be hang ontothe ceiling or wall.·        

After install these accessories,then the light panel would be like so


The put the assemble light panel between these two wire cable ,go through the wire cable into the clasp on the light panel ,then unscrew tightly .

Then,hang the wire cable onto the wall or ceiling ,

wire cable     IMG_20141222_153810



The below is the installation for this cable hanging system:

  installation struction    o

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How to advertise your hotel offer in the best solution?

In hotel, restaurant , people never stop thinking how to promote their best seller in a effective way when customers come to their store. There are many ways to do that ,such as sign holder ,poster frames, signage display ,led light boxes etc Some of these item are common ,but as the development of business ,more and more people are looking for more eye-catching tool to advertise their service and special offers.

Led light boxes are one modern advertise tool ,it illuminate your poster or menu in an attractive way,it sparkle your business or services .

These illuminated poster frames or led light display boxes ,can be hung right on the wall or window which allows your restaurant or hotel to attract regular passers-by ,and thus motive them to be your actual paying customers.

Especially ,in night time ,it is so colorful and fascinated ,so usually ,customers are very easy to be attractive by it.

Menu light boxes, as its called name ,you can know it is one kind of led light boxes ,which is widely used in restaurant ,hotel ,takeaway ,fastfood and other cafe shop, tea store etc.

Menu boxes and menu displays are very useful in terms of both the interior and exterior of a business,

Generally, these led menu boxes  or restaurant light boxes are used to display the latest services or products, special offer or promotions ,in order to tempt hungry customers inside.

restaurant menu light boxes

As each led light panel display one special graphics or signage ,so you can select your favorite offer in the displayed pictures, this is not only greatly convenient for customers ,but also bring much convenience to owner or seller ,save much time.

As the menu light boxes actually consist of several crystal led light panels and aluminum alloy frames. These led light panel are fastened onto the two aluminum frame ,usually it can hold 2,3,4,5 or even 6 light panel ,the length of aluminum frame can be longer as per your specific needs . And the front panel of led light panel are magnetic absorb ,which owners or your staffs to update signage pricings ,graphics easily and frequently. And thus greatly satisfy most customer’s needs.