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Newly design Acrylic Donation Collection Boxes

A donation box is a effective way of raising funds or coin for non-profitable organization or charity groups.For a charity groups,the donation box that designed must be eye-catching to attract contributions.
There are a variety of donation boxes in the market in different material ,like metal,cardboard ,plastic and acrylic donation boxes.
It is the fact that metal donation container is strong ,not so easy to be damaged ,but as metal is not see-through,so when people want to donation ,they may be curious about the fund that they donate. Thus a see-through donation box in clear acrylic would inspire people to make donations ,as they can see there are funds or coin in the donation collection box. Some other did that ,so it should be ok that they also do that.
Today ,we would like to recommend our newly design donation box ,which developed from our old style acrylic donation box item No .YGB-004.

As you can see ,this donation box don’t have sign holder,but it has a slot ,which can be insert hard paper or graphics.So it function the same as old donation box,but decrease more space ,and also as you can see ,it look much beautiful.
The counter donation collection box is currently our best seller ,it is made of sturdy and clear acrylic material,it feature a slot for lock to keep your donations safe. Since this donation collection box has a fundraising display,which you can put your company logo ,information and graphics in it ,so it work also great as raffle box,ticket box ,ballot box ,suggestion and comment boxes.
These durable acrylic donation boxes are  ideal to place near cash registers or on desks,they are great to bring in more donations for your group,When placing these plastic fundraising boxes in high traffic areas ,they will quickly increase the offerings given to your cause.

We have been designing and supplying Donation Boxes to charities,non-profitable and red cross groups, Museums and other organizations for nearly 10 years. We use local products in our manufacturing wherever possible. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs.You can easily choose the donation box that best fits your taste and your nonprofit organization’s fundraising needs.