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Ultra slim magnetic led light box are perfect to advertise your business

Magnetic frame LED light boxes are a pre-assembled display light box ,it consist of  anodized aluminium frame ,acrylic light guide panel(LGP) ,powered by leds

The ultra slim magnetic light boxes feature round corner,ultra-thin profile。
They are energy saving but are super bright, easy to install and maintain.
Its LED are more durable than other light sources, which reduces maintenance costs.

This personalized magnetic front panel light boxes are great for menu displays or restaurant display,its front panel are attached with the aluminum frame.
When you change the menu or signage ,you need to take out the front together with the aluminum frame ,which the back panel are attached on the wall.

Our high quality magnetic font panel LED light panel are customizable in any size,its frame are avilable in silver,gold color. These high output, edge-lit LED light pockets are an ideal solution to illuminate POP displays, menu ,graphics, signage, or any advertising material .

These aluminum led light box with magnetic front panel can be placed next to each other, working as restaurant menu light box ,wall mounted or ceiling hang in one column of several units in your store They  are available in single or double side ,the size can be custom made from A4 to A1 or any other special custom size.

These modern magnetic front panel light boxes are great to create a perfect illuminate display solution for any busienss or establishment,they are ideal for hotel,restaurant,coffee houses,retail shops, shopping center,real estate agencies,chain stores, bars and night clubs, gallery ,subway etc

All  of our led light boxes are stock for ship ,they can be directly order online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.

Floor standing led light pockets make a great displays

When it comes to led light pockets ,we usually think of wall mounted led light pockets ,wire cable hanging displays systems, overhead hanging systems etc .For floor standing led light boxes ,they are not so common ,but now becoming more and more popular due to their convenience and easy to be transportation ,easy for installation

It may be not so difficulty as wire cable hanging systems or restaurant light box,you need to read the installation instruction carefully, or it is hard to install the display systems successfully or you need to understand electrotechnics.
For these standing led light pockets ,you can directly install it when you see it ,as they just consist of acrylic pockets,metal pole as base ,just screw the standoff ,and put your ads or signage ,then work is done well.

These freestanding LED Light Pocket displays units use the very latest LED technology.they provide a high impact, low level property display which is less than one metre high allowing clear vision into the interior of the office.
With these stunning led property display floor stand in your office,lobbie or outside,they would be great to display clear ads ,signage ,or promotion your potential customers can view your properties for sale or properties in different angle as their like ,as the display panel can be rotating as your like.

floor standing led light boxes

This floor standing led light pockets look like our floor standing sign display frame on the appearance ,it has two pole or single pole ,and are used for signage displays.
But the difference for such floor standing led light pockets are that they are illumianted by Leds ,and can illumiante your signage or graphics with light ,espercially for important message or ads graphics ,they would be great to attract passer-by and customers eyes ,so would grealy increase  your bussiness sales. Espercially in nighttime ,they would be very eye-catching and attractive.

Altough these floor standing led light pockets are illuminated by Leds ,they are very eco-friendly and energy-efficient.  Usually they can be directly with 12 Voltage and also we would send you the adapt (including EU,UK,AU,US standard for your chose) ,so that you can take these floor standing led light boxes easily.
Such floor standing led light pocket feature magnetic absorb light panel ,which allow you to change the poster or graphics in seconds . When you want to replace the ads ,just remove the front panel with PVC sucker ,then your new ads would be displays again.


magnetic light pockets

As the pole is made of metal(we have iron,stainless steel ,aluminium material for your selection) ,it is usually electroplate into different color ,such as metal original color,black ,red etc ,which not only make such floor standing led light pockets nice on the appearance ,but also make such floor standing led light pockets durable ,and can be used for a very long time .

The angle of this floor standing led light pockets can be adjustable as your like ,it can rotating in 270degree . Moreover ,the height of this floor standing light pockets can also be adjustable.

These floor standing led light pockets are widely used in chain store,restaurant ,hotel, KTV,bar,wedding house,supermarket,shopping mall,retail store,exhibition hall etc.

Currently ,our company can custom and supply different style floor standing led light pockets in both single pole and double pole stand ,they are available from A3 to A2 ,or course ,other custom size are also avilable if your quantity reach our MOQ (30units).

The installation of led window displays

For most of customers who buy the wire cable hanging system or install the led window displays,there may be some problem to how to install the cable hanging systems successfully.

