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LED Illuminated Standoff are perfect to standout your signage

LED StandOffs ,also called as LED Sign Standoff Hardware and backlit signage fixture,it is made of silver satin aluminum finish to illuminated and shine through your transparent panel,like PVC,acrylic panel,glass etc.

The led standoff mounts hold your signage or graphics away from the wall and present you a 3-dimensional look,they provide an effective way for displaying signs.
By illuminating your signage in these eye-catching leds light ,your signage will capture the attention of customers and increase a brand image easily,so the illuminated led standoff bring new opportunities to the signage industry,these led illuminated standoff kit would create amazing illuminated signage and displays.

Each LED sign standoff have a diameter of 80mm and height of 1-inch,it is used to hold 3/16″ to 3/8″ thick panel. Your signage would need to have holes drilled out 9/16″, and the maximum thickness these standoffs can accommodate is 3/8″ (for best results).

The LED sign standoff is lighted by LEDS,which adopt the latest LED technology and consume low cost but very energy efficient (just consume merely 4 watts per unit but produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life.)and thus offer a professional and appealing look to attract passer-by. The color temperature is cool white (6000k-6500k) with a beam pattern of 120degrees

The lights of these standoffs are super bright,it is great to illuminate a plexi-glass etching and they make it as if i have a regular light on in a room
This led standoff kit includes 2 LED standoff mounts and necessary hardware,they are available in different color ,including white, Blue, Red, and Green light ,they are great to mount a display in hotels,office, restaurants,hotel, retail stores and many more locations,they provide a unique and modern way to support illuminated acrylic panel for a business.