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Why do you need to invest menu light board for your restaurant or hotel?

Restaurant menu display lightbox systems are also known as neon illuminated menu boards, it is one kind of illuminated poster frame,backlight iluminated your menu,graphics and advertisement.


These menu light box system present upscale image for the business,it increase the visibility for posters and menu,such menu display light box provide restaurants ,hotel with a highly visible way to exhibit menus,,and thus greatly capture potential customers’ attention to your dish and services.

The led light box feature slim design,its front panel are sandwich by magnetic,which allow you to change the poster frequently. By this special design ,these light menu board makes it quick and easy for restaurants and retailers to create new advertisements or menus

These restaurant menu light box have different section for selection as per your needs,from 1 section to 6 section ,you can put 1 ,2,3 …6 graphics on the light box system.

As the restaurant menu light box are constructed by aluminum bar ,LGP(light guide panel),front panel(PVC material),if packed together ,its volume would be large ,which would caused very high freight cost,so we usually pack these menu light box by knock-down way ,they are very easy to be assemable.

Some friends may find the front panel is a little duty or even ugly as the picture show

But please note ,the front panel have 2 piece of protective film on both side ,one piece is used to protect the silked border to be duty or damaged ,and the other is used to protect your film not be scratch,so that your graphics would look nice.

Our modern restaurant Led menu board are so eye-catching ,they can be wall mounted and also can be place on your counter or floor standing by screw ,and also can be hung from the ceiling ,they will help provide the unique d├ęcor necessary to attract customers to a restaurant or fast food institution. These menu light display system are ideal for restaurnat ,hotel,fast-food,takeaway,coffee or milk store and beverage shop etc.