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How to improve your coffee sales ?

This is not a wise question as everyone who operate a coffee or tea store hope to increase business ,and there are more and more customers to come into store.

Many people think of that ,and also try many ways to do that ,but in the end ,you may find it is not so easy to get more customers.

As we all know that how much it would cost for one cup of coffee in a bar, café or restaurant and how much to make a coffee , so the profit is very satisfactory.
You may be missing many potient passer-by or customers if you are not promoting your coffees in high traffic.

menu light box display       restaurant light box

You know ,for drinks or food,that is felling sense of sight. When we go shopping or outside ,we may be temperd by the picture or accasion of dishing,menu ,and then want to have a try for it.
So in my opinion,the easiest way to increase sales is to provide clear communication and graphics presentation.

Put nice picture of menu or dish on the restaurant menu board or menu light boxes in your store,these inforamtion are illuminate by lights,it would look very eye-catching and attractive for passer-by . At the same time,with your menu or dish displayed on the restaurant light box,your customers would know which menu that they need most ,and thus easily select the right menu .

In addition ,you also can put your special offer or promotion information on the menu light box,so that more people would know your promotions actvities. So by using these restaurant menu light box,they not only help you to advertise your sales ,services,menu,but also greatly make your customer more convenient and thus improte your working efficiency.

Just image that, if your customers sees the same thing month in month, no any new promotion or changes,then they would fell a little bored,so you need to keep your store new always.

For these restaurant light boxes,as the front panel is sandwich by magnetic ,that allow you to change the menu or graphics in seconds ,you can continue to change your promotion inforamtion on this display systems.