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Floor standing menu & catalogue book

The floor standing menu book is also called as floor catalogue dispenser.
Just think of itt name ,then you may know this floor menu stands look like one book for flip action to reference the menu or price list.

floor standing menu book
This floor standing menu book feature telecoplic pole ,which can be adjustable in different height, so that present your menu in differnet height.
And also these floor standing menu book are adopted as slidding design on the back of menu holder,which allow you to adjust the presentation angle ,so that people can reach the menu easily and confortable.

These telecopic pole menu display holder come with menu holder, which is made of durable plastic(ABS) material. Its PVC pockets can hold your menu or catalogue by back-to-back style,which maximumize your ads explosion so that customer read more content about your offer.

Our floor standing menu & catalogue book are great to display your menu,catalogue, flyer,wine list ,special offers ,it can keep and organize your units neatly ,it is great signage display for limited space options and would present them in front of your customers professionably.. so these floor standing menu holder are widely used in hotel,restaurant,cafe,bar ,beverage or drink areas,they would be a effective market tool to promote your offer.

These floor standing menu standing are ready to ship,they are currently available in A4 size. Considering the transporation and its high cost ,we design these floor menu book as knock-down packaging,which not only assure the safety of goods ,but also greatly save much of your freight cost.

We can offer and supply a variety of P.O.P display ,including floor standing poster frame ,brochure holder,floor menu holder,floor menu book,counter top display for signage ,menu and brochure etc,they are available from DL,A6,A5,A4 and A3,A2 size.

Restaurant light boxes are great for restaurant,hotel,take-way store

If you have hotel,cafe store and restaurant ,you may consider some affordable but efficient way to advertise your sales or offers.
These are many display stand to promote your sales ,but illuminated menu board display systems should be the best solution due to its illuminatation ,as they can illuminate your poster ,menu ,dishs in an eye-catching and attractive way,so that customers or passer to notice your ads easily.

These are several kinds of led light boxes for your selection .
One is aluminium clip lightbox, and one is magnetic absorb light box with aluminium frame,another one is restaurant ligh box ,of course ,some other people may chose to use crystal light box to be hung in the shops.

The aluminium clip lightbox is actually snap frame LED light box,its snap-opened frame allow you to change the graphics or signage in a fast way,these aluminium clip lightboxes provide a brilliantly lit acrylic panel for all your advertisements and promotional graphics.These snap-opened light box frame can be placed next to each other in one column ,they can be wall mounted or hung in the ceiling. For these led light pockets ,they are usually not expensive ,and suitable for most restaurant ,fast-food shop ,but they may don’t look very nice ,as there are gap between two aluminium frame.

restaurant light boxes

For the magnetic absorb light box ,it also feature aluminium frame ,but the different between this magnetic light box and that aluminium clip light pockets is that its front is sandwiched by magnetic absorb ,which allow you to open the front panel by one PVC sucker(supplied usually),it is more quicker and convenient compared to that snap-opened frame light boxes. And also ,for this magnetic absorb light box ,there should be also some gap more or less between two frame ,after all ,they are not a entirety,it consist of several units of light boxes.


And there is another menu light box which is actually called as restaurant light boxes.  From its name ,we can know ,this restaurant light boxes are specially designed for hotel,restaurant ,cafe store. It consist of 2 pece of long aluminium bar,which hold the front panel in placement . The front panel are also magnetic absorb style ,which allow you to change the menu or dish in seconds by slip away the front panel. This restaurant menu light box can be available in 1 ,2,3,4,5,6 section in each column. Each section are placed tightly ,no any grap . By this way, the restaurant light box look very nice and attractive.

restaurant menu light pockets

This restaurant menu light boxes feature power saving efficiency and low maintenance,they present your food dish or menu,promotion sales in one very colorful promoting way, great for all kinds of restaurant ,cafe store,hotel,take-away store,they are available in standard poster sizes A2 and A1 with several section,ranging from 1,2,3,4,5,6 configurations.

Considering the transportation ,we can pack these restaurant light box in disassemble way,which are great to assure the safety of menu light boxes ,and also save much of your transportation cost.
But please don’t worries ,the restaurant light boxes are very easy to assemble ,we would have guide for you to refer to ,and if you have any problem on installation ,you are welcome to contact us at your convenient ,we would be happy to help you in 24 hours.