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Custoo Wire cable fittings to create your perfect window displays

The wire cable fittings ,also called as suspension hanging hardware or accessories ,they are used for your wire cable displays ,or illuminated poster frames,which are very popular in real estate agents,shopping mall ,retail stores,airport,metro,hotel,restaurant ,lobbies, museum  or sometimes even in home usage.
These wire cable kits comprise by stainless steel ,bracelet,panel clamp. Trhought these accessories ,yoursign holder or poster frame are hung ,to showcase your ads or graphics . This float feeling display way are great to attract the attention of passer-by or customers ,as they are just on the eyes of people.

clamp for hanging display systems

The stainless cable ,some people also call as hanging rope ,have a come with clear nylon coating to protect the wire cable from is usually about 1-2mm and can cut to any size as per your needs (from 1m to 6m) ,just as per the quantity that you want to hang the led light panel on the wire cable display.
As the stainless steel cable can hang about 120kg ,so it is not advisiable to hang too heavy light panel ,or it would be very dangerous to hang these light panel overhead .

The wire cable kits are very easily to install ,you just insert the stainless steel wire rope through the top or bottom bracelet or clamp ,and then pull ,it would be very tigh.
When you want to change the wire cable ,then you should push round knob,then the wire cable would be loosen and very easy to pull it, no need any tool or strong strengh .
Since the staninless steel have  a transparent nylon costing ,which is dielectric. so you must cut one opening around the wire cable,so that the stainless steel can touch the led light panel,so that it can be conductive , or your wire cable displays can’t lit.
And sometimes ,you should shake it gently though you cut one opening on the coating after you install the suspended hanging displays,as maybe it doen’t conduct well.

We stock and supply a range of wire cable displays, hanging display kits and other mounts hardware or fittings(ranging from cable kits, clamps, poster pockets and leaflet dispensers ),they are available from  wall to wall, floor to ceiling and floor to wall .

All of these individual components  can be sold seperately or together with the wire cable hanging systems, so you can chose them as per your needs,so that build your own perfect window display.

Wall acrylic floating frames are a effective tool to display your signage or graphics

You may like to take photos or picture, you may be a photographer and have many paiting or drawing.  For these beautifuly photos of scenery or your loved people ,or your favourite paiting, you can share them online with your friends or families,but when computers are turned off ,then these would not be visiable . So you may want to hang these favourite images or gallery at home or in your office, the acrylic poster floating frame would be the best solution to show off your pictures.

acrylic floating poster frames

These non-illuminated acrylic floating frames, are also known as wall mounted acrylic poster holder, or acrylic floating gallery frames and acrylic face mounting,they are made of high grade acrylic panel,which is usually highly polished edge and feature beveled edge.

These acrylic floating frames add sharpness and colour saturation to your art,prints and photographic for a gloss look .
The acrylic wall display frames are mounted away from the wall about 25mm,it create
a stunning borderless effect that really lifts your photography from the wall.

Your poster or signage are  fasten by 4 satin silver finish wall mounts ,which
can be easily unscrew when you want to replace or update the poster ,that allow you to change the poster in seconds without the need for tools.

The acrylic wall floating frames are a truly stunning, unique display frames ,they give your wall a modern touch with our fashion and moden feeling. and will be the focal point for any room or establishment.

With these attractive acrylic floating poster frames in your stores or public areas ,they would be ideal to display your special offer,signage ,promotion etc.
so this modern acrylic photo frame display your photos in a eye-catch way, and create a unique ‘floating’ concept ,which make your acrylic frame float like your photos are hung on the wall ,your  eyes would  be drawn on to the picture or graphics ,but not on the frames itself.

Due to this feature ,these acrylic poster floating frames are suitable for contemporary homes, office spaces, lobbies,exhibition hall, hotel, restaurants and real estate agencies etc

Our plexiglass floating frames are supplied ready to hang,they are available in a range of popular sizes, however,if you have onw design or custom size, just give us a call and we give you a price.

