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Hinged double acrylic photo frames is our newly acrylic photo frames, it consist of 2 units of single acrylic magnetic frame ,and hinged together.

Each of the single acrylic frames consist of a 3mm clear acrylic and a 5mm clear acrylic ,sandwiched by magnetic ,which allow you to change the photo or picture in seconds .

As you can see ,this double sided hinged frames look like a book . Wen it is opened ,your photos would revealed at any angle ,thus very easy to catch your friends’ attention on the photos .
And When they are not in use, or during your travel, simply close the hinge to keep picture prints protected ,they wouldnt take up little space.,very easy to be taken along.
hinged acrylic double frame

such book style acrylic frames are closed ,it would then become a single photo frame,and your photos would can be displayed on two sided ,back to back.

The two hinged connect these 2 acrylic magnetic frame, which holds 2 piece of 4×6” photos or picture ,just like two people look each other face to face ,
so these hinged double acrylic picture frames are ideal to show off your favorite photos ,loved people ,especially for wedding prints .
These personalized hinged double acrylic frames would draw much attention to the center of your favorite weeding photos ,
it would keep good memories in the double acrylic frame for a very long time ,and never fade .

double acrylic frame with hinged

This double hinged acrylic frames can be designed to house a plenty of memorabilia and are the ideal presentation solution for items which need to be viewed from both sides.
They are ideal to be placed on flat surface ,such ask desktop ,counter top or tabletop,they are great for office and home decor ,so such hinged double acrylic frames and increase much love and good memories for you .

For such hinged double acrylic picture frame, currently ,we can provide 4×6” ,5×7” and if you need any other size, we would be happy to custom the size as per your needs .

Desk calendar refills are great to organize your daily business affairs

You have many affairs need to be done everyday ,but some times ,there may be something you ignore or forget in busy time, specially for some special important meetings or appointments ,
you need to schedule appointments and how much extra note-taking space you’ll need. Put your remark on the notebook ? Or write them on one piece of paper ?

You may have many way to deal with busy affairs ,but here we wold like to recommend  you a very simple and practical way, that is put your affairs on the daily calendar refill.

For example ,you can write the specific thing on Monday and then another thing to Tuesday ,and by this way ,your week or monthly thing would be scheduled on this daily calendar page,
you would fell ease ,not so worries or upset as before.

There are many daily calendar organizer ,like cardboard calendar holder ,leather calendar stands ,wall calendars displays and acrylic desk calendar holders .

Due to the characters of acrylic material ,it can be crafted into a variety of shape ,depends on your specific needs. Like A style calendar holder ,
T style calendar holder, desk calendar refills ,L style acrylic calendar stands etc.


These acrylic desk calendar holder keep your daily or month calendar page on the holder in a neat and organized way ,most of your important thing would be scheduled well through it .

Like this L style desk calendar holders ,it is made of high quality clear acrylic ,highly polished edge ,with its elegant design ,this desk calendar refill would help keep you on top of each day’s events and appointments.
As it usually have 7 pieces of PE pockets, which is not only ideal to organizer your daily calendar page ,but also a great way to showcase your favorite photos.
With this classical L style acrylic desk calendar holder placed on your desk ,just under your nose ,you would find it is really a useful solutions for you to quickly and accurately manage multiple appointments and projects each day.


Due to its durability and being eco-friendly ,such acrylic calendar holders stand are not only great for business usage ,but also widely used in household,they are no harmful to children and also ideal for home decors.

Contact us and order them ,you would find such daily desk calendar holder would be your great helper in your daily life.

Overhead hanging systems are a great way to suspend sign in the ceiling

Overhead hanging signage ,is also called as art hanging system or suspension holder kit,it consist of 2 lengths of cable line to suspend the acrylic pockets and satin silver finish.clamp,used to showcase signage or graphics.

Like other ordinary led light pockets ,these cable hanging kits hold your displays by screw ,which is easy to unscrew and fast to change paper in seconds. But unlike other cable hanging systems ,which usually hang several led light panel each column ,these overhead hanging displays hang 1 piece of led light panel,which is specially for some item or special usage.

As these is just 1 piece of acrylic pockets and 2 wire ,so this picture hanging system is very easy to install and replace new contents. When used in business ,these wire hanging display system would stand out your ads or promotion in an attractive way , as it would suspend signs from ceilings overhead peoples head.
Especially when lights is not so nice or in dark environment,these led cable display would illuminate your signage or graphics in a eye-catching ,so that passengers and customers notice it easily .

