Custom Acrylic Fabrication,Acrylic Displays,LED Light Boxes

Wire cable hanging systems are a very modern and eye-catching way to advertise your sales and hot products ,they create a floating appearance for customers.

These suspended cable systems are very effective marketing tool.they provide great way to promote to customers or passersby in an interesting fashion.

Many people like to use these cable hanging systems to showcase  custom graphics,artwork,real estate displays,directory boards,menu,dish, listings, suspended signs, and corporate signs,ongoing sales, and upcoming events etc,

So these Cable Display Kits or Wire Systems are perfect for retailers, restaurants, art galleries, and even for a home,they are widely used in many place ,like museum,hotel ,restaurant ,hotel,shopping mall.

Basically,a complete cable display kits include top, bottom Fixings and Stainless Steel Wire Rope,acrylic pockets.clamp,which are attach to the cable and acrylic frames.This allows the acrylic pocket frames to be easily adjusted up and down the cable.


Floor to ceiling displays

Wall to wall cable displays

Wall to floor cable displays

Ceiling to Wall cable displays


These cable suspension system are designed for easy installation .First, you should install the screw on the acrylic pockets ,fix the clamp tighten it using the allen screw. Secondly,make sure the cable is steady and in the line with acrylic pockets, cut it to your length. Attach the brass end stop and screw the tension cap down. It will tighten the cable. Finally, you just have to fix the poster holder or the leaflet dispenser of your choice.


If you have any problem on the installation of these cable hanging systems ,you are welcome to contact us at any time or send mail to us at

Yakri crafts are a leading provider of a number of quality displays and hanging fittings,most of our cable display kits are in stock and ready to be shipped out same day when in stock and ordered. These hanging kits are available in a wide range of mounting combination ,include floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall. They are designed to accept horizontally and vertically supports from the “easy fit” cable display and wire hanging systems

Desktop calendar holder are perfect to organize deaily calendar

As on new Christmas are coming soon ,you may consider what ideal gifts for your friends or family member.

There’s no better way to keep track of your schedule than with a personalized calendar. Fashionable desk calendars are practical, professional, and an essential part of your workday.

Keeping a desk Calendar display stands in your office or household is part of the corporate culture.

By adding personal or business photos to your calendars to create a special touch,they would make a perfect gifts for the receiver.

There are many kinds of calendar holder for selection ,like desk calendar rack, wall calendar,hanging calendar holders in a variety of material ,like acrylic ,plastic ,wood ,paper or cardboard ,iron etc ,but the most popular calendar rack are the desk calendar holder in A shape.


This desk calendar holder is also known as desktop calendar frames ,it is crafted by high quality acrylic panel,come with 2 chromed wire clips which you can easily slide the refill onto.

Such desk calendar holder has 7 pieces of PVC pockets ,which can allow you to upload your photos ,menu,calendar pages. The 2 chromed ring clips are easy to use, simply slide the refill on and close them to keep the pages in place.


Personalize these eco-friendly desktop calendars with your favorite photos to create gifts for special person ,friends or giveaways for customers.

Personalized desk calendars are fun and functional – at home or in the office.They are great way to keep your daily calendar up-to-date and organized well,great to get an appreciated reminder that brightens their desks and you’ll stay top of mind.


Whether it’s for family, friends or a business partner, give them a calendar to remind them of you all year long. These personalized desktop acrylic calendars are the perfect gift to give at Christmas or at any time!

Curved sign photo holder create a modern counter sign displays

Are you look a new style sign holder or photo frame to advise or showcase your new products or services?

Curved sign holder photo frames feature curved design ,which is made of 2 piece of curved acrylic panel,sandwiched by magnetic bolt to hold your signage or paper in place.

This curved sign holder is free standing by its personalized curved design,the unique design magnetic photo holder, curved picture frame allows you place your photos or signage on either side, back to back for both sides to create a dual-sided stand!
With these modern curved acrylic sign holder placed on counter to desktop,your picture or signage are “floating” in these acrylic frames,it would greatly stand out your ads or graphics ,so that people or customers notice your offer easily.

Magnets embedded within each acrylic panel tightly secure each panels together and
hold ads or signage securely together  on display with a stylish look. To change your photos or menu is very easy,just switch out your photographics without any tool ,you can change the photos in seconds.

These premium curved sign holder are highly polished on the edge,they create a floating effect within the frameless display for a truly eye-catching stand,great for any business establishment,like office,hotel,restaurant ,real estate agents,exhibtion hall , trade shows and conventions.etc,they are ideal for desks, tables, and counters display.

