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Curved sign photo holder create a modern counter sign displays

Are you look a new style sign holder or photo frame to advise or showcase your new products or services?

Curved sign holder photo frames feature curved design ,which is made of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,sandwiched by magnetic bolt to hold your signage or paper in place.

This curved sign holder is free standing by its personalized curved design,the unique design magnetic photo holder, curved picture frame allows you place your photos or signage on either side, back to back for both sides to create a dual-sided stand!
With these modern curved acrylic sign holder placed on counter to desktop,your picture or signage are “floating” in these acrylic frames,it would greatly stand out your ads or graphics ,so that people or customers notice your offer easily.

Magnets embedded within each acrylic panel tightly secure each panels together and
hold ads or signage securely together  on display with a stylish look. To change your photos or menu is very easy,just switch out your photographics without any tool ,you can change the photos in seconds.

These premium curved sign holder are highly polished on the edge,they create a floating effect within the frameless display for a truly eye-catching stand,great for any business establishment,like office,hotel,restaurant ,real estate agents,exhibtion hall , trade shows and conventions.etc,they are ideal for desks, tables, and counters display.

We offer three size for such curved acrylic sign holder, include 4×6″,5×7″ and 8.5×11″ ,they are available in completely clear design or clear and black design.


Hinged double acrylic photo frames is our newly acrylic photo frames, it consist of 2 units of single acrylic magnetic frame ,and hinged together.

Each of the single acrylic frames consist of a 3mm clear acrylic and a 5mm clear acrylic ,sandwiched by magnetic ,which allow you to change the photo or picture in seconds .

As you can see ,this double sided hinged frames look like a book . Wen it is opened ,your photos would revealed at any angle ,thus very easy to catch your friends’ attention on the photos .
And When they are not in use, or during your travel, simply close the hinge to keep picture prints protected ,they wouldnt take up little space.,very easy to be taken along.
hinged acrylic double frame

such book style acrylic frames are closed ,it would then become a single photo frame,and your photos would can be displayed on two sided ,back to back.

The two hinged connect these 2 acrylic magnetic frame, which holds 2 piece of 4×6” photos or picture ,just like two people look each other face to face ,
so these hinged double acrylic picture frames are ideal to show off your favorite photos ,loved people ,especially for wedding prints .
These personalized hinged double acrylic frames would draw much attention to the center of your favorite weeding photos ,
it would keep good memories in the double acrylic frame for a very long time ,and never fade .

double acrylic frame with hinged

This double hinged acrylic frames can be designed to house a plenty of memorabilia and are the ideal presentation solution for items which need to be viewed from both sides.
They are ideal to be placed on flat surface ,such ask desktop ,counter top or tabletop,they are great for office and home decor ,so such hinged double acrylic frames and increase much love and good memories for you .

For such hinged double acrylic picture frame, currently ,we can provide 4×6” ,5×7” and if you need any other size, we would be happy to custom the size as per your needs .