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Angled sign holder allows for easy viewing of your advertisement or message

Slant back design acrylic sign holder, is also known as Angled sign display stands,it is designed for a comfortable visual angle for customers or passer-by to see your information or ads easily.

This angled acrylic sign holder feature clear acrylic front and back acrylic base ,they are sandwiched by magnetic bolt ,which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.
These 4 units magnets embedded on the 4 corners keep the clear acrylic front to tightly seal the back acrylic base together, which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.

In addtion ,by designing the angled sign frame,the coutner sign holder are a perfect way to create aa floating effect with your graphic that is visually appealing with a frameless look.

It is very easy and convenient to change your signage or menu, just  slide the panels apart from each other gently, put your graphics onto the base, then let the two side gently snap back together, your paper would be held by the front panel due to the magnetic force ,no need any tool within several seconds.

This counter angled acrylic sign holder are versatile,they  are great for signage ,graphics,menu,photos, ,bank information, and hotel reservation prices or hotel price or promotion information. So these counter sign holder displays can be used in many different environment, such as placed in restaurant,hotel,cafe,bar,banks,Real Estate Offices,trade shows.

These counter acrylic sign holders are great marketing tools for companies which want to promote new or special offer or promotion services or events,they are a great way to put your advertising signs around your business, which make
it is simple to place signs on counter top, walls, desk, table,so that greatly help to draw attention of passersby to your offers.

angled acrylic sign holder
We offer and stock a variety of menu holders  and point of sales sign displays,including rotating sign holder, angled acrylic sign stands,multi-face sign frames,top-loading sign display and botton loading sign holders ,they are available in DL,A6,A5,A4 and other custom size.
These acrylic sign holders and table tents are commonly used as table menu holders and countertop displays. All are many items in stock and ready to ship,you can buy them online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.


magnetic sign display stand

Hanging hHanging Hardware ardware or fittings are great for hanging poster & signs frames

Wall hanging kits ,also called as suspended hardware ,or fittings ,they are used to hold your poster,graphics,signage ,which look like float in the air. By this way ,the suspended signage displays are great to grasp the attention of customers or passer-by.

The hanging kits composed of hanging wires rope or suspension cables , hook fittings or sign panel grippers, and various ceiling fittings.

wire rope display
For the hanging wire or also called as stainless steel rope ,it is usually 3m long that can be cut to length depending on your specific needs nad the hung acrylic poster pockets.  While the metal ,usually they are aluminium fittings ,which are hinged for attachment on a wall or from floor to ceiling. And the satin silver finish ensures this display looks professional in any décor or establishment ,which would make your stores or offices more upscale and thus offer a professional look to draw more attention of passersby to your ads or signage.

With your signage poster frame or sign displays on the wire hanging systems, you can adjust your configuration in order to better meet the layout of your business or to increase the number of pockets displayed as their popularity grows.

We stock and off all kinds of hanging hardware kits ,which are supplied to meet with your different application ,they can be purchased in a set or individually.

There are many kinds of wire cable hanging kits for your choice,so that you can complete you own cusotm signage displays in different ways.

Our hanging hook or fittings are widely used in retail store,shopping mall ,chain store,gallery,libary,govenment  building,real estate agent or properties ,office etc,they help you to creat a eye-cathcing signage displays!




Durable and shockproof acrylic serving trays

Trays ,also known as serving trays ,are very common in our daily life, they are widely used for serving fruit,food,beverage,beer,cake,breakfast,coffee or tea ,transport bowl,dish

Acrylic serving trays

Some people also use trays to collect towel,shampoo  in bathroom etc. There are many kinds of trays,wood trays ,pottery trays ,metal trays,plastic serving trays .

But when it come to the durability ,functionality and affordability,and elegance,acrylic serving trays should be the best trays that we have . This acrylic serving tray, also called a plastic platter, it is one recycle plastic ,easy to crafted into any shape, what is more ,it is actually waterproof and food safe , these acrylic serving trays are great for serving food,beverage etc

These durable acrylic serving trays, are an ideal combination of convenience and modern style,they are easily hand washed with warm cloth and would still look very new after usage of many years. But Do not submerge your tray in water for a long time, and do not place hot foods directly on it ,in case any chemical change,which would do damage to people.

