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Why hotel menu boards?

Are you looking for one effective menu display to advertise and showcase your services for your restaurant or hotel?

restaurant menu light panel

These stunning hotel menu board ,also called as foodservice menu boards,they are made of acrylic panel ,and held by two satin aluminium frame in placement ,illuminated by leds. This restaurant menu light boxes are ideal to display special offers or menu items,they are perfect for restaurant or hotel ,can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling ,used to lit your menu,dishes by LEDs and bring attention to specific menu items or special offers.

These restaurant menu boards provide you a quick way to change and replace graphics or menu. The front panel are sandwich onto the menu board system,which allow you to change graphics effectively. The Illuminated menu boards allows you to use full graphic transparencies to showcase menu graphics ,food prints, or promotional pictures with maximum brightness,so that convey the latest information to customer or passer-by. In Restaurants, Take-away and cafe shops .

These restaurant light boxes are great for keeping up with supply of food items. You can show food items, promotions, and upcoming events on these digital menu boards. This electronic restaurant fixture is sure to engage the customer and enhance the overall restaurant experience.

We are a direct manufacturer and thus can custom ,design all kinds of menu light boxes as per your needs. Except these restaurant menu boards ,we also supply other kinds of led light boxes, cable hanging systems ,they are available in single sided and double sided ,different size can be customized .