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Wire cable hanging systems are a very modern and eye-catching way to advertise your sales and hot products ,they create a floating appearance for customers.

These suspended cable systems are very effective marketing tool.they provide great way to promote to customers or passersby in an interesting fashion.

Many people like to use these cable hanging systems to showcase  custom graphics,artwork,real estate displays,directory boards,menu,dish, listings, suspended signs, and corporate signs,ongoing sales, and upcoming events etc,

So these Cable Display Kits or Wire Systems are perfect for retailers, restaurants, art galleries, and even for a home,they are widely used in many place ,like museum,hotel ,restaurant ,hotel,shopping mall.

Basically,a complete cable display kits include top, bottom Fixings and Stainless Steel Wire Rope,acrylic pockets.clamp,which are attach to the cable and acrylic frames.This allows the acrylic pocket frames to be easily adjusted up and down the cable.


Floor to ceiling displays

Wall to wall cable displays

Wall to floor cable displays

Ceiling to Wall cable displays


These cable suspension system are designed for easy installation .First, you should install the screw on the acrylic pockets ,fix the clamp tighten it using the allen screw. Secondly,make sure the cable is steady and in the line with acrylic pockets, cut it to your length. Attach the brass end stop and screw the tension cap down. It will tighten the cable. Finally, you just have to fix the poster holder or the leaflet dispenser of your choice.


If you have any problem on the installation of these cable hanging systems ,you are welcome to contact us at any time or send mail to us at sales@displayonacrylic.com

Yakri crafts are a leading provider of a number of quality displays and hanging fittings,most of our cable display kits are in stock and ready to be shipped out same day when in stock and ordered. These hanging kits are available in a wide range of mounting combination ,include floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall. They are designed to accept horizontally and vertically supports from the “easy fit” cable display and wire hanging systems

Custoo Wire cable fittings to create your perfect window displays

The wire cable fittings ,also called as suspension hanging hardware or accessories ,they are used for your wire cable displays ,or illuminated poster frames,which are very popular in real estate agents,shopping mall ,retail stores,airport,metro,hotel,restaurant ,lobbies, museum  or sometimes even in home usage.
These wire cable kits comprise by stainless steel ,bracelet,panel clamp. Trhought these accessories ,yoursign holder or poster frame are hung ,to showcase your ads or graphics . This float feeling display way are great to attract the attention of passer-by or customers ,as they are just on the eyes of people.

clamp for hanging display systems

The stainless cable ,some people also call as hanging rope ,have a come with clear nylon coating to protect the wire cable from fraying.it is usually about 1-2mm and can cut to any size as per your needs (from 1m to 6m) ,just as per the quantity that you want to hang the led light panel on the wire cable display.
As the stainless steel cable can hang about 120kg ,so it is not advisiable to hang too heavy light panel ,or it would be very dangerous to hang these light panel overhead .

The wire cable kits are very easily to install ,you just insert the stainless steel wire rope through the top or bottom bracelet or clamp ,and then pull ,it would be very tigh.
When you want to change the wire cable ,then you should push round knob,then the wire cable would be loosen and very easy to pull it, no need any tool or strong strengh .
Since the staninless steel have  a transparent nylon costing ,which is dielectric. so you must cut one opening around the wire cable,so that the stainless steel can touch the led light panel,so that it can be conductive , or your wire cable displays can’t lit.
And sometimes ,you should shake it gently though you cut one opening on the coating after you install the suspended hanging displays,as maybe it doen’t conduct well.

We stock and supply a range of wire cable displays, hanging display kits and other mounts hardware or fittings(ranging from cable kits, clamps, poster pockets and leaflet dispensers ),they are available from  wall to wall, floor to ceiling and floor to wall .

All of these individual components  can be sold seperately or together with the wire cable hanging systems, so you can chose them as per your needs,so that build your own perfect window display.

The installation of led window displays

For most of customers who buy the wire cable hanging system or install the led window displays,there may be some problem to how to install the cable hanging systems successfully.

As usual, we would send all of accessoies in the packaging ,including wire cable,fittings,clasp and different standard adpat. In case any one is missing ,we usually send 1 or 2 more for spare.
Here is the pictures which include all of the accessories needed for the wire cable hanging systems.

accessories for cable hanging systems

As we can see ,the standoff is used to hold the acrylic panel tightly,whic need to be unsrew when you want to change the graphics,
For other metal accessorieds ,they are used to hang the acrylic pockets on the wire cable ,the clasp are used to hold the acrylic pockets on the wire cale in placement,also the led light panel are conductive by this clasp.

You may notice there is a  black short wire line (about 15cm long),which is used to connect the adapt with the led light panel.  Its interface is connected with the adapt and the other connect is connected with your led light panel
Here is the picture for reference
small wire line   wire cable

Of course ,if you don’t find this black short wire line ,you can directly connect the adapt with your led light panel,here is the picture


When you install the whole wire cable hanging system ,then you can connect with power supply and see if it is lighted . Sometimes ,it may be not lighted ,you can shake lightly the wire cable hanging system ,maybe some connector is not connected well. Please note, you must make sure every connector is connected well ,so that this cable hanging systems can be conducted well .

Here is the picture when this cable systems displays are installed ,you can refer to it
installation struction for wire cable

If you have any problem of question on the installation ,pleasedon’t heisitate to contact us at sales@displayonacrylic.com ,we would be reply to you in 24 hours .

Thanks for your great support,
Yakri crafts

Why there is dot in the led light panel when place paper?

Wire cable hanging systems are becoming increasing important in our business. With your custom graphics on the special paper,,it is a very efficiently way to illuminate your signage or graphics in an attractive way, thus great to grabs customers or passer-by’ attention on y our advertisiment.

Many customers would directly place ordinary paper on the led light panel when they install the cable hang systems,but find there are many dot in the led light panel ,so think there must be problem on the led displays.
Here are the picture that ordinary paper in the led dispalys frame.


As you can see ,there is not only much dots in the led picture display frame, the picture are also very vague,so that lost its special usage of  led displays.

Actually ,for such led light display,the special paper is a kind of PVC or PETG material ,it is not just one kind of ordinary paper.  With your custom graphics on such speical lighting film on your led displays ,your pictuer would display very beautiful through the leds behind the lighing film in the illuminated poster frames.
Here are some pictures for such special paper ,which is also called as lighting film
lighting film paper       speical paper for lighting

When you place such special lighting film paper on the led displays ,then here are the effect of dispalys:


So when you buy the wire cable hanging sysems from our company ,if you don’t have such special paper ,you can send us your graphics or design to us ,we would print then well for you. Or course ,if you have machinery ,we can directly send you a roll of lighting film to you,you can do that by yourself .