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Our new led light pockets feather both for landscape and portrait format

Cable Display hanging system is a popular window displays ,they provide a stylish way to advertise your business and gives you the opportunity to create with your imagination, impressive display and signage projects. These suspended cable displays are commonly used in all kinds of bars, retail, hospitality, office, receptions, showroom, exhibition and financial environments.

These cable window display hold your picture frame between the stainless steel rods ,which make your picture and signage float in the air,thus very great to draw the attention of customers or passerby.

Our cable suspended hanging systems are strong and fully adjustable, with components being supplied as standard in satin anodised aluminium.

The cable hanging systems can be usually wall hanging or ceiling hanging ,they are available either in portrait or landscape orientation .

Basically, these cable window displays are custom made either in landscape or portrait format ,once they are finished,your picture or signage can be place as this format ,can’t be change any more ,so that is the problem .
When you order landscape display pocket before ,and want to hang portrait displays ,you have to re-order ,which not only waste money ,but also waste a lot of money.

As most customers’ request ,we newly design  one kind of led light pocket,which can be hung in both vertical or horizontal format.

Here is picture:

Cable hanging systems           
As you can see ,we install 4 clip both on vertical and horizontal ,which allow you to hang these led display panel on any format as you like .The hanging cable grasp the acrylic pockets ,it is very easy to be put down and hang,you can just unscrew the clip ,and then it would be ok. By designing like this way,the same cable hanging system can place some landscape display pockets and also can hang portrait format led display pocket at one time ,very efficient and convenient for you to promote your speical offer or promotion .

Currently ,we can customs and offer single side display but also can provide double side led light pockets as per this design. Size can be customs made from A5 to A1 or any other custom size if your quantity are enough for 30 units.

Wire cable display are great to display poster,signage for ads

For any bussiness sales or promotion sales,the first impressions are important, as it probably tempt customers to purchase your goods or sales.
If you are looking to raise your display presentations in the crowd then cable display systems should be the best solution that you should consider .

Led light pockets,also known as illuminated poster frames,it make a statement with LED lighting in your stores or ares. it is perfect for sales, advertising, promotions, marketing and signage requirements,,the wire cable displays are  a valuable tool for any business marketing and advertising strategy.

With the use of flexible LED light strips, spotlights, these moden led light pockets illuminated your listing and get your ads or signage noticed easily.

So with these versatile wire cable displays placed in your stores ,they would be great to showcase your key products or special promotions ,so that get them noticed by customers easily ,they are great to advertise your brands or promotion sales in an attranctive way.

Basically ,these crystal led light boxes are used indoors. When hung in the windows or interior of your premises,these picture hanging system are ideal to illuminate your listing or signage ,they would stant out your brands and gab the attention of passer-by or customers.
And when placed in hotel or restaurant ,you can showcase your favourite dishes or special offer in this illuminated poster frame. Due to the brightness ,espercially in nighttime ,these eye-catching led light panel would be extremely nice and great to draw the eye to the displayed listings. .
As it is very easy to chage the poster ,so you an change the picture or menus ,listing frequently ,so that meet different needs .
These acrylic display cable systems are becoming popular and important for your promotions in business ,they would be great to capture the attention of passersby and increase your business sales in doubles So now more and more compaines or establishment are using these suspended wire Cable System,they are commonly used in retail store, shopping mall, chain stores ,real estate agencies,, museum ,showrooms,,lobby ,air port ,metro etc.

We, as one direct manufacturer and supplier for these led light pockets ,would provide you the whole sets of display systems ,include acrylic pockets,hanging wires or suspension cables, hook fittings or sign panel grippers. Or course ,these sign hanging hardware can be purchased in sets or as individual wire rope components for mix and match convenience to suit differing applications

The steel cable is included is 4m in length for each side of the panels, and they are alo can be longer if you require ,of course ,these steel cable can be cut down to length to fit on your wall or from floor-to-ceiling at your location easily.