As usual, we would send all of accessoies in the packaging ,including wire cable,fittings,clasp and different standard adpat. In case any one is missing ,we usually send 1 or 2 more for spare.
Here is the pictures which include all of the accessories needed for the wire cable hanging systems.

accessories for cable hanging systems

As we can see ,the standoff is used to hold the acrylic panel tightly,whic need to be unsrew when you want to change the graphics,
For other metal accessorieds ,they are used to hang the acrylic pockets on the wire cable ,the clasp are used to hold the acrylic pockets on the wire cale in placement,also the led light panel are conductive by this clasp.

You may notice there is a  black short wire line (about 15cm long),which is used to connect the adapt with the led light panel.  Its interface is connected with the adapt and the other connect is connected with your led light panel
Here is the picture for reference
small wire line   wire cable

Of course ,if you don’t find this black short wire line ,you can directly connect the adapt with your led light panel,here is the picture


When you install the whole wire cable hanging system ,then you can connect with power supply and see if it is lighted . Sometimes ,it may be not lighted ,you can shake lightly the wire cable hanging system ,maybe some connector is not connected well. Please note, you must make sure every connector is connected well ,so that this cable hanging systems can be conducted well .

Here is the picture when this cable systems displays are installed ,you can refer to it
installation struction for wire cable

If you have any problem of question on the installation ,pleasedon’t heisitate to contact us at sales@displayonacrylic.com ,we would be reply to you in 24 hours .

Thanks for your great support,
Yakri crafts

Why there is dot in the led light panel when place paper?

Wire cable hanging systems are becoming increasing important in our business. With your custom graphics on the special paper,,it is a very efficiently way to illuminate your signage or graphics in an attractive way, thus great to grabs customers or passer-by’ attention on y our advertisiment.

Many customers would directly place ordinary paper on the led light panel when they install the cable hang systems,but find there are many dot in the led light panel ,so think there must be problem on the led displays.
Here are the picture that ordinary paper in the led dispalys frame.


As you can see ,there is not only much dots in the led picture display frame, the picture are also very vague,so that lost its special usage of  led displays.

Actually ,for such led light display,the special paper is a kind of PVC or PETG material ,it is not just one kind of ordinary paper.  With your custom graphics on such speical lighting film on your led displays ,your pictuer would display very beautiful through the leds behind the lighing film in the illuminated poster frames.
Here are some pictures for such special paper ,which is also called as lighting film
lighting film paper       speical paper for lighting

When you place such special lighting film paper on the led displays ,then here are the effect of dispalys:


So when you buy the wire cable hanging sysems from our company ,if you don’t have such special paper ,you can send us your graphics or design to us ,we would print then well for you. Or course ,if you have machinery ,we can directly send you a roll of lighting film to you,you can do that by yourself .

Why hotel menu boards?

Are you looking for one effective menu display to advertise and showcase your services for your restaurant or hotel?

restaurant menu light panel

These stunning hotel menu board ,also called as foodservice menu boards,they are made of acrylic panel ,and held by two satin aluminium frame in placement ,illuminated by leds. This restaurant menu light boxes are ideal to display special offers or menu items,they are perfect for restaurant or hotel ,can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling ,used to lit your menu,dishes by LEDs and bring attention to specific menu items or special offers.

These restaurant menu boards provide you a quick way to change and replace graphics or menu. The front panel are sandwich onto the menu board system,which allow you to change graphics effectively. The Illuminated menu boards allows you to use full graphic transparencies to showcase menu graphics ,food prints, or promotional pictures with maximum brightness,so that convey the latest information to customer or passer-by. In Restaurants, Take-away and cafe shops .

These restaurant light boxes are great for keeping up with supply of food items. You can show food items, promotions, and upcoming events on these digital menu boards. This electronic restaurant fixture is sure to engage the customer and enhance the overall restaurant experience.

We are a direct manufacturer and thus can custom ,design all kinds of menu light boxes as per your needs. Except these restaurant menu boards ,we also supply other kinds of led light boxes, cable hanging systems ,they are available in single sided and double sided ,different size can be customized .

LED light boxes make a effective marketing tool for your business

For more than 30 years, LED’s have been utilized in commercial applications. As the technology advanced each year, LED’s became bright enough to be considered and used for decorative lighting purposes. Now, they are not only popular for commercial 

 LED stripes were develop last century . Through nearly 30 years of development ,LED’S have been utilized in commercial application.

At the beginning ,as the immature technology in led light boxes ,it is very expensive and also it was not so stable, it is very easy to be damaged .

But something greatly change, the technology has advance and the material reduce much . The newest break throughs in LED technology bring great possibility of popularity of led light in daily life.

