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Weatherproof ourdoor light boxes make a great tool for your outdoors ads

When it come to waterproof outdoor led lightboxes ,you may think it can be waterproof or weather proof ,that is the reason such name come from.

The outdoor waterproof LED Light Box is comprised of a weather-resistant aluminum frame and waterproof light panel,,it is equipped with silicone seal to prevent water and moisture from entering the light box . When you use such weatherproof light pockets outdoors ,you don’t worries ,it would be damaged or effect by water or rain ,

by being designed such special feature ,these weatherproof led light pockets can greatly ensure that your ads can last for many years.


Compared to other ordinary tube or lamp light boxes ,these specialized weatherproof outdoor light box feather lower power consumption,it consume very little energy ,but super bright and also have very low maintenance requirements.


Designed as a weatherproof led display, these illuminated poster frames can be wall mounted both for interior and exterior use. No matter your graphics are landscape or portrait orientation, such waterproof led light pockets can be placed either vertical or horizontal presentation.


When used outdoors ,these aluminum led light pockets waterproof offer a effective tool to grab the attention of passer-by or customers very easily ,your poster are illuminated by Leds with very bright light,so the water-poof outdoors led light pockets create a very eye-catch presentation for your marketing ,they are a great way to advertise your business brand and sales.


Due to the reason that such water-proof led light pockets are commonly used outdoors,so in order to protect your ads kept well, this modern outdoor light boxes have keylock to secure your ads well. When you want to replace the poster ,you can unlock the door,very safe and convenient .Single or dual lock design make it is possible for such stylish led light pockets widely used in remote and high traffic areas to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism.



The lock can be design on the right,left,top or bottom of the aluminum frame ,depends on your specific needs ,we can customs made different type weatherproof light boxes for you.


Our outdoors weather lightboxes can be custom made in a variety of size, the aluminum color can be available in silver or black ,these led light pockets with weatherproof are great for retail stores, shopping mall, museum ,theater,super market,chain store or retail stores.

Ultra slim magnetic led light box are perfect to advertise your business

Magnetic frame LED light boxes are a pre-assembled display light box ,it consist of  anodized aluminium frame ,acrylic light guide panel(LGP) ,powered by leds

The ultra slim magnetic light boxes feature round corner,ultra-thin profile。
They are energy saving but are super bright, easy to install and maintain.
Its LED are more durable than other light sources, which reduces maintenance costs.

This personalized magnetic front panel light boxes are great for menu displays or restaurant display,its front panel are attached with the aluminum frame.
When you change the menu or signage ,you need to take out the front together with the aluminum frame ,which the back panel are attached on the wall.

Our high quality magnetic font panel LED light panel are customizable in any size,its frame are avilable in silver,gold color. These high output, edge-lit LED light pockets are an ideal solution to illuminate POP displays, menu ,graphics, signage, or any advertising material .

These aluminum led light box with magnetic front panel can be placed next to each other, working as restaurant menu light box ,wall mounted or ceiling hang in one column of several units in your store They  are available in single or double side ,the size can be custom made from A4 to A1 or any other special custom size.

These modern magnetic front panel light boxes are great to create a perfect illuminate display solution for any busienss or establishment,they are ideal for hotel,restaurant,coffee houses,retail shops, shopping center,real estate agencies,chain stores, bars and night clubs, gallery ,subway etc

All  of our led light boxes are stock for ship ,they can be directly order online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.