Rail&track hanging display systems

Cable track light display systems,are also known as rail suspended illuminated poster frames or Channel suspended displays,it comprise of horizontal top aluminum tracks or rail, either wall or ceiling mounted, and a series of vertical cables or rods with adjustable hooks, acrylic display pockets. that is acutally our common wire hanging display systems .
But the difference is that this channel suspended display systems between floor and ceiling or on the wall move from one side to the other side . In one word ,the common wire cable display systems are fixed on the ceiling or wall ,but this track hanging systems is moveable .

rail wire cable display systems

The rail hanging display system uses a special gallery rail that is mounted on the wall ,while the hanging display systems are movable by way of  patented clips in the channel, By this way,your display hanging systems are not flexible ,but also the mounting hardware would be hidden in the channel ,thus make this suspended display sysem more nice on the appearance,they would look like your curtain on the windows
So with these flexiable rail hanging displays ,they would be great to illuminated your poster or signage ,and be an effective advertise way for your business sale to grab more customers or passer-by to your stores ,but also these channel wire cable hanging systems would be a perfect to decorate your windows ,as this wire cable displays are very attractive ,espercially in the night time.

Thus these channel suspended display systems provide the best solutions for art galleries, museums, art exhibitions, real estate agencies ,chain store ,retail stores ,shopping mall ,hotel ,restaurant ,cafe and home collections without any damage to walls.

Depending on your specific needs and the quantity of led light pockets ,we would supply you custom length for the rail or channer.
So before you order these channel cable displays ,you can tell us the size of your windows or wall ,then we would advise you how to hang your illuminated poster & picture frames.

Yakri crafts are very pleased to offer its customers a wide range of art and picture hanging rails systems that include both ceiling and wall mounted. Our systems provide users the ability hang and adjust artwork easily for providing a decorative and elegant look. Our picture rails are compatible with both hanging cables and rods and available in both ceiling and wall mounted configurations

Floorstanding sign holder are great to display your advertising message

You are looking for effective and affordable sign & poster display to get more traffic into yout stores ?
The floor sign holder ,also knows as poster floor frames ,poster frames ,it is a sleek, completely portable vertical sign holder,it is designed with heavy duty extruded alloy, act as a very cost-effective and portable solution.

floor sign frames
The floorstanding sign holder is a perfect floor standing display ,it provide a perfect solution for your floor sign needs and thus are incredibly important to increase your business sales

This pedestal sign poster stand is constructed of lightweight durable aluminum alloy, come with a flat round base and contemporary sign frame,which allow fast change for graphics or poster in seconds.

Such pedestal metal stand  take up very little floor space, it can be adjusted to various heights and can reach up to 1290mm to meet your different needs. In addition, the acrylic sign frame are fasted by 4 standsoff ,which can be unscrew when you want to update the poster or signage, the sign sign frames can also be adjustable in 360 degree,it can be positioned in portrait and landscape positions to meet your different needs .

floor signage displays

The floor standing displays are very effective promotional, marketing, and advertising tools, they can be assemble and disassemble,which greatly make the floor sign holder easy to be transported and used in different areas.

These pedestal poster sign frame are great tool for anyone that needs to advertise, they are commonly used in trade shows,exhibition hall,waiting room,shopping mall, retail stores,hotel ,restaurant, bank,government departments ,Institutions and organizations etc.

We stock a large quantity floor sign holder ,poster frame in different size,they are
are always in-stock, ready to ship once you order.

The problem you may have in the installation of wire cable displays

The wire hanging display systems are very popular inadvertisement field ,they are ideal to illuminate the signage or graphics ,great to grab the attention of customers and thus greatly increase your business sales in doubles or trebly.

