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Why not make your wire cable displays live in the railway?

The track railway wire cable display is also known as live suspended displays systems ,it become more and more popular due to its being flexible and pratical.
The display signage, hangs pictures are composed of aluminum rail, rail clip, cable and hanger (gripper) ,they are hung from the ceiling and floor and presents some signage ,picture or special offers, thus  create innovative hanging displays

These railway hanging display system provides the cable hanging solution for a variety of applications in shop display, office or home use and in galleries and museums,they are widely used in hotel,restaurant,museums,galleries, retail shops and home uses as a picture display system.

Basically ,for most of wire cable displays ,they are fixed on the wall to wall ,ceiling to floor ,or windows ,they can’t be movable.

This personazlied railway is made of high quality aluminium material ,it is the ultimate solution for any cable or rod display systems, it make your wire cable hangin systems live and movable,you can move it from one side to the other side.

It is very easy to install this track railway hanging systems,you should determine
where your rail will be installed, simply mark where your screws will be going, drill any necessary holes, insert your anchors.
Then you can insert a screw through each hole the rail into your surface.
Aa the wire cable displays are hung ,so you need to intall the track railway both top and bottom ,after that hang your wire cable displays systems through the track ,work is done !

For this track railway, we can custom and supply you different style track ,like L style and U shape

Here are pictures for these 2 kinds of track railways ,please review them. they are available from 1m,1.5,2m and other custom lenght as per your needs .







As you may need to drill hole ,so that install these led cable hanging displays ,so please be sure to tell us where do you want to drill the screw hole ,so that we help you to do well that ,and you can directly use these track railway then.