These durable acrylic trays are multi-purpose,they can be used in home,kitch,hotel,restaurant,cake stores,bakeries, cafes and delis. They are ideal for  your favorite snacks to the couch, or entertaining friends and family.


These elegant acrylic serving trays are perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys a little sparkle These reusable acrylic food trays are definitely perfect for restaurants, hotel, We can custom and offer a variety of serving trays, including serving trays with handle or simple rectangle acrylic trays,they are available in different size in clean and black color.

Wall Acrylic Float Frames are great way to stand out your poster,picture

Are you looking for economical picture or photo frames to display your picture, menu, or signage?
Our acrylic wall poster frames offer the most cost effective and high function display solution for your advertisement needs.

The acylic wall flotaing frames ,are also known as wall mounted acrylic poster frames, it is made of highly polised acrylic panel,held together by 4 or 6 units of chrome standoff,which gives a look of elegance to signage in any location.

These acrylic poster frames are usually ideal to showcase pictures. poster, signage ,advertisement,document,diplomas etc,they are widely used in cooperation ,retail store,department store ,galleries, art shows,lobbies.

Here is our newly style wall acrylic floating frame ,it come with a black border.
This acrylic wall frame actually consist of a 3mm clear front acrylic panel and a 5mm black acrylic back panel,which give an upscale look to even the simplest acrylic foldover or sandwich mount.

acrylic wall poster frames

The personalized wall mounted acrylic picture frames are ideal for keeping customers and visitors informed without detracting from the frame while protecting valuable signage from damage or tampering in public environments.

These acrylic wall frames are custom made and ready for shippment,they feature pre-drilled mounting holes that require only a simple screw or nail for installation.

Our modern wall mounted acrylic poster frames create a 3-dimensional effect ,and perfect for displaying signage, advertising, promotional or sales materials, and menus as well as photographs, artwork, or messaging.

We are a direct acrylic fabricator of manufacturer and suppliers,we cusotm and offer a variety of acrylic picture & photo frame, from standing acrylic magnetic photo block frame to wall mounted acrylic frame, they are available in a variety of size ,ranging from 4″,6″ ,7″ ,8″,A4 to A0 ,and other custom any size.

Acrylic tea bag boxes are great to organize your tea bag or coffee bag

Acrylic tea bag boxes also also known as tea storage box ,it is made of high quality acrylic material ,used to storage and organize your tea or coffee bag ,conveneint for you and your guest who want to drink tea .

acrylic tea bag boxes

Basically ,the acrylic tea bag box has several compartment,which is ideal to seperate different kinds of bag in dividers.
With your tea bag or coffee bag storaged in the durable and see-through acrylic teabag boxes,they would keep your everything neat and organized.
On the other hand ,the see-through feature make your tea bag visiable easily ,so you can see them on your nose and  find them quickly and save much time.

Actually ,these pratical acrylic tea bag boxes can also be used as a spice box or as a general food container.they are also great to stores and organizes your flavors organized. With these acrylic tea bag boxes on a countertop or table ,it would a cute way to display all of your tea,favo in front of guest ,so that they can pick up their favourite tea or flavors .these clear acrylic plastic tea bag box works with any kitchen décor,they would be perfect gift for your friends  or colleague..

these tea bag boxes are great containers for organizing your tea.
We are direct acrylic manufacturer and offer all kinds of tea bag boxes, including a growing industry of tea bag users both residentially and commercially from single-serve upright acrylic tea bag boxes to multi-serve tea bag presentation cases . we also custom made and supply both lidded, with or without handles as well as upright acrylic servers or in-drawer servers.
All of these teabag boxes or coffee bag boxes are crafted from high impact-resistant clear acrylic ,which are very durable and  eco-friendly.

No matter you need these tea bag box for personal or commercial usage, we would  try our best to satisfy your needs.  From our collection alone you can pick from single serve, 2 compartment serve, 4, 6, 9 or 12 compartment tea bag boxes and they all can be personalized custom made and finished.