Maybe there are some problems on the installation of this wire cable displays ,but you can refer to the installation of our window display cable systems here

When this wire hanging display system is finished ,you may find it is not so satisfactory. for example ,the wire cable is a little loosen or the clip(grid) is uneven with the acrylic pockets


When you see this situation ,pls don’t worry ,that is probably because  the cutoff of  wire cable aren’t on the same parallel line,it means the cutoff don’t match the cutoff on the acrylic pocket,so the wire cable would pull the acrylic pocket, which thus make the grid uneven and you would fell the grid a little declining.  It would make the whole cable display systems look not so good ,and also the acrylic pokcets are not hung stably.
So you need to cut the new opening on the wire cable ,please make sure this new opening on the same parallel line with the cutoff of acrylic pockets ,then clip the cutoff of acrylic pockets and put tightly the screw into the grid.

suspended display system

When the are completely finished ,they would look very nice and you can put your favourite graphids or signage needed on the acrylic pockets ,they wouldn’t attract more customers to your store ,but also would be great to decorate your windows or office .
We are one supplier of led displays ,and can offer all kinds of led windows display ranging from A4,A3,A2,A1 and other cutsoms size ,they are available in single sided or dual side displays.

real estate display


Stunning wire cable dislay create eye catching advertisements

Wire cable displays ,are also know as suspended cable displays,they comprise acrylic poster pockets,2 stainless steel cable, top and bottom fittings and cable clamps which are used to attach poster holders, and and other hardware etc
The wire cable displays are enpowered by adapt and used to illuminated your poster or graphics.
These wire cable hanging systems work as a versatile and flexible poster displays,they are suitable for any high-end environment or establishment .
With your inkjet printing held by these stunning cable poster display, ,they would stand out your poster or signage ,great to grab the attention of customers or passer-by
So the suspension cable systems are used to display literature and graphics,signage ,great to show out speical offer ,promotions, graphics, pictures, new products or sales, meal specials etc,so you may notice these modern wire cable display systems are very popular in hotel,restaurant ,retail shopping mall ,real estate agencies ,chain stores ,airport,metro. Due to their good presentation and illumination ,these attractive wire cable displays are becoming popular in enterprise offices or house area, they are also ideal to decorate working or living environment .

The cable hanging systems are usually 4M long ,they can be cut to the length as per your needs ,they can be used to hang 1,2,3,4 or 5 for each columns. So depending on the quantity that you want to hang ,you can cut the the wire cable to your length.

We have a wide range of cable display systems and suspended wire kits for your shop window display ,they are available in single sided or dual side , available from A4, A3, A2 ,A1 or your any other custom size, you have a choice of fixings for each cable display, wall to wall, floor to ceiling or floor to wall.

Gallery Display Systems

Compact acrylic shoe holder highlight your shoe stores

Shoe display racks are also known as shoe holders ,they are usually helps keep both your shoes and your home tidy when used in household ,and also they would highlight your shoe in customer’s eyes when placed in retail or shopping stores .

There are many kinds of shoe displays ,like acrylic shoe stands, metal shoe holders, wood shoe stands ,cardboard shoe racks etc .
But when it come to the popularity and cost ,acrylic shoe holder racks should be the best solution ,they are widley used in shoe store,retail and shopping mall due to its lightweight,affordable cost, and eco-friendly.

With these compact shoe display racks placed in your stores ,you can place latest fashionable shoe on these elegant shoe holder .  These eye catching acrylic shoe holder would display fixtures for creating trendy and display your shoe in multi angles ,thus temper potential customers to buy them.

acrylic shoe holders shoe display racks
Like this acrylic shoe holder ,it is made of 2mm clear acrylic ,feature crystal-clear ,it is highly polished edge, feather elegant design and compact ,this acrylic shoe holder is used to insert the shoe ,which would keep your show more fashionable and styllish,so this acrylic shoe holder is also called as acrylic shoe insert,they would present a felling of foot worn in this smark shoe.

This acrylic shoe holder is simple ,but it is very pratical,they would be great display your latest fashions or showing off clearance items.
Besided this shoe display holder ,we also custom and offer T style shoe holder ,wall shoe rack,riser ,shoe boxes & cases, they can be customized as per your specific needs.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator ,and can custom a large range of footwear displays ,which are specifically designed for retail or shopping mall ,to ensure durability and ease of use,our shoe display racks will transform your footwear displays and will help you maximize visual impact.