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How to change the poster quickly and easily on the cable hanging systems?

Basically, the cable hanging systems have 4 satin chrom hardware to fix the panel in placement.
By this way ,your poster or graphics are fastened  behind the front panel tightly ,but when you want to change the graphics ,then we need to unscrew the standoff on the 4 corners ,so that take away the front panel and then replace your new graphics or signage .

This kind of tradition led light panel need some time and tool to change the paper,it is not so liked by all of people .
hanging led crystal light box
So people design a magnetic front panel led light panel,whose front panel are sandwiched on this led light displays. Just this following magnetic front cable hanging systems:

12345 088
As you can see ,when you want to change the paper, just slide the front panel ,then put your paper into it ,then cover the front panel ,just 1 minuter ,you can finish the replacement of new pictures. Due to this design ,such magnetic front panel light pockets are a little more expensive than that ordinary led light pockets.

Actually ,beside this magnetic front panel led light panel ,we can make a opening on the ordinary standoff led light panel, we usually call this opening as Pocket.
Although this ordinary cable hanging systems have 4 standoff to fix the front panel , as there is a pockets in the middle ,so when you change the paper, you can directly take the paper front the pockets ,and also you can directly insert the paper into the led light pocket from this opening ,it is very convenent ,but may not so nice as magnetic front panel led light panel.
This is the picture as follows:
multi-width A4 led light pockets

No matter what type cable hanging systems you need  and what size light panel you want ,we would be very happy to custom these led light pockete as per your needs ,so that you are completely satisfied with our goods.

Of course ,except these wire cable hanging systems ,we also can offer coutner crystal led light pockets, aluminium frame magnetic light pockets, aluminium clip light pockets, restaurant menu boards etc .

Why there is dot in the led light panel when place paper?

Wire cable hanging systems are becoming increasing important in our business. With your custom graphics on the special paper,,it is a very efficiently way to illuminate your signage or graphics in an attractive way, thus great to grabs customers or passer-by’ attention on y our advertisiment.

Many customers would directly place ordinary paper on the led light panel when they install the cable hang systems,but find there are many dot in the led light panel ,so think there must be problem on the led displays.
Here are the picture that ordinary paper in the led dispalys frame.


As you can see ,there is not only much dots in the led picture display frame, the picture are also very vague,so that lost its special usage of  led displays.

Actually ,for such led light display,the special paper is a kind of PVC or PETG material ,it is not just one kind of ordinary paper.  With your custom graphics on such speical lighting film on your led displays ,your pictuer would display very beautiful through the leds behind the lighing film in the illuminated poster frames.
Here are some pictures for such special paper ,which is also called as lighting film
lighting film paper       speical paper for lighting

When you place such special lighting film paper on the led displays ,then here are the effect of dispalys:


So when you buy the wire cable hanging sysems from our company ,if you don’t have such special paper ,you can send us your graphics or design to us ,we would print then well for you. Or course ,if you have machinery ,we can directly send you a roll of lighting film to you,you can do that by yourself .

Why your wire cable hanging systems can’t be lighted?

Wire cable hanging systems are a great way to stand our our signage or graphics ,so they are widely used in real estate agencies, chain store ,retail store ,hotel ,shopping mall etc.

The cable hanging systems usually can be hung 1 units ,2 units ,3 units ,4 units or 5 units for each columns,just depend on your specific needs ,we would leave the different length for the wire cable for you ,so that you can hang the led display well.

Some customers are very curious about why the wire cable hanging systems can’ t be lighted when they install the led window displays well .
Usually ,when such case happen ,they are several points that you need to check:
<1> Firstly ,you should assure the negative pole and positve pole are connected well ,the positive pole are usually marked  as “+” ,and the negative pole are marked as “_”, you can find that mark every light panel .
<2> Secondly ,pls be sure to check whether the skin of wire cable are  worn out ,so that the metal part can be connected with wire cable well,or it can’t be conductive .
<3> You may find there is a very small iron screw in the clamp,which is used to touch the wire cable in the clamp. Many customers may ignore that and after you check all of other possible problem ,you should pay special attention to this part. MUST ASSURE THIS SMALL SCREW CAN CONDUCT THE WIRE CABLE ,or the led display can’ t be lighted  normally .
Here are two pictures for these small screw

wire window displays

wire window display

<4> Last but not least ,when you have check these points ,if the wire cable display are still not lighted ,you may try shaking the whole cable hanging systems ,probably somewhere are not connected well.

If there are still problem on the limination ,you are welcome to contact us at ,our technique team would be very happy to help you out.