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Ultra slim magnetic led light box are perfect to advertise your business

Magnetic frame LED light boxes are a pre-assembled display light box ,it consist of  anodized aluminium frame ,acrylic light guide panel(LGP) ,powered by leds

The ultra slim magnetic light boxes feature round corner,ultra-thin profile。
They are energy saving but are super bright, easy to install and maintain.
Its LED are more durable than other light sources, which reduces maintenance costs.

This personalized magnetic front panel light boxes are great for menu displays or restaurant display,its front panel are attached with the aluminum frame.
When you change the menu or signage ,you need to take out the front together with the aluminum frame ,which the back panel are attached on the wall.

Our high quality magnetic font panel LED light panel are customizable in any size,its frame are avilable in silver,gold color. These high output, edge-lit LED light pockets are an ideal solution to illuminate POP displays, menu ,graphics, signage, or any advertising material .

These aluminum led light box with magnetic front panel can be placed next to each other, working as restaurant menu light box ,wall mounted or ceiling hang in one column of several units in your store They  are available in single or double side ,the size can be custom made from A4 to A1 or any other special custom size.

These modern magnetic front panel light boxes are great to create a perfect illuminate display solution for any busienss or establishment,they are ideal for hotel,restaurant,coffee houses,retail shops, shopping center,real estate agencies,chain stores, bars and night clubs, gallery ,subway etc

All  of our led light boxes are stock for ship ,they can be directly order online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.

Why restaurant menu light boxes are so popular ?

It is advertisement times ,many hotel ,restaurant and nearly every business retail stores are trying to advertise their products and services for people. There are many ways to create a effective display solutions, every aspect of the design needs to be considered so that your stand will stand out from the crowds and draw visitors to your items.

Restaurant led light pockets are becoming popular in many retail store ,restaurant ,hotel ,fast food etc. It is so attractive and make a great way to grab people’s attention when customers or passer-by visit your stores. In many times ,visitor are impulse to purchase your products or services by the attractive light boxes rather than planning . Research state that the hotel or restaurant which have such led light boxes can increase the sales amount by 15% to 25% or even more.

restaurant display systems

So what benefits that restaurant led light pockets can bring to our hotel:

Firstly: Increase your exposure: The restaurant light boxes are lighted by leds ,which would illuminate your graphics and menus .By this way, the eye-catching restaurant light box would attract everyone passer-by’s attention to your name and location. Even if they don’t stop this time, they’ll remember you in the future. This would be expercially attractive at night time, when a digital display will literally outshine all your competitors.

Secondly: Increase the great shopping experience . The restaurant light box allow each led light panel to display one image or graphics at full-color animated . Just image when one customer stand in front of your store or countertop ,one illuminated graphics surely grab her or his eyes and impuse them to buy the item in the image displayed . On the other hand ,the restaurant light box showcase most of your hot sales together in front of your staff and customer ,they would know what are popular and have more selection . And also it would help your staffs to communicate with consumer

Thirdly: Advertise specials. Since the led light box can display one full image in each light panel which allow you to change the menu or signage frequently ,so you or your staff can showcase dairly or weekly special for customers or advertise some special at great discount and let passer-by or customers to know .

These restaurant light boxes offer an very effective but inexpensive way to promote your restaurant. They would be great to increase your sales achievement and advertise your brands for more people. They are nearly maintenance-free and also eco-friendly ,which make the restaurant menu board widely used in fast food ,restaurant ,club, bar, hotel, takeaway,cafe ,chain store etc.

The difference between screw hanging system and magnetic panel hanging systems

LED Light boxes are actually one illuminated poster frames ,it upgrade from traditional poster frame ,but undoubtedly much more eye-catching and modern than ordinary poster frames displays.

As it is illuminated by LED strips ,the light can be changing in different color ,so they are extremely striking in evening or dark times. Due to its eco-friendly and energy saving,led light boxes are becoming more and more popular in our daily ,they are widely used in many places ,such as airport, metro, banks, hotel, restaurant, cafe, real estate ,,commercial centers, shopping malls and retail shop etc.

In all of led light box, wire cable hanging system should be the most popular one that we can see everywhere ,as they can be hanging from the ceiling ,windows, wall mounting .

According to its structure ,wire hanging system can be separated in two style. One is screw style hanging system, which is held together by standoff on four corners. And the other one is magnetic panel hanging system.


For the screw style hanging system ,it is old style ,it need us to unscrew the standoff when we want to replace the poster or graphics ,signs. And also ,if they are hanging in the ceiling or wall ,then we have to put down the whole light box, this may take some time to finish the work.

In addition ,due the standoffs on the four corners, some people may fell it look not so nice as magnetic panel light box.

So for these two disadvantages ,magnetic front light panel become more popular by people.

We can think magnetic front light box as its name. The lightbox come with a front panel ,which is sandwiched by magnetic sheet. So even the magnetic panel light box are hanging in window or ceiling ,you don’t need to put down the light box, you can directly change the signs by just taking away the front panel ,and then put on the front panel ,which would be sandwiched by the magnetic sheet on the LGP of this lightbox.

Usually ,magnetic panel hanging system have a silver or black border ,which is used to cover up the magnetic sheet on the light box. But generally ,magnetic panel light box make our work simple and also it look much nice on the appearance .However ,as it has magnetic sheet ,so the procedure of magnetic panel light box are a little more complex than screw cable hanging system, so its prices is also accordingly higher.