We offer three size for such curved acrylic sign holder, include 4×6″,5×7″ and 8.5×11″ ,they are available in completely clear design or clear and black design.


A custom acrylic fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.

Acrylic aquariums are also called as acrylc fish tank,it is becoming more and more popular as decors for home & office.

Unlike fragile glass aquariums, acrylic fish tanks are more strong and resistant to leakage and breakage.
Due to the flexible feature of acrylic, the aquarium made of acrylic (plexiglass ,perspex) are more diverse selection of shapes,it is ideal for any kinds of shaped tank,like rectangle,round,square,hexagon etc.

Most of acrylic aquariums may be counter or desktop, here we would like to recomend you a newly design acrylic fish tak,which is wall mounted .
As you can see ,this acrylic aquariums are composed by two parts ,one is the ball-shaped  and the other is the base ,they are bonded together by acrylic solvent,which form a perfect leak-proof seat
But as the acrylic solvent are one kind of chemical material,so when you receive this

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acrylic aquarium ,it would give out a very acrid air .So you need to add some water in this fish tank and leave in air for several hours.

As the acrylic is transparent, it is easy to transmiss light ,it allows 22% more light transmission than glass. This makes your fish look sharper and brighter in an acrylic aquarium, that is why so many fish keeps like to buy acrylic fish tank .

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business.
With these live creature in your life or working space,they would increase a living environment for your life. For business ,they say fish means good fortunate,that may be the reason why so many hotel,restaurant like to use these fish tank or aquarium in their store.
Or course ,in order to make your fish animate and lively,you should change the water frequently .To provide a stable and stress-free environment for your fish,you may use a power failure, your acrylic aquarium takes much longer to cool down than a glass aquarium.

We can design and custom made all kinds of acrylic aquarium of fish tank,Any shape you can draw, we can build. Whether you provide us with a sketch on a scrap piece of paper, a 3 dimensional CAD drawing or an architects impression.

Wire hanging solution are ideal for display or shelving

Wire cable ,is actually stainless steel cable (wire rope) ,it is generally hung between ceiling and floor.  Some other fittings ,like bracket ,gripper are attached to the cable, so that hold your frame ,shelving in the air.

These picture hanging hardware  are  flexible display way ,they are ideal for paintings, white-boards,glass,picture & poster frames etc; it offer an easy and elegant solution to display signs, menus, photos,gallery or signage.

There are metal parts to grip shelves from the edges and parts that pass through the shelves providing support from downside  By using quick-release cable grippers you can adjust your shelf display without removing brackets and grid systems from the wall.

By attached different mounting brackets ,these hanging cable can be installed to the wall ,ceiling or floor create a modern look for your business .

cable-shelving-systems                       picture-hanging-systems

These custom wire hanging solution can be configured both for shelving or picture& signagedisplays.
\When configured for shelving, the hanging cable systems allow the ability to display products such as clothing, gallery. . By using a cable shelving system it allows the item to be visible and accessable for the consumer in a sleek and unique presentation.When configured for sign or picture displays ,these suspended hanging systems would provide an elegant way to display your artwork ,pictures  or poster ,to customers or visitors. These cable hanging displays are perfect to provide a unique visual presentation to your home, office, or gallery.

These cable hanging systems  provides a great way to display artwork, photos, marketing material,they offer a range of suspended cable and sign hanging kits,which make these wire cable hanging systems are ideal for retail stores, schools, libraries,museum,art galleries,theather,commerical centers ,hotel ,restaurant,cafe stores,private building etc

How to protect your wire cable hanging systems well ?

Wire cable hanging systems are also known as suspension cable led displays, it consist of wire cable ,acrylic pockets,which is illuminated by Led stripes working in 12V voltage.
The wire cable displays are mainly used to showcase signage ,poster or graphics in a innovative way,it would be great to grab the attention of customers or passer-by.

led window displays
As one very effective marketing tool ,These LED light box presents an even spread of light, no dark shadows appear ensuring that your graphic is crisp and punchy.,they are widely used in many place ,like hotel, restaurant,bars, fast-food ,chain-stores,Real Estates and Estate Agents, interior decorations,lobbies,showroom,product exhibitions, airport ,realtors, doctors offices, and commercial building etc,these illuminated poster frame would be perfect to display your advertise or picture.