In retail shop ,shopping mall ,with these art hanging suspended in the air of lobbies,users can specially showcase the special offer ,latest information ,promotions for some items,which would be great to attract people’s eyes

We are a direct manufacturer and can supply all kinds of led light panel,all of our wire cable hanging systems,or art picture hanging systems include hanging cables, rods and hooks and acrylic panel, which offer users the flexibility to adjust the cable system display as per your specific needs .
These wire hanging systems we offer are functional ,ideal for both residential and commercial use,they are widely used in hotel,restaurant ,retail shop, shopping mall ,companies,building school,metal ,airport ,museum,theater, galleries , and public area etc. All of these led light panel can be supplied in many size ,ranging from A4 to A1 ,and other customs size.

The installation of led window displays

For most of customers who buy the wire cable hanging system or install the led window displays,there may be some problem to how to install the cable hanging systems successfully.

As usual, we would send all of accessoies in the packaging ,including wire cable,fittings,clasp and different standard adpat. In case any one is missing ,we usually send 1 or 2 more for spare.
Here is the pictures which include all of the accessories needed for the wire cable hanging systems.

accessories for cable hanging systems

As we can see ,the standoff is used to hold the acrylic panel tightly,whic need to be unsrew when you want to change the graphics,
For other metal accessorieds ,they are used to hang the acrylic pockets on the wire cable ,the clasp are used to hold the acrylic pockets on the wire cale in placement,also the led light panel are conductive by this clasp.

You may notice there is a  black short wire line (about 15cm long),which is used to connect the adapt with the led light panel.  Its interface is connected with the adapt and the other connect is connected with your led light panel
Here is the picture for reference
small wire line   wire cable

Of course ,if you don’t find this black short wire line ,you can directly connect the adapt with your led light panel,here is the picture


When you install the whole wire cable hanging system ,then you can connect with power supply and see if it is lighted . Sometimes ,it may be not lighted ,you can shake lightly the wire cable hanging system ,maybe some connector is not connected well. Please note, you must make sure every connector is connected well ,so that this cable hanging systems can be conducted well .

Here is the picture when this cable systems displays are installed ,you can refer to it
installation struction for wire cable

If you have any problem of question on the installation ,pleasedon’t heisitate to contact us at ,we would be reply to you in 24 hours .

Thanks for your great support,
Yakri crafts

Acrylic photo boxes frames are great to showcase family photos

acrylic photo boxWhen it come to acrylic photo frames, we may think of acrylic magnetic frame,which is used to display single photo or pictures usually .So when we want to display family members’ photo in the same frame at the same time ,it is not available.

Due to this reason ,we design newly acrylic photo cubic bloc, which allow you to display several photos at the same time from multi face. This personalized acrylic photo cubic is also called as acrylic photo boxes.

Here is the acrylic photo cubic block ,which consist of acrylic wall and the crystal cubic .


The acrylic wall work as a container which surround the crystal block from 3 side. As we can see ,the acrylic panel and crystal block are both transparent and see-through ,so your photo or pictures can be placed between the acrylic wall and crystal cubic .
Thus such stylish acrylic picture boxes are available to showcase 3 photo or picture ,which is very perfect for family photos ,great to be placed on desk top both in office or house.

Similar to this acrylic picture boxes,we also can change the inner crystal block as acrylic block.

If so ,then the inner acrylic block can be completely placed in the acrylic case or boxes which leave one side for the access of acrylic cubic. In order to sandwich the photo or picture firmly ,not let it so easy to slide ,we would add magnetic bolt on the acrylic box and acrylic block.

Therefore, such acrylic picture boxes is ideal to display 5 pieces of photo or picture at same time,When you want to change the photos.

Of course ,except the 5-sided acrylic photo boxes, we also can do 6-sided acrylic picture boxes . But if so ,then the whole acrlic cubic should be contained by the outter acrylic case ,and your photos or pictures can’t be change ,as the outter acrylic case would be seal.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator in China , if you have nice design or drawig ,we would be very happy to custom made the items as per your needs .Or you can tell us your thoughts or needs ,we designer would help you to provide you the best solution to meet you to the best .