In business field, like in shopping mall ,retail shop, chain store ,beauty salon ,metro, airport ,exhibition hall etc ,we can see the LED light boxes ,which is illuminated by LED stripes.

 Designed to be attractive, efficient, and maintenance-free, these LED light box consumes less energy than traditional light panels,

With your graphics and signage in the illuminated system ,these led light boxes display your ads in a eye-catching way ,great to capture passer-by and customer’s attraction, they make a great market tool for your business.

According to your special needs ,these led light box can be wall mounted ,floating hanging in the wire ,or hang in the door or window indoor ,and some featured led light box would be used outer doors . No matter where these led light pockets are used, these backlit poster holders will get your signage noticed by people very easily.

 We have been led signage display for many years ,and currently have developed a wide range of stunning LED Light boxes ,led sign letters and illuminated graphic display, they are idea for retail, chain store ,events, corporate and commercial environments, airport and real estate agencies .

All of these led light boxes are available in single sided and double sided ,and the size can be custom to made as per your needs.

LEDs technology is changing our world

It is high technology times, it is LEDs time.

LED lighting technology is the most important change since the invention of the electric light bulb, and it is now greatly changing the whole world.
Nearly everywhere we can see LEDs, which are widely used in many industry ,from keypads to screen blues, LEDs are adopted in cellphones due to their low power consumption. and eco-friendly feature.

The wide adoption of LED technology make our world become so colorful and nice. When it is used in advertisement ,it becoming so attractive and fantastic, that more and more consumers buy the goods by LED ads. So more and more business are using LED product to replace these traditional products.
Take led light box for example.
Traditionally ,the poster ,sign and graphics are placed in the acrylic wall frames ,which is placed on counter top or wall mounted. Due to the transparence ,these acrylic poster frames are very common in exhibition hall ,art house ,companies ,offices ,hotel, supermarket or retail shop etc, they are ideal to showcase the graphics ,landscape ,company notices or other promotion information etc . It is clear and also very modern and professional way to display these information ,but not every passer-by would notice the ads,signs or notice which are displayed by these non-glare acrylic poster frames. For business companies ,they always want to get passer-by and customer’s attraction with the latest promotion information ,the common acrylic frames may be not the best way to get their ads information noticed by many customers or passer-by ,so that maybe the headache and difficult for many companies who want to promote their latest products or services .

But as the development of led light box ,it bring good news for our ads business . Your poster ,graphics ,signs are sandwiched into the led light box,which is actually also made of acrylic panel ,but the big difference is that your ads ,signs can be illuminated by these attractive LED stripes . The led light box is sparkling there ,it is so beautiful ,that nearly every passer-by would notice the graphics at the first glace .

In cafe,bar,hotel and restaurant ,these counter top led light box are great to showcase your latest prices ,promotion item, and also you can place the picture on the led light box ,which surely get many customers’ attraction .

In shopping mall ,retail store, the modern led light pockets are great to showcase the latest information ,special promotions for some items ,the great discount etc ,They surely increase your sales at a double !

In real estate and office ,with these window hanging systems hanging from ceiling or window to display the graphics ,signs ,it not only decorate your rooms ,office ,but also provide a direct ads in front of customers .

The important feature that make these led light box so popular now is because the led stripes is eco-friendly ,and it is also low consumption on energy. What is more ,the led light box is also very easy to install and change the poster?

With these so attractive and efficient marketing tool ,and also easy to install for your business ,why don’t you consider them well?

How to install the cable hanging system?

The cable hanging system ,as one illuminated window displays ,it is great to illuminate your ads ,graphics,so they can stand out your ads or signs in front of passerby ,so now led light boxes are becoming more and more popular in retailshop ,supermarket,hotel ,restaurant,metro,airport,real estate,lobbies and etc.

Usually ,these cable hanging systems are hanging on walls ,windows or ceiling ,depend on your needs,there are double sided and single sided for selection.

So when you buy these cable hanging system,how to install them ?

Firstly, you should tear out the yellow paper ,which is used to protect the light panel as this picture here:

light panel

,then screw the light box together with the kits, cut down the wire cable line ,connect it with the lightbox through the kits.

When you do that,then connect the light box with the adapt or power supply,but be sure to make sure it would connet correctly, positive pole to positive pole.

The following is the instruction:

E004      E005

E001     E003

E008      E006

And when all of these are done ,the cable hanging system would be like this picture

cable hanging system

If you want to know more about these led light boxes ,welcome to contact us at sales@displayonacrylic.com ,we would be glad to assist you.

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