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Wire cable hanging systems are a very modern and eye-catching way to advertise your sales and hot products ,they create a floating appearance for customers.

These suspended cable systems are very effective marketing tool.they provide great way to promote to customers or passersby in an interesting fashion.

Many people like to use these cable hanging systems to showcase  custom graphics,artwork,real estate displays,directory boards,menu,dish, listings, suspended signs, and corporate signs,ongoing sales, and upcoming events etc,

So these Cable Display Kits or Wire Systems are perfect for retailers, restaurants, art galleries, and even for a home,they are widely used in many place ,like museum,hotel ,restaurant ,hotel,shopping mall.

Basically,a complete cable display kits include top, bottom Fixings and Stainless Steel Wire Rope,acrylic pockets.clamp,which are attach to the cable and acrylic frames.This allows the acrylic pocket frames to be easily adjusted up and down the cable.


Floor to ceiling displays

Wall to wall cable displays

Wall to floor cable displays

Ceiling to Wall cable displays


These cable suspension system are designed for easy installation .First, you should install the screw on the acrylic pockets ,fix the clamp tighten it using the allen screw. Secondly,make sure the cable is steady and in the line with acrylic pockets, cut it to your length. Attach the brass end stop and screw the tension cap down. It will tighten the cable. Finally, you just have to fix the poster holder or the leaflet dispenser of your choice.


If you have any problem on the installation of these cable hanging systems ,you are welcome to contact us at any time or send mail to us at sales@displayonacrylic.com

Yakri crafts are a leading provider of a number of quality displays and hanging fittings,most of our cable display kits are in stock and ready to be shipped out same day when in stock and ordered. These hanging kits are available in a wide range of mounting combination ,include floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall. They are designed to accept horizontally and vertically supports from the “easy fit” cable display and wire hanging systems

Wire cable hanging system are a stylish way to advertise your business

This cable hanging system ,also known as suspended light pockets ,is a eye-catching way to advertise your sales business.

Each kits of such cable hanging systems consist of acrylic frame pockets, wire cable ,panel grippers and adapts .The cable hanging systems are suspended between two row of stainless steel cable ,which make the light pockets floating in the air ,illuminating by leds ,great to catch passer-by’s attention.

These suspension wire cable system,can be mounted on the wall ,hung in the windows or from floor to ceiling ,they can be displayed either in double sided or singled sided,can be made ranging from A4 to A1 and other custom size. All of these led light panel are available both landscape and portrait orientation,which thus allow you to display your graphics or signage as per your specific needs.

As usual ,the wire cable that we use are 1.5m -2mm ,and the length that we leave for your window display are 4m ,of course ,if you consider adding other led light panel in future ,we also can leave you longer . To add other light panel on the existing system ,it is very easy ,just tear out the skin of wire and install the cable clamps and attach your new light panel between these two wire cable ,you don’t need to put off the whole systems..The acrylic pockets are attached using cable clamps which can be attached anywhere along the wire length giving you the flexibility to position poster holder where you want.

For these components,,we can provide you as individual,including the wire cable in different length , cable clamp or grid ,Stainless Steel Hardware ,adapts or power supply etc

These cable suspension system,or real estate displays are widely used in real estate agencies ,shopping mall ,retail shops ,exhibition hall, museum ,travel agents ,hotel and restaurant etc.


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