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Curved sign photo holder create a modern counter sign displays

Are you look a new style sign holder or photo frame to advise or showcase your new products or services?

Curved sign holder photo frames feature curved design ,which is made of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,sandwiched by magnetic bolt to hold your signage or paper in place.

This curved sign holder is free standing by its personalized curved design,the unique design magnetic photo holder, curved picture frame allows you place your photos or signage on either side, back to back for both sides to create a dual-sided stand!
With these modern curved acrylic sign holder placed on counter to desktop,your picture or signage are “floating” in these acrylic frames,it would greatly stand out your ads or graphics ,so that people or customers notice your offer easily.

Magnets embedded within each acrylic panel tightly secure each panels together and
hold ads or signage securely together  on display with a stylish look. To change your photos or menu is very easy,just switch out your photographics without any tool ,you can change the photos in seconds.

These premium curved sign holder are highly polished on the edge,they create a floating effect within the frameless display for a truly eye-catching stand,great for any business establishment,like office,hotel,restaurant ,real estate agents,exhibtion hall , trade shows and conventions.etc,they are ideal for desks, tables, and counters display.

We offer three size for such curved acrylic sign holder, include 4×6″,5×7″ and 8.5×11″ ,they are available in completely clear design or clear and black design.


A custom acrylic fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.

Acrylic aquariums are also called as acrylc fish tank,it is becoming more and more popular as decors for home & office.

Unlike fragile glass aquariums, acrylic fish tanks are more strong and resistant to leakage and breakage.
Due to the flexible feature of acrylic, the aquarium made of acrylic (plexiglass ,perspex) are more diverse selection of shapes,it is ideal for any kinds of shaped tank,like rectangle,round,square,hexagon etc.

Most of acrylic aquariums may be counter or desktop, here we would like to recomend you a newly design acrylic fish tak,which is wall mounted .
As you can see ,this acrylic aquariums are composed by two parts ,one is the ball-shaped  and the other is the base ,they are bonded together by acrylic solvent,which form a perfect leak-proof seat
But as the acrylic solvent are one kind of chemical material,so when you receive this

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acrylic aquarium ,it would give out a very acrid air .So you need to add some water in this fish tank and leave in air for several hours.

As the acrylic is transparent, it is easy to transmiss light ,it allows 22% more light transmission than glass. This makes your fish look sharper and brighter in an acrylic aquarium, that is why so many fish keeps like to buy acrylic fish tank .

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.
With these live creature in your life or working space,they would increase a living environment for your life. For business ,they say fish means good fortunate,that may be the reason why so many hotel,restaurant like to use these fish tank or aquarium in their store.
Or course ,in order to make your fish animate and lively,you should change the water frequently .To provide a stable and stress-free environment for your fish,you may use a power failure, your acrylic aquarium takes much longer to cool down than a glass aquarium.

We can design and custom made all kinds of acrylic aquarium of fish tank,Any shape you can draw, we can build. Whether you provide us with a sketch on a scrap piece of paper, a 3 dimensional CAD drawing or an architects impression.