Compared with traditional light box ,these ultra slim led light panel have these advantage as follows:

* Energy efficient & economical –
* Ultra slim, uniform illumination
* Maintenance free – Lamp life is between 50-60,000 hours (about 8 years), no need to change lamps or tubes

When we hang these led light pockets in windows ,we should pay special attention to sunlights .Please be sure to avoid the wire cable hanging systems shinning by sunlight for a long time.

As we know ,the poster frames are actually made of acrylic ,which is a kind of plastic, so we should avoid hanging these wire cable systems directly in the sunshine or sunlight.  if you directly place these led window displays in sunlighting for a long time..
After some time ,you would notice the led light would grow darker.
It is not saying the quality of these wire cable hanging system are not good ,just that is the feature of acrylic ,acrylic would grow yellow slowly,which would make the light look not so bright as before.
So if your windows are open to strong sunlight ,such as at about 12 or 2 am,we’d better put some curtain to protect the led window from direct sunlight ,so that the acrylic pockets wold be damaged by it.
Except the strong sunlight ,we also should pay attention to acid , alkali,rain,fire and other naturally factor ,so that our led light pockts can be used longer and better.

If you have any question or problem on the wire cable hanging systems ,you are welcome to contact us at ,our technique would be very happy to help you any question .

window display LED lighting are great to transform your office

For business or corporation ,the fist impression are very important . Usually ,window displays are the first area that customers or passer-by see. So how to transform the appearance of your office are essential work for you.

Cable display systems are also called as rod hanging display or LED poster display system,it composed acrylic pocket,stainless steel,clamp,hardware and make one very modern led display ,which can be attached from ceiling to floor or wall to floor displays.

suspension picture display

The led window display make a statement by led lighting,it provide a perfect way to bright up dark area and attract attention.Due to the illumination by these flexible LED light strips, spotlights, your shop or office is sure to be easily noticed by customers.

The hanging display systems are available in 1,2,3,4,5 unit for each column,they are also available either single side or double sided displays.

Each acrylic display pocket hung in the cable display system is individually and design with an evenly illuminated beveled edge .

These illuminated poster frame are great to maximum brightness behind the printed insert,and have been proven to dramatically increased your products,promotion sales or message,service compared to ordinary acrylic literature holder or signage display frames.

These led light pockets display system are ideal to showcase posters and ads,signage, banners, graphics, they allow you to mix and match different formats, portrait or landscape on the same column,the acrylic pockets are also can be used single or double sided.These suspended hanging display systems would provide you with unlimited marketing opportunity,they would standout your ads or signage .

Our illuminated LED poster display system would creates a space saving solution for your client ,they are widely used in Real Estate, property agents,corporate offices,Clubs,coffee store,hotel,restaurant,bar,take-away store ,chain stores and other


high traffic areas

Floor standing menu & catalogue book

The floor standing menu book is also called as floor catalogue dispenser.
Just think of itt name ,then you may know this floor menu stands look like one book for flip action to reference the menu or price list.

floor standing menu book
This floor standing menu book feature telecoplic pole ,which can be adjustable in different height, so that present your menu in differnet height.
And also these floor standing menu book are adopted as slidding design on the back of menu holder,which allow you to adjust the presentation angle ,so that people can reach the menu easily and confortable.

These telecopic pole menu display holder come with menu holder, which is made of durable plastic(ABS) material. Its PVC pockets can hold your menu or catalogue by back-to-back style,which maximumize your ads explosion so that customer read more content about your offer.

Our floor standing menu & catalogue book are great to display your menu,catalogue, flyer,wine list ,special offers ,it can keep and organize your units neatly ,it is great signage display for limited space options and would present them in front of your customers professionably.. so these floor standing menu holder are widely used in hotel,restaurant,cafe,bar ,beverage or drink areas,they would be a effective market tool to promote your offer.

These floor standing menu standing are ready to ship,they are currently available in A4 size. Considering the transporation and its high cost ,we design these floor menu book as knock-down packaging,which not only assure the safety of goods ,but also greatly save much of your freight cost.

We can offer and supply a variety of P.O.P display ,including floor standing poster frame ,brochure holder,floor menu holder,floor menu book,counter top display for signage ,menu and brochure etc,they are available from DL,A6,A5,A4 and A3,A2 size.

Restaurant light boxes are great for restaurant,hotel,take-way store

If you have hotel,cafe store and restaurant ,you may consider some affordable but efficient way to advertise your sales or offers.
These are many display stand to promote your sales ,but illuminated menu board display systems should be the best solution due to its illuminatation ,as they can illuminate your poster ,menu ,dishs in an eye-catching and attractive way,so that customers or passer to notice your ads easily.

