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The installation of wire cable displays

Many friends don’t know how to install the wire cable hanging system when they buy the led light panel.
So here ,we simply tell about the installation of such wire cable hanging systems as follows:

Firstly, when you get the light panel,you would notice there is one piece of yellow page,which is used to protect the light panel you should pull apart the yellow page ,which is used to protect the light panel ,in case it is scratch.
Secondly, as you can see ,the light panel is mark “+” and “-” ,which means positive pole and negative pole, so that you can connected the power supply correctly
step 03
Thirdly, you would see there are 4 small screw ,which need to installed on the clamp ,
step 02      step04
Forthly: please put the clamp on the two sided of light panel,so that your paper are held tightly in the light panel .But when you insert the clamp onto the opening of light panel,pls be sure to the small srew to touch the iron circle ,so that the light panel would be connected with your circuit well .
After you install these fittings ,then it should look like so as follows:
A4 LED Light Pocket Kits       DSC_1817
Here are the instuction of installtion ,you can refer to it:
When you install these wire cable hanging systems ,if some led light panel flash or not lighting ,you may try shaking it lightly.
Should you have any double or question on the installation of cable hanging systems, welcoem you to contact us.