These are several kinds of led light boxes for your selection .
One is aluminium clip lightbox, and one is magnetic absorb light box with aluminium frame,another one is restaurant ligh box ,of course ,some other people may chose to use crystal light box to be hung in the shops.

The aluminium clip lightbox is actually snap frame LED light box,its snap-opened frame allow you to change the graphics or signage in a fast way,these aluminium clip lightboxes provide a brilliantly lit acrylic panel for all your advertisements and promotional graphics.These snap-opened light box frame can be placed next to each other in one column ,they can be wall mounted or hung in the ceiling. For these led light pockets ,they are usually not expensive ,and suitable for most restaurant ,fast-food shop ,but they may don’t look very nice ,as there are gap between two aluminium frame.

restaurant light boxes

For the magnetic absorb light box ,it also feature aluminium frame ,but the different between this magnetic light box and that aluminium clip light pockets is that its front is sandwiched by magnetic absorb ,which allow you to open the front panel by one PVC sucker(supplied usually),it is more quicker and convenient compared to that snap-opened frame light boxes. And also ,for this magnetic absorb light box ,there should be also some gap more or less between two frame ,after all ,they are not a entirety,it consist of several units of light boxes.


And there is another menu light box which is actually called as restaurant light boxes.  From its name ,we can know ,this restaurant light boxes are specially designed for hotel,restaurant ,cafe store. It consist of 2 pece of long aluminium bar,which hold the front panel in placement . The front panel are also magnetic absorb style ,which allow you to change the menu or dish in seconds by slip away the front panel. This restaurant menu light box can be available in 1 ,2,3,4,5,6 section in each column. Each section are placed tightly ,no any grap . By this way, the restaurant light box look very nice and attractive.

restaurant menu light pockets

This restaurant menu light boxes feature power saving efficiency and low maintenance,they present your food dish or menu,promotion sales in one very colorful promoting way, great for all kinds of restaurant ,cafe store,hotel,take-away store,they are available in standard poster sizes A2 and A1 with several section,ranging from 1,2,3,4,5,6 configurations.

Considering the transportation ,we can pack these restaurant light box in disassemble way,which are great to assure the safety of menu light boxes ,and also save much of your transportation cost.
But please don’t worries ,the restaurant light boxes are very easy to assemble ,we would have guide for you to refer to ,and if you have any problem on installation ,you are welcome to contact us at your convenient ,we would be happy to help you in 24 hours.

Angled sign holder allows for easy viewing of your advertisement or message

Slant back design acrylic sign holder, is also known as Angled sign display stands,it is designed for a comfortable visual angle for customers or passer-by to see your information or ads easily.

This angled acrylic sign holder feature clear acrylic front and back acrylic base ,they are sandwiched by magnetic bolt ,which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.
These 4 units magnets embedded on the 4 corners keep the clear acrylic front to tightly seal the back acrylic base together, which is great to keep your custom graphics or signage in placement once within the counter sign frames.

In addtion ,by designing the angled sign frame,the coutner sign holder are a perfect way to create aa floating effect with your graphic that is visually appealing with a frameless look.

It is very easy and convenient to change your signage or menu, just  slide the panels apart from each other gently, put your graphics onto the base, then let the two side gently snap back together, your paper would be held by the front panel due to the magnetic force ,no need any tool within several seconds.

This counter angled acrylic sign holder are versatile,they  are great for signage ,graphics,menu,photos, ,bank information, and hotel reservation prices or hotel price or promotion information. So these counter sign holder displays can be used in many different environment, such as placed in restaurant,hotel,cafe,bar,banks,Real Estate Offices,trade shows.

These counter acrylic sign holders are great marketing tools for companies which want to promote new or special offer or promotion services or events,they are a great way to put your advertising signs around your business, which make
it is simple to place signs on counter top, walls, desk, table,so that greatly help to draw attention of passersby to your offers.

angled acrylic sign holder
We offer and stock a variety of menu holders  and point of sales sign displays,including rotating sign holder, angled acrylic sign stands,multi-face sign frames,top-loading sign display and botton loading sign holders ,they are available in DL,A6,A5,A4 and other custom size.
These acrylic sign holders and table tents are commonly used as table menu holders and countertop displays. All are many items in stock and ready to ship,you can buy them online or over the phone today for same day dispatch.


magnetic sign display stand